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Worst Loss in the History of Warfare!



One person I’ve come to respect very much as a Conservative Thinker is Victor Davis Hanson. He is typically calm, reasoned and thorough in documenting his case for every position he takes. In this interview with Tucker Carlson he made a claim that shocked me to the core. Paraphrasing what he said, “The abandonment of our military equipment in Afghanistan constitutes the greatest military loss in the history of warfare.” We equipped the Taliban with more than 80% of what we have given to Israel over the past 70 years! Gasp! If that doesn’t take your breath away then you aren’t thinking this through. It is time for not only resignations at high levels but Court Marshalls of senior officials.

I’d like you to read this from the Daily Caller: https://dailycaller.com/2021/09/03/victor-davis-hanson-equipment-left-taliban-greatest-loss-history-warfare/ 

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Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is an Executive MBA Professor, Author of 21 books, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Top 1% TEDx video (2.4 million views), US Army veteran, Singer/Songwriter, and Lifelong Motorcyclist. He is known as "Your Virtual VP" for his Advisory/Mentor work with organizations worldwide. Based in Texas...and proud of it!

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Joe Biden to Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani: Lie to the World for Me



Joe Biden
Photo credit: Annie Spratt

According to Reuters, Joe Biden pressured another world leader in a phone call to do something much worse than investigate a political opponent. Cue the chorus for impeachment, right? Fat chance.

Here’s a different way to look at his lying—Joe Biden may be a fading and angry shell of his former self, but the old man can still spin.

Sadly, spinning is one thing—trying to get a puppet president to lie to the world about your abject failure of a pull-out from an “endless war” is quite another. In fact, it’s criminal and worthy of a real impeachment.

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Here’s the key part of the transcript:

BIDEN: Mr. President. Joe Biden.

GHANI: Of course, Mr. President, such a pleasure to hear your voice.

BIDEN: You know, I am a moment late. But I mean it sincerely. Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are, but I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.

Translation: Lie to the world for me.

Selective outrage

Tragically, Joe Biden’s attempt to pressure now former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to lie about the conditions in Afghanistan led to the deaths of many Afghan civilians and 13 American service members.

Where’s the outrage, Speaker Pelosi? Why aren’t you unleashing your bulgy-eyed passive aggressive attack dog, Sheriff Schiff? Where’s the impeachment investigation to “save our democracy,” partisan media members?

It’s nowhere. Truth and transparency are lost virtues for a politically-driven media, ruling party and career politician president. Crusaders and power-mongers don’t give one whit about truth.

Morality is movable and moral compasses are for chumps, right, Joe? You’ve been lying all your life. Why stop now? Why not get others to lie for you? You’re honest about one thing—you’re no military man.

Lifetime liar

Captain Decency, back when he was ‘Ol Blue Collar Joe, lied about his class ranking, scholarship status and a nonexistent double major.  He’s also admitted to plagiary in some of his speeches while campaigning and in debates. 

Did Biden lie about his fitness for combat to dodge the Vietnam draft? After numerous deferments, high school football player Joe Biden received a “1-Y” classification for asthma in April 1968 that protected him from being drafted, except in cases of national emergency.

Asthma? Biden’s asthma didn’t keep him from running all over the field and catching touchdowns as a star receiver. Did Captain Decency “project a different picture” regarding his fitness for service “whether it is true or not.”

Maybe Blue-collar Joe relied on his blue blood connections to get a doctor to sign off on a classification that didn’t apply to him.

We don’t know and will never know, but we do know this—President Joe Biden pressured now former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to lie to the world about rapidly deteriorating conditions in his country. And Biden did so to cover for his abysmal failure in trusting untrustworthy Afghan forces.

Yet again, Joe blew it. Ashraf Ghani’s response to Biden’s pressure was to flee his country. In doing so, Ghani demonstrated more honesty than his American master. He knew the jig was up and fled for his life while Biden absurdly and arrogantly continues to claim victory in the face of utter failure.

No decency

To make matters worse, while presiding over the “dignified transfer” of the remains of the 13 service members at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, his home state, the empathizer-in-chief failed again. While ham-handedly attempting to connect with newly-minted Gold Star families, Joe tried to assuage their grief by talking about the death of his son, Beau.

Clearly, Captain Decency doesn’t realize that empathy and connection happens when you dwell on others’ grief, not your own. His grief over his son’s death is not what freshly grieving families want to hear. Especially those who blame you for their loved ones’ deaths.

How does Joe not get this? How can he not know that checking his watch makes it look like he doesn’t care enough. It would be easy to blame Biden’s behavior on a slipping mental state, but his phone call to Ghani demonstrates a focused attempt to deceive and cover up. Is he losing it, or is he just another lying politician? I say both.

Perhaps Joe Biden’s political “skills” will be the last to fail him. His ability to read teleprompters, issue forceful defenses of his failed leadership, and lie through his veneers will remain to the bitter end.

One thing’s for sure, Captain Decency is far from decent. This persona is a myth. It always was.

Media partisans, this is on you. Your propping and protection of your chosen candidate gave us a typical lying politician for a president, not a leader.

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Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller: Peeved Patriot or Manic Marine?



Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller
Photo credit: Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández 

Soon-to-be former Marine Corps Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller just threw down the gauntlet. After criticizing the military powers that be, he’s resigning his commission and inviting any and all patriots to join up in his movement to “bring the whole f***ing system down.” Sir, my question is this: What system?

The military industrial complex? American military wokeness? The worldwide cabal?

While watching Scheller’s video, I felt simultaneously fired up by his words and concerned by his vibe. After reading his Facebook post, I’m a bit comforted. Perhaps his stand is the beginning of a real and worthy revolution.

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I served six years in the Navy and schooled with Marines. An enlisted Marine would likely never try what he’s trying, for obvious reasons. Marine Corps officers are different animals and enjoy real power, like all military officers.

I remember thinking my Marine classmates were a bit high-strung. My recollections of Marine officers like Scheller bring this descriptor to mind—high-performance.

Revolutionary or Roger Ramrod?

Officers like Scheller go flat-out, but most temper their passions with a strong sense of duty. I find it compelling that he challenges anyone to ask those who served with him about his honor. Maybe he’s legitimately—and rationally—hacked off by the actions of his superiors.

On the other hand, after repeating his threat to bring down “the system,” he ended a tweet like this: “Thank you for the follows and Retweets #BidenLiedPeopleDied BIG NEWS COMING”

Big news coming? This reminds me of the many glowing promises we got from the QAnon crowd. While interacting with one of Scheller’s Facebook followers today, I was assured that “The plan is still in place. This is all part of it. “

Again with The Plan. Uh-huh. Sure.

This plan talk makes me wonder if Stuart Scheller is a QAnon proselyte. It’s one thing to recognize that President Biden is responsible for the Afghanistan debacle and the death of 13 American service members. Naturally, all commanders-in-chief are responsible for dead soldiers.

It’s another thing entirely to speak cryptically about bringing down systems and writing this on Facebook:

We can’t ALL be wrong.

They only have the power because we allow it.

Every generation needs a revolution.


By the way, Bxf6 is a chess move involving sacrificing a bishop. By ending his post this way, Scheller is telling “the system” it’s their move. As a chess player, I dig his style. However, for me to join his movement, I’ll need more information.

Still your move, sir.

Right kind of Kaepernick?

Maybe Scheller is the new Kaepernick who will trigger a worthy revolution. It all depends on whether his conspiratorial video style is powered by passion or crazy. Perhaps his chutzpah will compel other officers and upper echelon military power brokers to come out and join his ranks.

At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, it was tough for an old sailor like me to believe in the Deep State or that it had infected the military. When I was in, we trusted our president because he served in the military and under Ronald Reagan. Our mission was worthy and clear.

Now, after watching a career politician who escaped service through multiple draft deferments and a medical exemption mangle our disentanglement from Afghanistan—and his suspect military advisors like General Mark Milley—I have little or no trust in military intelligence.

By the way, longtime foreign correspondent and Middle East resident Jennifer Griffin is right on about Afghanistan. Our involvement there was never an “endless war.” It was maintenance of a strategic foothold in a terrorism hotspot.

If it’s truly in our interest to abandon it, any thoughtful student of history and military strategy could have drawn up a better plan of retreat. The fact that our president and his cabinet members and generals keep calling it an endless war shows a depth of deceit throughout the chain of command.

Maybe Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is the spark to illuminate genuine corruption in our military. Only time will tell. First he must convince this veteran that he’s not just another QAnon oddball trusting in some amorphous and nonexistent plan.

Semper Fi.

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