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What Would Ronald Reagan Do in 2023?

How would he govern in 2023?



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Ronald Reagan is often remembered as one of the most significant conservative presidents in U.S. history. Elected in 1980, Reagan served two terms in office, during which he implemented a range of policies that fundamentally altered the U.S. political landscape. If Reagan were president in 2023, what policies would he pursue? How would his vision for America shape the country’s political and economic trajectory? To answer these questions, it is worth examining Reagan’s own words and the views of historians who have studied his presidency.

One of Reagan’s defining characteristics was his belief in limited government. As he famously stated in his 1981 inaugural address, “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” According to Reagan, the federal government had become too bloated and inefficient, and its interference in the economy was hindering growth and innovation. He advocated for a smaller government that would limit its involvement in citizens’ lives and allow the private sector to flourish.

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If Reagan were president in 2023, it is likely that he would continue to pursue this vision of limited government. As historian Steven F. Hayward notes in his book, “The Age of Reagan,” “there is no doubt that Reagan would still argue for smaller government, lower taxes, and deregulation, as he did in the 1980s.” According to Hayward, Reagan’s belief in the power of the market to drive economic growth would likely lead him to support policies that promote free enterprise and reduce government intervention.

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Reagan was also a proponent of tax cuts as a means of spurring economic growth. He believed that reducing taxes on individuals and businesses would encourage investment and job creation, ultimately leading to increased prosperity for all Americans. In his first year in office, Reagan implemented the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, which lowered marginal tax rates across the board. As he explained in a speech to the nation in 1981, “we are going to turn the bull loose, and let this economy move forward.”

If Reagan were president in 2023, it is likely that he would continue to push for tax cuts as a means of stimulating economic growth. As historian H.W. Brands notes in his book, “Reagan: The Life,” “Reagan’s tax cuts, for all their controversy, became a signature achievement of his presidency, and their impact on the economy was substantial.” Brands believes that Reagan would argue that reducing taxes would give Americans more money to spend and invest, which would create jobs and boost the economy.

In addition to tax cuts, Reagan was a proponent of deregulation. He believed that government regulations were stifling economic growth and innovation, and that businesses should be free to operate without excessive interference from the federal government. During his presidency, Reagan oversaw the deregulation of several industries, including banking, transportation, and telecommunications.

If Reagan were president in 2023, it is likely that he would continue to advocate for deregulation. According to historian David Greenberg, “Reagan saw government as a menace to personal freedom and economic growth, and he consistently sought to shrink it.” Greenberg believes that Reagan’s belief in free markets and limited government would lead him to pursue policies that reduce regulation and allow businesses to operate with greater freedom.

It is important to note that Reagan’s policies were shaped by the political and economic realities of his time. The challenges facing America in 2023 are vastly different from those of the 1980s. Nevertheless, understanding Reagan’s policies and beliefs can provide insight into the current political landscape. As historian Hayward notes, “Reagan’s legacy lives on in the Republican Party, which has adopted many of his policies and beliefs.” Many modern conservatives still look to Reagan as a model for leadership and policymaking, and his vision of limited government and free markets continues to shape the political debate in America.

If Ronald Reagan were president in 2023, it is likely that he would continue to champion policies that promote limited government, free enterprise, and deregulation. He would likely advocate for tax cuts as a means of spurring economic growth and reducing government interference in citizens’ lives. Ultimately, Reagan’s presidency was defined by his commitment to individual freedom and American exceptionalism, and his legacy continues to shape the political debate in America today.

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Did Wokeness Kill SVB?



Why did Silicon Valley Bank fail?

The answer is simple.  They cared more about ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ in the investment decisions they made that they did about liquidity an interest rates.  They cared more about the people involved in the deals they backed checking all the identity politics boxes that they did about them being actually competent and able to grow and sustain a business.

Businesses exist to solve problems in the marketplace. They don’t exist to push wacky left-wing social engineering theories.  The honchos at SVB cared more about diversifying the identity of their borrowers and investees than they do about diversifying their portfolio.

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This is the EVIL of ESG and what it does to people’s wealth and finances. Companies like Blackrock who are pushing this nonsense are the enemies of capitalism and freedom. Caring more about so called Environmental, Social, and Governance ratings than shareholder value and financial performance is negligence and malpractice rolled into one.

We can no longer remain on the sidelines as the woke trash our companies and bully them into complying with their crazy and demented vision of society.  We need to push back agains the woke, and find the companies that are not woke and reward them with massive spending and loyalty for angering to traditional patriotic American values.

We need a parallel economy of patriots and patriotic to support, and to defund the EVIL LEFT and the companies that lack the courage to stand up to them. Complaining about these woke companies isn’t enough. We all must show leadership and support conservative and patriotic companies that provide viable alternatives to the woke liberal companies destroying our country and values. Cancel culture can cut both ways. We can DEFUND the weak, feckless, cowardly companies that are embracing woke-ism, and at the same time, FUND the companies that are embracing patriotism and American exceptionalism.

Wayne Allyn Root and I have spent over 3 years researching and putting together list of the most patriotic companies in America, and we have put it out in a brilliant new book, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” 

It’s a list of 123 patriotic companies and media firms to support, buy from, and divert your dollars toward, so that you’re not spending money with companies that hate you  and your values anymore.

Conservatives have a real opportunity to vote with our wallets! Let’s make every dollar count and get right to it!

We have put together a Designation, the “Free CorpTM”, which has six categories for determining where a company stands on values that matter to its patriotic customer base. We call this the “Freedom Scale.”

These are:

  1. Political Involvement — Do they stick to business, or are they virtue signalling and supporting leftist causes? Scoring is on a 1 to 5 Scale, 1 being they are virtue signalling and cravenly caving to the woke mob, and 5 is that they refuse to be bullied and tell the woke mob to go to hell.
  2. Political donations — To which political candidates and causes do they donate? Do they donate to woke, liberal and Marxist organizations and candidates — such as BLM, Media Matters, the ACLU, the Democrat Party, and Planned Parenthood — or to patriotic and conservative ones — the GOP, RNC, MAGA, NRA, National Right to Life, Project Veritas, etc.? Scoring is on a 1 to 5 Scale, 1 is they give exclusively to woke causes and 5 is they give exclusively to patriot ones.
  3. Workplace culture — Is their workplace culture one that embraces freedom or is it poisoned by political correctness? Do they promote freedom and free expression at work, or are some opinions more equal than others? Do they pressure their employees to toe the woke line: pro-child grooming, pro-denying biology, pro-socialism and Marxism, pro-shutting down free speech…versus pro-family, pro-God, pro-biology, pro-free speech, pro-capitalism?
  4. Marketing messaging — Are the marketing messages of the company steeped in pro-USA and American exceptionalism rhetoric, or are they heinously woke and anti-human and pro-scarcity? Do they celebrate America and freedom, or do they denigrate her and crap all over liberty?
  5. Hiring policies for employees and vendors — Does the company hire the best man or woman for the job, or do they engage in woke racism and favor anyone but conservatives and straight, white males? Do they treat all employees and vendors as equals, or do they explicitly engage in harsh bigotry against conservatives and straight, white males?
  6. Commitment to freedom in society — Does the company stand for American values, or has it been frightened into toeing the woke line? Do its political donations go to freedom-loving causes and organizations, as well as MAGA and non-establishment Republicans, or does it donate to woke, intolerant, and radical organizations (like BLM and Antifa), and Democrats and RINOS (Republicans-in-name-only)?

This “Freedom Scale” will be used to help patriotic consumers determine whether a company deserves their patronage.

Now to the book, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book!” We are proud of what we believe in. The media derisively calls us “far-right.” We know exactly what that means — “so far, we’ve always been right!”

By the way, there is nothing “far-right” about our views. On every issue we believe in, polls show we are in the “Silent Majority.” Most Americans are either “center-right” or so-called “far-right.”

This book will start with chapters outlining what we believe in and what we believe patriots across America believe in. If you agree, if this sounds like you, then take action and buy from companies with similar beliefs and values, run by people who support our conservative and patriotic candidates and causes.

After those opening chapters that define what we stand for, then the list begins! We list 123 companies and media brands that we have determined are fellow patriots. BUY from them, support them, praise them, and pray for them.

It’s time to stand up for America and the patriotic companies that stand with us.

God bless these companies, God bless patriots like you, and God bless America.

You can go and purchase your company here:

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Eight Dysphemisms to Start Your Week

A dysphemism is a word or phrase that is more offensive than the words it is replacing



A “euphemism” is the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that might suggest something more bluntly or offend others, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To say, for example, “He doesn’t have all his marbles,” is regarded as gentler than saying “He is stark raving insane.”

The Mighty Dysphemism

The opposite of a euphemism is a “dysphemism.” A dysphemism is a word or phrase that is more offensive, blunt, or harsh than the word or phrase which it is replacing. For example, instead of stating that the Manhattan District Attorney is “cognitively challenged,” you refer to him instead as a “total partisan whack job.”

For your amusement, at the least, here are eight dysphemism followed by the kinder, gentler, or at least more definitive terminology of what is being said:

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“Biting off more than you can chew” – Orally extracting an amount of edible matter that exceeds what one is comfortably able to masticate.

“That’s a load of B.S.” – Your assertion reminds one of bovine excretion.

“Sh__faced” – Bearing an expression that one normally associates with the act of removing solid waste from the body.

“Can’t tell your ass from your elbow” – Unable to differentiate between your dorsal side orifice and the joint connecting your forearm and upper arm.

“Stepping in a pile of crap” – A pedestrian venture into an accumulation of animal or human waste.

“Go F-yourself” – Engage in the act of physical consummation with yourself.

“Up to your eyeballs in crap” – Finding yourself surrounded at the visual level by unpleasantly aromatic organic waste.

“Carnal knowledge” – Having a close encounter with another, free of garments and other impediments, leading to direct tactile stimulation.

A True Time Saver

Thank goodness for dysphemisms. In a most fundamental way, they are true time-savers. Without them, we’d be groping for tedious phrasing all day long. “Up your nose with a rubber hose,” if you don’t “catch my drift.”

– – – – –


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