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Dana White, UFC President Dana White, UFC President


UFC vs. NBA : A Study In Contrasts

UFC Vs. NBA: How To Build A Great Sports Brand Vs. How To Wreck One



Prior to 2016, Americans could disagree on politics, but they were always united in their love of sports. That all changed when then-San Francisco Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem, and sports became fully politicized. This trend was accelerated during the Trump years, when NBA Champions the Golden State Warriors refused to meet with the President in the White House, and many other athletes in multiple sports began expressing their political views, usually in a culturally Marxist fashion, by denouncing the police, kneeling for the national anthem, and protesting against the US government, but remaining silent about the very real abuses by other nations’ governments, especially if they had a financial interest in friendly relations with those governments. LeBron James and his refusal to speak up against the government of Iran for murdering the world wrestling champion Navid Afkari, and his deafening silence about the unrest in East Asian countries is a prime example of this.

Sports went from being a unifying force to being a divisive one. Athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB and even the NHL began kneeling for the anthem. They adopted Marxist, anti-American talking points. They felt good about themselves for doing so.

A funny thing happened, though. The American people got pissed off. They stopped watching sports leagues that promoted wokist ideology. The NBA’s TV ratings cratered, and cratered badly. This during a time when Americans were locked up inside their homes, and craving sports action as a way to take their minds off the stress created by the pandemic and lockdowns. The NFL, MLB and the NHL also suffered ratings declines, but not as severely as the NBA, mainly because they didn’t embrace wokism as wholeheartedly.

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But one sports organization bucked the trend, and did so in spectacular fashion, and that was the UFC led by Dana White. White is a red, white and blue-blooded American, and he is having none of this wokist BS. He spoke at the Republican National Convention, and he endorsed President Trump. He stood up for Navid Afkari, and begged the Iranian government to spare his life. He went on social media and pulled every favour he had to try and save the Iranian champion from an unjust execution. He failed, but he gave it his all, and unlike LeBron, he took a real chance to save an innocent man’s life, and didn’t posture and preen to get the approval of the woke mob.

Dana White also keep his league going. He started holding fights almost right away, on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, and pushed hard to keep the sport going and give the fans some much-needed entertainment.

A funny thing happened. UFC ratings went UP! Pay-per-view fights also did very well, and the interest in the sport is at an all-time high. UFC 261 is going to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, before a full capacity crowd.

I was never a UFC fan before the pandemic. Now it’s the only sports league that I will give my money to.

It looks like I’m not the only one.

Bravo, Dana.

Please, continue.



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Nicky Billou is a serious knife nut! He is one of PolitiCrossing’s roving correspondents, writing about politics, family, culture, and masculinity. He is the #1 International Best Selling Author of the book: Finish Line Thinking™: How to Think and Win Like a Champion, and The Thought Leader’s Journey: A Fable of Life. He is also the host of the #1 podcast in the world on Thought Leadership, The Thought Leader Revolution (www.TheThoughtLeaderRevolution.com), featuring guests such as Chris Widener, Scott Adams, John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Victor Hansen. He is an in-demand and highly inspirational speaker to corporate audiences such as RBC, Lululemon, Royal LePage, and TorStar Media. He is an advisor and confidante to some of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs in North America. He is the co-founder of eCircle Academy (www.eCircleAcademy.com) where he runs a yearlong Mastermind & Educational program working with successful Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Clinic Owners, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and other service-based Entrepreneurs, positioning them as authorities in their niche. He is the creator of the Thought Leader/Heart Leader™ Designation.


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College Baseball is Painfully Slow

College baseball is clearly in need of major surgery – a time-indectomy



North Carolina State University’s baseball team was one game away from reaching the 2021 finals, a ‘best of three’ for the NCAA championship. Then it was bounced from the tournament because of COVID-related matters. A terrible decision!

Tonight Vanderbilt, which benefited from the decision, plays Mississippi State in Game Two of the finals. I am leery, however, of watching the entire game. Why?

Molasses Moves Faster

In 2015, I had intended to watch an entire college baseball game: the second game between Villanova University and the University of Virginia in the finals. The game was well played. However, with a starting time of 8 p.m. eastern, at 11:30 p.m. the game had only progressed 7½ innings.

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You might think that the run total was enormous. It was only 3 to 0, in favor of Virginia. I finally turned on the DVR, and went to bed. In the morning, I watch the rest the game, which took another 22 minutes.

Six years later, the game remains as slow as ever. Can college baseball take a clue from major league baseball? People do not want to sit for 3 to 4 hours for a typical game.

Out with the Old

College baseball needs to change a variety of long-standing rules and traditions. Here are my suggestions:

* No more four pitches to intentionally walk a batter. Throw one pitch wide, and then wave the batter to first base.

* No more batters walking to first after four balls or an intentional pass; they must run as if they had gotten a hit, or face a delay-of-game warning. Two delay-of-game warnings for a non-pitcher and the player should be tossed out of the game.

* No more teams strolling on and off the field before and after innings. They must run out and run back.

* In each inning, reduce pitcher warm-ups before facing batters by two pitches.

* Reduce all visits to the mound by 30 seconds, whether it’s the team manager or in-fielders.

* Reduce relief pitcher warm-up prior to them facing their first batter by three pitches unless a relief pitcher is pressed into service due to an injury to the current pitcher. Otherwise much of a reliever’s warm-up occurs in the bullpen anyway.

* Allow batters to step out of the box twice, maximum, per time at bat. No more pauses between every other pitch.

* Allow the pitcher to step off the mound twice per batter, maximum. No more floating around and deciding when to throw the next pitch.

Here is a big change but it’s needed to counter those batters who are skilled at fouling off pitch after pitch: on a batter’s third foul ball, declare him out by strike out, much like a failed bunt attempt.

The Missing Ingredient

Now, the most vital element of all: in any game, 150 pitches or so will be thrown by each side for total of 300. With ten seconds less per pitch, on 300 pitches, that equates to 3000 seconds or 50 minutes. Thus, games can be shortened by 50 minutes when pitchers have ten less seconds than they currently have to throw the next pitch.

College baseball, as it presently stands, is a slow, plodding game, and is losing fans. Typical major league baseball games, 30 years ago, took 2:36 and then also started to see ever-longer games.

As for college baseball today, no less than major surgery – a time-indectomy – is needed.

– – – –


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The Unintended Racism of Major League Baseball

Two ways their virtue signaling is actually really racist.



Sometimes you think that you’re trying to send a signal about how virtuous you are and you end up looking really racist. That’s exactly what happened to Major League Baseball when they decided to pull the All-Star game from Atlanta and move it to Denver. PolitiCrossing founder, Chris Widener, shares in this most recent video the two ways Major League Baseball demonstrates its racism and how you can share that information with people you are debating this topic with. Enjoy the video below.

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