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Tucker Carlson

Without censorship, the democratic party can’t continue to hold power

Transparency is the antidote to ‘misinformation.’



Well, I wanted to open with a halloween pun, but it’s not funny. Tucker questions the inconsistencies in the reports about the recent attack on Paul Pelosi, and why the mainstream media is attempting to hide what they’ve already said. Highlights include:

“At the first press conference on Friday, San Francisco police suggested there was a third person in the home when police arrived, and Politico dutifully reported that. ‘Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door, and were led inside by an unknown person.’…Now, Politico never formally corrected this claim. Instead, just two days later, Politico, the same publication, attacked anyone who reported its own reporting as a crazed conspiracy monger.”

“As long as this is a news story with public policy implications, and unfortunately, that’s what it’s become, it is fair to ask the obvious questions, as you would about any other violent crime that occurs in America, and especially this one, since so many basic facts seem to be in dispute.”

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“You can’t blame people watching all of this at home for thinking that maybe there’s something weird going on here. Parts of the official account don’t make any sense, so the solution, obviously, is to release the police bodycam footage from last Friday. That’s often done immediately in cases like this, cases that attract heavy public scrutiny. Transparency restores the public’s faith in the system, it is the only thing that does.”

“Transparency is the antidote to ‘misinformation.’ On the other hand, if you want people to fall head first into crazed conspiracy theories, then you keep lying and hiding things. And yet, for some reason, the San Francisco Police Department is refusing to release Friday’s bodycam video.”

“But, the main question tonight, the one that’s going to affect your life going forward, ‘cuz this story will affect your life, the question is Who exactly is David DePape? Many in the media seem studiously uninterested, they don’t really want to know. At a police press conference last week, a reporter was caught on a hot mic being instructed by someone not to discuss DePape in any great detail. So, it was left in the end, to a journalist who doesn’t work for a big media outlet, independent reporter Michael Shellenberger, to fill in some of the blanks.”

“… the perpetrator in this violent crime against Paul Pelosi is a mentally ill, drug addicted, illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkley with a BLM banner and a pride flag out front. So, take those uncontested facts and let them rattle around your brain for a moment until a recognizable pattern emerges. If you guessed this is obviously a textbook case of homegrown rightwing extremism, well then obviously you’ve been watching a lot of cable news today.”

“But the bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, the mentally ill, homeless illegal alien drug addict who lives in a painted school bus in Berkley with a BLM flag is, actually, despite all appearances, another member of Donald Trump’s q-anon army.”

“What they’re really arguing is, in the wake of this attack, which is awful, against someone who did not deserve it… Unfortunately, you can no longer have free speech. They’re telling you this is an example of ‘stochastic terrorism’, a completely meaningless phrase that emerged like a virus…to infect our public discourse.”

“What they’re telling you is that dissenting in any way from the editorial positions of , say, The Washington Post or The Daily Beast or The Atlantic magazine, disagreeing with those publications and the consensus they represent isn’t simply immoral, no, it’s worse than that, it’s violence. It gets people killed, that’s the ‘stochastic terrorism’.”

“Democrats are very worried about the coming election, but they’re absolutely terrified that Elon Musk may allow people to criticize them on Twitter, and they know what Republicans don’t seem to know, which is, without censorship, the Democratic party cannot continue to hold power. Democrats understand that. They have nothing to offer. They have to stop you from asking questions, so they have to crush Elon Musk, not because he’s a right-winger, but because he will allow their opponents to speak, and of course they are using the attack on poor Paul Pelosi to do just that.”

“But something else is going on here, something beneath even all of that. Obviously, by immediately politicizing the attacks, democrats get a lot, potentially, but the main thing they do is effectively obscure the deepest truth of all, which is that what happened to Paul Pelosi isn’t so unusual anymore. Crime in this country is out of control by every measure.”

Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

How could any decent person possibly be on the side of the Chinese government?

How could any decent person possibly be on the side of the Chinese government, against the population of the country, the people, against human rights, against human decency?



Tucker looks at China’s shining model of how to deal with covid and why entire cities are still under lockdown and people still in quarantine when that’s no longer a threat. Highlights include:

“Here’s something that we didn’t know but now do. In the winter of 2020, Tony Fauci wanted to know how the Chinese communist party was responding to covid. They had covid, we had covid, he wanted to see what they were doing.”

“So, he sent one of his deputies, a man called Clifford Lane, to China to find out, and Lane seemed stunned by what he saw there – entire Chinese cities had been quarantined, the whole city. Huge numbers of people were forcibly locked inside their own homes, in some cases to starve to death. Secret police cruised the streets forcing pedestrians into windowless vans for the crime of being outside. Household pets, dogs and cats, were declared unclean and beaten to death on the sidewalk. It was a hellish dystopian scene.”

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“But Tony Fauci was not disgusted, he was not appalled by the human rights abuses that Clifford Lane had seen in China. According to a new report in The Epoch Times, based on depositions that emerged this month, Tony Fauci was envious.”

“Who could be rooting for the secret police?”

“How could any decent person possibly be on the side of the Chinese government, against the population of the country, the people, against human rights, against human decency?”

“Who could root for the tank against the lone brave man standing in front of it? And the answer is, unfortunately, some people could be on the side of the tank. Some people could be on the side of the tank. Some people could support the oppressors against the oppressed, and in this country, many people do.”

“One of them is Tony Fauci.”

“The protesters are speaking for themselves — Haven’t we spent $60 billion to prop up the corrupt government of Ukraine ‘cuz they’re on the side of ‘freedom and democracy’ even though it’s not a free or democratic country? But that’s the pretext, we’re for freedom?”

“But here you have people saying, hey, I don’t want to be thrown in a concentration camp or starve to death in my own apartment and the Biden administration can’t even take their side?”

“Oh, the right to choose … right to choose abortion … what about the right to go outside or the right to choose whether to send your children to school or the right to choose what drugs go into your body, or the right to choose not to be thrown into a concentration camp? Are those viable rights, too? Are those also examples of bodily autonomy? Do the 1.5 billion people who live in China or the 340 million who live here, do they have bodily autonomy? No, they don’t.”

Watch the video below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: This is a grotesque and filthy lie

Virtually everything NBC ‘news’ has told you about this shooting in Colorado is not only wrong, it is the opposite of the truth.



Tucker looks at NBC’s and CNN’s continued coverage of the recent shooting in Colorado now that the shooter has claimed to be non-binary.

As you probably already expect, they’re still denying it and blaming people who oppose mutilating children, as if that had anything to do with it.

Highlights include:

Trending on PolitiCrossing.com: What If You Only Had One Year to Live?

“If you’ve been watching the ‘news’ recently, the one thing you know for certain about the accused gunman in the massacre in Colorado over the weekend is that he was a ‘crazed, right-wing, anti-trans extremist.”

“He did that because he was taught by right-wing media outlets to despise and fear the non-binary community.”

“Was her reporting right? Well, not entirely. Do you remember when Brandy Zadrozny told you several hundred times that the accused shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was inspired by hatred for the non-binary community that he learned on this show, do you remember that? Well, actually, it turns out, we discovered last night, that Anderson Lee Aldrich is … drumroll, please … part of the non-binary community. He doesn’t hate them, he is one.”

“What it means is that virtually everything NBC ‘news’ has told you about this shooting in Colorado is not only wrong, it is the opposite of the truth. It is all a grotesque and filthy lie. It wasn’t ‘news reporting,’ it turns out to be the most transparent sort of political propaganda, and for once they have been busted flat out, in public, trying to sell political propaganda to an unsuspecting public under the guise of ‘news.’”

“It turns out it’s the town’s fault, too, because there are a lot of Christians, everybody knows, in Colorado Springs, so, gay people feel terrified there because Christians are dangerous. And all these terrified gay people were huddled together for safety when this Fox News-addled anti-trans bigot walked in and started shooting them for being transfolk.”

“Well, the only problem is, not all of the victims were gay. One of them, at least one of them, was at the club with his girlfriend. Details, details.”

“So, if you’re against genital mutilation of children or bringing toddlers to drag shows, you’re against the lgbtq community. Well, of course, that’s insane. There’s nothing anti-gay about that. Most gay people aren’t in favor of genital mutilation or bringing toddlers to drag shows. There’s nothing wrong with those opinions. They’re the right opinions, and all decent people understand that. What’s indecent, what is wrong, is lying about a mass shooting, which NBC did.”-

Watch the video below and you know what to do after that:

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