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We’re Forgetting Fathers When it Comes to Resolving Abortion and School Shooters



Father’s Day is coming up as well as Juneteenth, a reminder about the sad situation of many fathers, especially black fathers, who are not involved in their children’s lives. Two issues in the news lately directly related to this are the Supreme Court’s forthcoming opinion reversing Roe v. Wade and an epidemic of mass shootings, particularly school shootings. People are rushing to propose solutions, but most of them fail to mention the glaring elephant in the room — absence of fathers. Hardly anyone ever talks about fathers’ rights to their babies when abortion is brought up, and hardly anyone ever observes the common denominator when it comes to school shootings; the lack of fathers in the troubled teenage boys’ lives. 


One man has been tirelessly talking and educating people about this crucial aspect for years, Dr. Warren Farrell. Farrell is author of The Boy Crisis, which he briefed the White House on under President Donald Trump, and which led to legislation on the Fatherhood Crisis being signed into law in Florida by Gov. Ron De Santis. 

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Farrell studied school shootings and determined the factor that should be looked at — instead of blaming access to guns, Great Replacement-style hatred, mental illness, or violence in the movies and video games — is whether the boys had their fathers in their lives. We know the backgrounds of six of the seven school shooters in the 21st century who killed 10 or more people, and all six of those boys were deprived of their biological fathers. 


Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos’s father was rarely present in his life. The teen suffered from a speech impediment that he was bullied over, and barely failed to graduate from high school. He got into a dispute with his grandmother over not graduating, which led to him shooting and killing her before he went on his shooting spree at the school. The guns were his way of saying, “I have a type of power,” Warren said, “they’re compensations for his powerlessness.”


All 63 of the largest developed nations are suffering this boy crisis. Guns merely serve to magnify the problem.   


Now look at teenage girls, Farrell advises. “Our daughters live in the same families, with the same family values, and have the same access to the same guns, and the same video games, and the same media, and they suffer similar mental illnesses.” So why aren’t there teenage girl shooters? 


“Boys whose pain is ignored will communicate their pain as loudly as they can, with guns as large as they can get,” Farrell believes. In school, boys often learn about toxic masculinity, male privilege, the oppressive patriarchy and that the future is female. This does not inspire a boy for their future. In all 63 developed nations, boys fall behind girls in almost every academic subject, especially reading and writing, which are the biggest predictors of success or failure. 


Conservatives say toxic masculinity is a myth, whereas liberals talk about male privilege. But Warren says there is such a thing as toxic masculinity, it just doesn’t come from male privilege. It comes from training our men to be disposable in war, where you have to disconnect from your feelings. It’s a social bribe to devalue yourself. For example, he explains, “If a sergeant in the army makes a racist comment about your background, and you object, you are laughed at and punished.”


Farrell said several months ago a young man contacted him and thanked him for his book, told him it stopped him from going on a mass shooting spree. He said he’d even written a manifesto in preparation. Through Farrell understanding what was going on in his head, it took away his energy of needing to be heard. Farrell, who specializes in couples counseling which he provides at Esalen, said about 80% of relationship issues can be solved by just hearing the other person out. 


In regards to abortion, no one is considering the fathers’ rights, Farrell says. It’s a false dichotomy to make the choice only between the right to life vs. a woman’s body and the right to choose. We leave out the third right. That’s the right of the dad to allow the fetus to live, which should trump the right of the mom to kill the fetus. 


He describes it as the ABCs of abortion: Abortion, Birth and Caring. Caring is the dad’s right to be informed immediately that the mom is considering abortion, so he has a timely choice to legally decide whether he will legally affirm that he will care for the infant both emotionally and financially from birth to age 18. It’s not right that mothers get an exclusive right to decide whether to abort a child or put it up for adoption. Mothers only have to deal with the nine months of pregnancy, they can drop the baby off at a fire station and will not be required to pay child support.


As for the B, Dads should have birth control responsibilities, but sadly pharmaceutical companies have shown no interest in marketing a birth control pill for men, despite the technology finally becoming available. 


Unfortunately, when Farrell goes into court to testify about fatherlessness, many mothers’ attorneys shut him down, they try to stop him before he even starts talking. They do everything they can to distract the judge and interrupt him. The reality is, the court of law is the last place where we should be addressing this, he says. 


Farrell said the 1965 Moynihan report is still true today, which found that the breakdown of marriage in black communities was responsible for poverty and related problems. The left is hurting black families the worst by not acknowledging the need for fathers; while 19% of white children live in a single-mother household, over 50% of black children do.  


Those familiar with Farrell’s work can’t decide whether he’s stating the obvious or something revolutionary. I think it’s both — something that’s just gone under the radar, since for various, unfair reasons society has not encouraged this type of thinking.


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Rachel Alexander is a conservative political writer and pundit. She is the editor of Intellectual Conservative and a recovering attorney. She was ranked by Right Wing News as one of the 50 Best Conservative Columnists from 2011-2019.


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How the Mind Body Connection Creates and Alleviates Ailments

On the path to true healing it is vital to take an inventory of ones physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state



As we age, we face a never-ending array of challenges, many of them health related. So, when I heard about Julie Stone, of Mind-Body Healing, (www.mindbody-healing.com), I was intrigued. Originally from California, she had rapidly developed a reputation in Apex and Greater Raleigh, NC, as well as throughout North Carolina, that attracted eager clients.

After hearing the stories of several of her clients first hand, I posed questions to her about how, exactly, she is able to help them to achieve rather remarkable results. Here is what she told me:

Julie’s Approach

My primary focus is on helping people to recover from a devastating medical malpractice injury or illness. My clients are often surprised that we take a wide-angle examination of their situation, which starts even before the major, negative event or illness. My method is to first explore the root cause of the condition. When did it begin? What factors triggered it initially and what factors exasperated it over time?

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We strive to understand what could lay in the foundation of the condition. We then use mind-body processes to discern the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the situation. We peel back “the layers of the onion” until we arrive at a place of inner peace.

In helping people to heal, I also have been blessed to be able to work with a wide variety of clients with various ailments, each of whom faced unique challenges. Over a long period of time, I discovered that there is no cookie-cutter approach which is right for everyone, at all times.

We each have different physiologies, life experiences, and eating habits, all of which play into our bio-uniqueness. Our bodies are literally road maps, but, unlike Google maps, the body can be bit more challenging to read.

In sessions with clients, I start by taking an inventory of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Our quest is to better understand how various factors have unfolded over time, to yield an understanding of the current condition which the client seeks to alleviate.

Long Term versus Acute

Some conditions have manifested over time with many layers and complexities. Others have occurred when someone experienced an acute condition, possibly from an accident, an illness, the breakup of a relationship, a drop in income, and so on. The approach to long time layering requires peeling back the root cause, one layer at a time, versus acute situations which are more clearly defined and easier to tackle.

In all cases the goal is to select the best tools to achieve measurable improvement, in every session. My approach takes into consideration the whole person, which allows for more than simply recovery of an ailment. There was a reason why the symptoms cropped up, so we don’t want to short-change the process with a quick fix, or it will crop up again in another form.

I guide clients through a journey of discovery to understand the purpose of the condition and to gain wisdom on what’s out of balance in life on the path to creating more inner peace, harmony in relationships, and an understanding of their life’s purpose.

A Mind-Body Connection

One woman with whom I worked was a mother of three sons. She came to me because she had carpal tunnel syndrome, surprisingly in both wrists, with lots of pain, stiffness and lack of mobility in her wrists. She could barely move her hands. After her initial intake, I began using mind body healing processes on the right hand and within minutes we got that wrist free of pain and limber.

It was exciting to see how quickly she responded, so we moved on to the other side. We addressed her left wrist in the same manner and, once again, she became limber and completely free of pain. For a couple of fleeting seconds, “I thought okay great. That worked quickly enough.” However, the moment we got her left hand and wrist to be fully functioning, her right side stiffened up and the pain returned. I realized there was more here to the story.

We re-focused on her right side and, shortly, we were able to re-mobilize it, again with the pain dissipating completely. Immediately her left wrist and hand stiffened painfully. Now, I viewed this as not merely a physical problem – something else needed to be addressed here.

Emotions at Play

A deeper emotional issue was at play, an issue that equally impacted both wrists. I asked her more probing questions to uncover what was blocking sustained healing in her wrists. I discovered that by having painful, immobile wrists she was able to get help at home. She was exhausted. She couldn’t handle all the work at home – the cleaning, cooking, taking the kids, etc.

What I learned next, seems a bit shocking: The only way her husband would agree to let her have help at home was if she was disabled. So, she became disabled. It then became clear that she needed to have a vital conversation with her husband. I coached her on how to approach that conversation. The next day, she spoke to him. It went well, and not-so-surprisingly, her ailment cleared up.

Without addressing the root of her affliction and or having that key conversation with her husband, who knows how long in her life she might have endured those painful non-functioning wrist?

On the Right Path

In understanding her situation, it was evident that her husband had never said to her, point-blank, the only way I’m going to bring in a helper is if you become disabled. That is the message, however, which evolved in her mind. She interpreted cues and clues, which to her indicated, “If I can’t physically do such work, then we’re going to require hired help.”

I’m happy to report that after checking back with her three weeks later and then three months later, her wrists had remained completely limber and pain-free, which is the desired result: It is my personal mission to help more people understand these mind body principles to increase their quality of life.

Relief on the Spot

All cases are different, as are the rates of healing. When a client and I are able to achieve rapid healing and pain relief, it’s truly a feeling of intense relief and joy. I worked with a woman who had suffered for years from sciatica, with significant pain from her back to down one leg. She was married with a family who, obviously, knew of her pain, and tried to help.

As happens in many instances, she had been to a variety of specialist doctors and then several chiropractors, and had spent several thousand dollars. All the while, she did not experience any significant or lasting relief. Occasionally, yes, she would attain some level of relief, but always with residual pain.

When we starting working together, we uncovered that her affliction was related to a childhood trauma – she had been raped. It had never been clear to her that her current misery was related to that incident so many decades ago.

How long had she had sciatica? Years. If you think sciatica often eases up on its own, yes it can. In her case, there was no let up. After she had gone to the round of doctors, with each of then employing their clinical, western, one-dimensional type tests, she felt nothing but disappointment. How could any of these practitioners be effective if they never came close to knowing about her childhood trauma?

What a Feeling!

We were able to take her through processes that allowed her to experience a sense of resolution with the issue. She now knew how her sciatica had developed, why it lingered, and its purpose (yes, unresolved pain has a purpose).

At that moment, in my office, you could see on her face the sense of inner peace that was gently brewing. At the end of our session, she departed completely pain free and had the ability to walk with an even gait restored.

Youth Must be Served

Young people, of course, have their challenges. They haven’t lived 50 or 60 years with all sorts of possible, intertwined issues. What they often do experience is very intense reactions to unfavorable situations. Remember, the body is a road map of what’s going on in someone’s life.

I work a little differently with children because they can’t always articulate their concerns, and might not have the ability to express deep level thoughts and feelings. Thus, it’s not often fruitful to ask a child, what do you think about this? Or how do you feel about that? Often times their answer is, I don’t know.

To work around this impediment, I use pictures, symbols, and drawings, or talking about pets, animals, or other objects which is so much easier for them, from which they can project their feelings.

Part of the Clan

Remember the body is like a map of a person’s life. Typically when someone is prone to constipation, it’s the body holding things in, or said another way, not wanting to let go of something. Yes, it could be as basic as someone not drinking enough water, but often there is more to discover. I had a client, a young man in his 30s, with digestive issues.

We worked together to uncover the root of situation. When we explored his upbringing, it turned out that his brother and his father greatly resembled each other, whereas my client did not. He always felt like the odd man out: his brother also talked and acted like his father did.

He told me he felt like he came from another family. In his subconscious, he was tapped into a primal survival mode, a mode which feared being left out of the tribe. Now the kicker: his father had digestive issues. As you have surmised, he “took on” this ailment to have a connection with his father.

Fortunately, we created a way for him to be connected with his father in a different manner so that we could disconnect the relatedness through digestive issues. In the following days, the young man’s digestive issues improved markedly.

Aiming to Succeed

Every case, indeed, is different. The common denominator to all of them is that the person who comes to me with an issue fervently wants to resolve it. From there, all things are possible.

– – – – –


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Child Trafficking, Ignored by Leftists, is Wrong and Evil

Mainstream media sources are inexplicably gleeful in picking apart a vital movie



A movie, The Sound of Freedom, making the rounds in America should not be political in any way. It is, after all, about a worldwide phenomenon that is despicable beyond words. If ever evil existed in the world, it is amply displayed by those who exploit children and ruin their lives for their own gains.

Attacking the Star to Attack the Movie

Curiously, read reviews or critiques from The Washington Post, The Guardian, or numerous other media outlets. You will see that these media sources are inexplicably gleeful in picking apart the movie. The Washington Post wants to know why lead cast member Jim Caviezel visits conspiracy-focused websites. Caviezel is, of course, merely an actor. Whatever he believes and whatever web sources he visits are inconsequential to the real-life situation depicted in The Sound of Freedom.

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Tom Cruise and John Travolta are well-known advocates of the Church of Scientology. Does WaPo dwell on that in reviewing their movies? Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, and Mark Wahlberg are unabashed Conservatives. Adam Sandler, Gary Sinise, Denzel Washington, and Kurt Russell are all known to lean Right. Morgan Freeman has repeatedly made “unwoke” statements about society and race. Generally speaking, none of this filters into critiques of their movies.

The plight of millions of children worldwide cannot be underscored. Huge numbers have been extracted from their families throughout Latin and South America, but the problem exists as well on other continents. Nonetheless, The Washington Post deliberately delves into the personal backgrounds of actors in seeking to demean the importance of the movie.

Who Are These Editors?

Who among executive editors at The Washington Post can attack while ignoring the vital, documented message that this movie imparts? While some embellishment happens in all movies, this horrendous worldwide phenomenon should upset the sensibilities of any responsible adult on the planet. As the box office takes streams past $100,000,000, WaPo seeks to chip away at the authenticity of the story and the solid and fruitful impact that it’s having on the nation.

In London, The Guardian has employed words such as paranoid, as in a “paranoid” look at this worldwide phenomenon. Who in their editorial department chose that phrase? In good consciousness, how can they opt to diminish the impact of the movie and dismiss the magnitude of this worldwide problem?

What drives these media gatekeepers to intentionally overlook the horror of six-year-olds being whisked away into a life that is beyond Hell, where they are abused by gross men, and sometimes women, as often as five to ten times a day, for ten years or more? No words suffice to describe this monumental sin of humankind.

More children have been abducted into sexual slavery today than the total number of slaves who existed when it was legal in the United States, Great Britain, and other parts of the world.

To What do They Object?

Do the media gatekeepers object to religious overtones in the movie? Protagonist Tim Ballard states, “God’s children are not for sale.” If you don’t believe in God, you can still conclude that children should not be for sale. Yes, some characters in the film wear religious crosses. Is that grounds to demean this film?

Some media sources have called Tim Ballard a “white savior” to children of color. Who the heck cares as long as some children are being saved? Would it matter if the hero was black, brown, red, or yellow? How petty and ignorant can one be?

Displaying contempt for white male heroes as the global market for the bodies and souls of innocent children expands is beyond rationality. Can such editorial gatekeepers look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I did a good job?” I seriously doubt it.

– – – – –

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