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Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov: The Most Evil Leader Ever

Leftists seeking to hurl the most devastating epithets at Donald Trump ought to step up a grade



Leftists have been in a frenzy about Donald Trump using the phrase “poisoning the blood,” while Joe Biden’s three-year policy actually has poisoned the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans via fentanyl and contributed to untold deaths.

Three Paths to Fentanyl Poison

First, you can poison yourself if you ignore a doctor’s prescription and take more of the substance for a stronger or faster effect. Second, illegal fentanyl, which Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas have allowed into the U.S. for more than 1000 days straight, can contain heroin, cocaine, or xylazine which elevate the chances of being poisoned. Third, fentanyl can enter the blood stream via a cut or a wound. So, Biden is Hitler!

The liberal media attack machine, nonetheless, is making comparisons, 24/7, between Trump and Hitler. Twenty years earlier, they did the same with George W. Bush, a notably God-loving man.

How many people has Donald Trump put into concentration camps? Has he “experimented” on our population, you know, like Anthony Fauci? How many people has Trump had murdered? Does he despise Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Romanis, Poles, and Russians, plus all political opponents, communists, trade unionists, and dark-skinned people? Is he planning to round up the intellectuals?

Gosh! Nothing so far, still, Trump is Hitler and we know it!

Get Educated

Democrats, take note: the most evil man on Earth with the broadest following was Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin. The dictators who succeeded Lenin, including Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin, in one way or another were advocates of Lenin’s strategies and tactics. While 44 million people perished in World War II, mostly related to Hitler, at least 45 million people perished on account of Lenin, who spawned Stalin, Hitler, Mao (accounting himself for more than 45 million murdered), and the rest.

Following the execution of his brother, who he highly admired, Lenin became fixated on overthrowing the Russian czar and installing an ironclad dictatorship. In Swiss exile before his return to Russia, for 17 years he studied, wrote, and mentally devised what Russia would become with himself at the helm. He would rally the working class to make Russia an economic, military, and ideological giant.

In April 1917, as the Great War (WWI) raged on, Germany plotted to end it by launching a weapon more explosive and volatile, some argue, than an atomic bomb. The Germans knew that Lenin would make his mark on Russia and spread his warped ideas like a mass infection.

Unleashing the Red Terror

Lenin could not return through war-torn Europe to reach his native land. Out of the blue, to him, Germany provided a heavily armed train to retrieve Lenin and return him to Mother Russia, by taking a far northern route through Europe away from the war.

Once he reached Petrograd, now called St. Petersburg, he diabolically tore down every institution of the Russian state and replaced them with own institutions. German politicians were confident that Lenin’s maniacal, unscrupulous, uncompromising leadership was the magic elixir that would take Russia out of the war and give Germany victory.

           Lenin proved to be fanatical, unprecedented in history. An early Marxist, in the midst of the Russian turmoil of 1917, Lenin parlayed the ongoing revolution, destroyed what had been in place in Russia for eons, and reconstructed the nation as communist. He tolerated no descent. Among the most bloodthirsty, brutal, horrific regimes in history, Lenin purged multi-millions of Russians — real or perceived enemies — via the Red Terror. His chosen successor, Joseph Stalin, continued the purge.

Money Talks

All told, approximately 104 million people globally have died as victims of communism. This is not sufficiently taught in our schools, as if anything is today. And, the barbarism of Lenin, starting from April 1917, has continued to shake the world.

Unbeknownst to many, Lenin was financed by sources in the west, including the U.S. and major European nations. They felt that installing him would change the cultural and political map of Europe. Had Lenin not received such funding, his power would have been curtailed.

Lenin was a textbook sociopath aided and abetted by handpicked, notably wicked men and women. Winston Churchill regarded Lenin’s return to Russia as on par with Basilius plague. As historian Warren Carroll remarked, “If ever one man, alone, made a world historic revolution that man was Lenin. He bequeathed to the world all the horrors of the 20th century.”

Use the Right Epithet

Leftists seeking to hurl the most devastating epithets at Donald Trump ought to step up a grade and compare him to Lenin. That will never happen because they are too ignorant of history, so we’re all stuck with the same, lame moronic Hitler comparisons.

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GOP Primaries, for GOP Registered Voters

It is to our overwhelming advantage to ensure that only registered Republicans are able to participate



Let us resolve to keep our primary voting to those who are registered Republicans. One can make the argument that there are closet Republicans who, for fear of reprisal in the workplace, cannot join the Republican party but are, nevertheless, Republican in sentiment.

However, this is a small group. And, they are more than offset by hordes of Democrats who, if allowed into Republican primaries will do their dirty work as they have done throughout counties in North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Only Republicans

Overall, it is to our overwhelming advantage to ensure that only registered Republicans are able to participate.

As a case in point, on the national level, the RINO Nikki Haley would be out of the race if not for Democrat voters stepping over the line in coordinated effort and voting in Republican primaries. Granted, she is backed by billionaire mega-donors who fear Donald Trump. If Democrats could not vote in the GOP primaries, however, the mega-donors dollars wouldn’t be worth much.

As a result of Haley staying in the race, Donald Trump has to spend a bit more than otherwise, and deflect some of his attention away from the Democrats, the swamp, and the Marxist’s plans to destroy our country.

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Fracturing Along Fault Lines

The panoply of liberal and Leftist policies are harmful to society



Biden and company want to contort the right to vote, endlessly fund Ukraine, kowtow to Middle East terrorists, pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster, disband the electoral college, treat January 6th protestors like insurrectionists, convict Trump on SOMETHING, appease China, and permanently make tens of millions of Americans totally dependent on government entitlements.

In recent years, the questionable lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates over COVID-19, and Democrats’ willingness to overlook street violence, enhances my view that the Left loves the idea of total authority and forevermore imposing its will on all of us.

Insanity Over the Top

The panoply of liberal or Leftist viewpoints, from no need for voter ID to restrictions on the 1st Amendment, to indoctrinating children is harmful to society.

Is it acceptable to teach children that there are more than 50 genders? Do you believe, as Leftists do that children may choose their gender? Do you think that cross-dressers ought to be reading to children at story hour? Should the sciences, mathematics, and other core academic disciplines be taught to accommodate ‘politically diverse’ points of view?

Are you okay with colleges holding separate graduation exercises and celebrations for different ethnic minorities? Martin Luther King, Jr, must be rolling over in his grave. Should entire college curricula be redesigned because most of the great works of literature throughout history have been written by white males?

Should student loans be exonerated? Should colleges establish safe spaces? Are you perturbed when conservative speakers are disrupted from speaking on campus, or are banned from campus? Curiously, can a university promise students an unbiased education when 97% of college professors’ political donations go to Democrats?

Open the Spigots!

Should Medicare be provided for all and, if so, how do you pay for it? Is late-trimester abortion acceptable? After a baby is born, is it the right of the mother and the doctor to choose whether or not that person will continue to live?

Should we have open borders, and let in anyone who wants to come here, now approaching 9 million since Biden was installed? Are illegal immigrants to be given free healthcare once they cross the border, as all Democrat presidential contenders stated on live TV in 2020? How do hordes arrive at the southern border, well-fed and hydrated, after trekking 100s or 1000s of miles, with sturdy walking shoes and cell phones? Should they be flown and bussed all over the U.S. courtesy of the Biden administration? Are sanctuary cities a good idea, and do they support the lives and aspirations of actual U.S. citizens?

When newspaper headlines scream about gun violence, is wringing your hands over the issue any solace for families in Chicago or Baltimore ghetto communities who experience gun violence on a daily basis? Do you care about the issue, or do you only get riled up when the mainstream media stokes your emotions by giving World War II coverage to carefully crafted, elevated cases?

Is calling others racist acceptable when, in your own heart, you know that you are biased at times against this group or that? Is virtue signaling an acceptable form of social participation, or should one actually take appropriate, non-violent action to address a perceived wrong? Is a comment from 30 or 40 years ago made by a celebrity — or a politician, for that matter — enough to cancel his or her career?

Goals and Tactics of Violent Groups

Are the goals and violent tactics of Antifa acceptable to you? If they’re proud of what they stand for and forthright in their actions, why do they wear ski masks? Appearing in selected cities in time to cause trouble, and leading the turmoil following the death of George Floyd, how many of them actually hold jobs?

In pursuit of protests, do any pay for their own transportation and housing costs? If they do not pay for themselves, who is paying? Most curiously, why do they often go after the most vulnerable people they can find in any gathering? Is it okay when law enforcement stands down in the face of violence committed by those on the left?

The Left embraces mass insanity and it’s getting more absurd all the time. Yet, it appears that Leftists do not understand the magnitude and ramifications of many of their political and social views. Their agenda, fully implemented, would destroy our civilization in less than a few years.
One Generation

Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men [and women] were free.”

It would be nice to reach consensus, in some way, with those on the Left, however, my sensibilities cry out and say that would be cultural and national suicide.

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