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Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov: The Most Evil Leader Ever

Leftists seeking to hurl the most devastating epithets at Donald Trump ought to step up a grade



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Leftists have been in a frenzy about Donald Trump using the phrase “poisoning the blood,” while Joe Biden’s three-year policy actually has poisoned the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans via fentanyl and contributed to untold deaths.

Three Paths to Fentanyl Poison

First, you can poison yourself if you ignore a doctor’s prescription and take more of the substance for a stronger or faster effect. Second, illegal fentanyl, which Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas have allowed into the U.S. for more than 1000 days straight, can contain heroin, cocaine, or xylazine which elevate the chances of being poisoned. Third, fentanyl can enter the blood stream via a cut or a wound. So, Biden is Hitler!

The liberal media attack machine, nonetheless, is making comparisons, 24/7, between Trump and Hitler. Twenty years earlier, they did the same with George W. Bush, a notably God-loving man.

How many people has Donald Trump put into concentration camps? Has he “experimented” on our population, you know, like Anthony Fauci? How many people has Trump had murdered? Does he despise Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Romanis, Poles, and Russians, plus all political opponents, communists, trade unionists, and dark-skinned people? Is he planning to round up the intellectuals?

Gosh! Nothing so far, still, Trump is Hitler and we know it!

Get Educated

Democrats, take note: the most evil man on Earth with the broadest following was Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin. The dictators who succeeded Lenin, including Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin, in one way or another were advocates of Lenin’s strategies and tactics. While 44 million people perished in World War II, mostly related to Hitler, at least 45 million people perished on account of Lenin, who spawned Stalin, Hitler, Mao (accounting himself for more than 45 million murdered), and the rest.

Following the execution of his brother, who he highly admired, Lenin became fixated on overthrowing the Russian czar and installing an ironclad dictatorship. In Swiss exile before his return to Russia, for 17 years he studied, wrote, and mentally devised what Russia would become with himself at the helm. He would rally the working class to make Russia an economic, military, and ideological giant.

In April 1917, as the Great War (WWI) raged on, Germany plotted to end it by launching a weapon more explosive and volatile, some argue, than an atomic bomb. The Germans knew that Lenin would make his mark on Russia and spread his warped ideas like a mass infection.

Unleashing the Red Terror

Lenin could not return through war-torn Europe to reach his native land. Out of the blue, to him, Germany provided a heavily armed train to retrieve Lenin and return him to Mother Russia, by taking a far northern route through Europe away from the war.

Once he reached Petrograd, now called St. Petersburg, he diabolically tore down every institution of the Russian state and replaced them with own institutions. German politicians were confident that Lenin’s maniacal, unscrupulous, uncompromising leadership was the magic elixir that would take Russia out of the war and give Germany victory.

           Lenin proved to be fanatical, unprecedented in history. An early Marxist, in the midst of the Russian turmoil of 1917, Lenin parlayed the ongoing revolution, destroyed what had been in place in Russia for eons, and reconstructed the nation as communist. He tolerated no descent. Among the most bloodthirsty, brutal, horrific regimes in history, Lenin purged multi-millions of Russians — real or perceived enemies — via the Red Terror. His chosen successor, Joseph Stalin, continued the purge.

Money Talks

All told, approximately 104 million people globally have died as victims of communism. This is not sufficiently taught in our schools, as if anything is today. And, the barbarism of Lenin, starting from April 1917, has continued to shake the world.

Unbeknownst to many, Lenin was financed by sources in the west, including the U.S. and major European nations. They felt that installing him would change the cultural and political map of Europe. Had Lenin not received such funding, his power would have been curtailed.

Lenin was a textbook sociopath aided and abetted by handpicked, notably wicked men and women. Winston Churchill regarded Lenin’s return to Russia as on par with Basilius plague. As historian Warren Carroll remarked, “If ever one man, alone, made a world historic revolution that man was Lenin. He bequeathed to the world all the horrors of the 20th century.”

Use the Right Epithet

Leftists seeking to hurl the most devastating epithets at Donald Trump ought to step up a grade and compare him to Lenin. That will never happen because they are too ignorant of history, so we’re all stuck with the same, lame moronic Hitler comparisons.

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It’s Trump’s Time to Shine



Former President Trump could easily be over-confident going into the June debate. President Joe Biden isn’t even comfortable answering questions from friendly media who want him to look good. He struggles even when he has note cards. Can you imagine how he might perform in the debate when he doesn’t know the questions or Donald Trump’s response. Even many in his own party are worried about him not performing well.

It almost makes you wonder if this could be the Democrats’ plan. A poor performance in the debates could increase the calls for Biden to step down and not run for four more years. With the next scheduled debate being in September and their Chicago convention in August, Democrats would have time to let Biden withdraw with honor and still have time to select another candidate who would not be burdened with having to defend the Biden record.

Former President Trump has been making fun of Biden at every turn—his advanced age, his mental failings, his stupid comments, and his failed policies. It will be tempting but a mistake for Trump to make the debate focus Biden’s failings. Belittling Biden reinforces the view that Trump is mean spirited. In 2020, Biden didn’t beat Trump; Trump beat himself. It was the “hate Trump” voters that came out to defeat Trump, electing Biden was just the result of their intense dislike of the GOP candidate. To focus on demeaning Biden will only fuel the haters and give undecided independents a reason to stay home.

President Trump has the platform priorities that Americans are eager to support. Instead of wasting comments on Biden’s inadequacies, Trump should focus on what he will immediately do once back in office. If he keeps coming back to the following nine winning messages, Trump will win in a landslide:

1. Americans overwhelmingly want an end to Biden’s open border. The day I take office, I will use executive orders to end open borders and reinstate my policies that helped cut illegal immigration to the lowest rate in decades. There will be no amnesty for illegals. Illegals committing crimes will be deported immediately. Illegals will not receive government entitlements reserved for citizens and those here legally.

2. Too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck paying inflated costs for fuel and food. I will immediately institute an “all of the above” energy policy that will once again make America 100% energy independent and lower the cost of fuel. That alone will begin to bring down the inflated price for food and other basic needs.

3. America is tired of watching criminals do crimes and then being released the next day. Do the crime, do the time. I will do everything I can to use federal law to hold criminals responsible when states won’t. I will strongly support law enforcement and work to keep Americans safe in their cities!

4. Americans are tired of elitists deciding what is best for their children. I will put parents back in control of the choices that have always been theirs. I will work in support of school choice and require parental approval for any surgery no matter what a child’s “declared” gender.

5. Americans in both parties have strong views on abortion and women’s rights. I will reject any efforts to pass federal legislation on this divisive issue. I will support allowing states to vote on this important issue.

6. Americans remain reluctant in using our military in foreign wars. When I was President, I made it clear that we wanted no war, but would respond strongly to any military aggression by our foes. I am committed to keeping America strong and our adversaries know and fear that.

7. Americans do not trust our election process. I will do what I can to return America to our pre-COVID procedures that had worked for over a century. We will return to limiting voting to one day. Voters will be required to request and sign any absentee ballot, verify citizenship at the polls, and use paper ballots that can be recounted as needed. There is no need for additional days, ballot harvesting, or voting machines that do not rely on paper ballots.

8. Americans are tired of forced environmental extremism and unjustified warnings about catastrophic climate change. If citizens want an EV, a hybrid, or a gas-fueled car, that will be their choice. America can and will take care of the environment by leading the world in clean energy technology that can take advantage of our rich oil, gas, coal, and alternative energy resources.

9. Finally, Americans are tired of exploding government spending and out-of-control national debt. It is time to cut the size of government. We will work to take on the “deep state” to get rid of redundancy and costly inefficiencies. It’s time to end automatic budget increases and institute zero-based budgeting that requires every budget area to be justified every year.

If former President Trump uses every debate question to focus on what he will to do if elected, Joe Biden is likely to self-destruct on his own. Biden’s inadequacies are painfully evident. By focusing on the issues that matter to Americans, it won’t matter what candidate the Democrats settle on. With a winning platform, Trump will win in a landside and bring Congress and the Senate along for the ride. By avoiding personal attacks, he won’t add fuel for the haters. In short, it’s time for Trump to give voters back the America they fear they are losing. May it be so!
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Putting North Carolina Public Education Back on Track  

With Michelle Morrow’s leadership, North Carolina public schools can be better equipped to educate and inspire today’s students.



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It’s no secret to conservatives that the nation’s children, every single one of them, are at risk. In the main, not for reasons malnutrition, growing up in a tough neighborhood, or having toxic parents. The risk that all kids face today is the potential to be indoctrinated in public schools by their own teachers, teacher’s aides, and administrators.

America’s Children Are under Siege

Some school districts in America, are populated by boards of education, principals, and school administrators who think it is their sacred duty to indoctrinate children, exposing them to all manner of adult and sex-related topics long before any child should be. As such, they usurp the rights of parents and guardians.

Nowhere is this more evident than in North Carolina where 23% of all kindergarten through 12th-grade students are enrolled in either a charter school or private school, or study at home, and the percentage increase in these three options is 84% over the last 11 years. Why? Parents want to determine the best educational options for their own children and they don’t believe that North Carolina public schools are doing an adequate job.

Fortunately, one candidate running for NC superintendent of public instruction means to the state’s education programs back on track. Her name is Michelle Morrow, and she is a personal dynamo whose grasp on the issues is outstanding.

First and foremost, Morrow advocates having safe schools with a culture of academic achievement and civility. If it takes having a security guard in every single school throughout the state to ensure the safety of children attending class as well as teachers and school staff, Morrow is all for it.

She believes that schools should be the safest buildings in the state. Alas, they are not. In North Carolina, school crime and violence increased a whopping 84% in just the past five years. The top three crimes being reported include drug use, weapons possession, and assault – even assault of teachers.

An Advocate for What Counts

As the NC superintendent of public instruction, Morrow will support fair and effective policies that both deter crime and promote classroom civility. She’ll be a strong advocate for teachers’ rights to employ fair and reasonable measures to manage their classrooms as they see fit.

Morrow will insist on parent-friendly schools, recognizing that a child’s academic performance often hinges on the vital partnership between teachers and parents. In too many schools throughout the state, parents are kept completely in the dark about medical treatments and, surprisingly, even academic performance.

Some children are forced to take surveys requiring them to reveal details of their sexual habits and mental state, and schools employ such data to monitor, diagnose, and treat psychological issues. Parents alone, however, have the right to make medical decisions in relation to their children’s health and well-being. Government sponsored data collection needs to end. Morrow will enforce a Parents’ Bill of Rights to ensure that families are protected and that parents have dominion over their own children.

Back to the Basics

Academic achievement has suffered for years on end in North Carolina’s kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. A staggering one-quarter of eighth graders cannot meet national math, science, or reading standards. Test scores throughout North Carolina reveal that more than 800 schools are under-performing.

As superintendent, Morrow will be focused on ensuring that all the money earmarked for education actually makes its way to the classroom. She will ensure that schools focus on teaching science, math, reading, and real history. She will advocate for small group tutoring when needed by students who are not performing well, and touting for those who are doing exceedingly well and can do even better.

Morrow recognizes that the government in Washington, D.C., has no business in the education of North Carolina students. Parents are not co-parenting with the federal government. The programs and policies that politicians and special interest groups attempt to impose on North Carolina schools must come to an end, and any interference in teaching core academics must cease immediately.

As such, Morrow will sever the ties with public interest groups while helping to strengthen local school districts’ ability to employ proven teaching methods, with the goal of enhancing core academic achievement.

The Big Picture

Morrow will seek to enhance national unity and patriotism. Too many students throughout North Carolina are subjected to one-sided history lessons that portray America as an oppressive, racist, unredeemable nation. Some schools go so far as to stereotype their students and inform them that, as a result of their ethnicity, sexuality, or religion, they are oppressors.

This one-sided, warped view of humanity and method of education must end. Instead of dividing students, Morrow will seek to foster unity and understanding. America is an exceptional country. While every country faces challenges, ours in particular has been fair, compassionate, and forward thinking in recent years.

With Morrow’s leadership, North Carolina schools can be better equipped to educate and inspire the next generation who will become the leaders of our great nation.

– – – –


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