Tucker: Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern? ⋆ Politicrossing
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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern?

the reason this neo-Marxist agenda has taken such hold in Britain, Europe, and indeed in much of America, too, is actually not because of the left, it’s because the conservatives in those countries have not had the courage to stand up to this stuff



Tucker interviews Nigel Farage, the head of UK’s Independence Party on important considerations regarding the current refugee situation in the West. Highlights include:

“Of all the effects of the current conflict in the Middle East, one we can be certain of at this point is that there are going to be a lot of refugees, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions. Where should they go? That’s a real question. So, if you were to suggest, well, why doesn’t Israel take them in, it’s their war? The response you would get would be immediate, and it would be aggressive, and it would be ‘of course not, that’s insane. These people are dangerous. If they were moved to Israel, it would be destabilizing for that country, and that’s probably true. In fact, it’s certainly true. But what’s interesting is the very same people who would tell you that are now pushing for those refugees to be sent to the West, to English-speaking countries, Scotland and the UK and yes, the United States. Calls for this are coming from the left, predictably, but also from the so-called right…What’s going on here, and is anyone pushing against it?”

“Hamas, the terrorist group Hamas, although the BBC will never call them terrorists, the Hamas who launched those appalling, barbaric attacks on everything down to babies on October 7, they enjoy considerable support in Gaza. Indeed, the last elections that were fought in Gaza a few years ago, Hamas came top of the pole. So, if you take any significant number from Gaza into our country, you will have a significant percentage of Hamas sympathizers and supporters among them. And you have to ask, given the protests that we’ve seen on the streets of London just this weekend and the weekend before, whether maybe we’ve got enough of a problem in this country already.”

“If anyone should take them…, shouldn’t it be the Egyptians, shouldn’t it be the Saudis, shouldn’t it be their co-religionists in that part of the world? And how interesting that Saudi Arabia didn’t take a single person from Syria because they were worried of the impact it would have on Saudi society, and they same goes for Egypt right now. So, if they won’t take them, why on earth should we threaten national security?”

“We have allowed the virus of Marxism to take hold in our countries. We’re being told to be ashamed of our histories, we’re being told that we’re institutionally racists, we’re being told that we suffer from our own form of bias and we indoctrinate our school kids with this stuff, and the reason this neo-Marxist agenda has taken such hold in Britain, Europe, and indeed in much of America, too, is actually not because of the left, it’s because the conservatives in those countries have not had the courage to stand up to this stuff.”

“Everywhere we see the growth of big government, big government that wants to control every aspect of ours lives and it’s all irrelevant. You know, our national debt, I mean our debt interest payment is massive, just as it is in the USA. Our entrepreneurship is falling, our levels of national security through failed immigration leave us more vulnerable to internal terrorist attack than ever before…It’s almost unbelievable that banning cigarettes for anybody born after 2009 could even be seen to be a priority.”

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Ep. 73 The Vladimir Putin Interview

Our goal is to stop this war, and we did not start this war in 2022. This is an attempt to stop it.



The interview that’s had most of your “legacy media’s” panties in a twist all week has finally happened.

I don’t remember anyone making a fuss when Dan Rather interviewed Saddam Hussein, just sayin’.

Tucker Carlson gets Vladimir Putin’s take on, among other things, the current situation in Ukraine, how it started and possible resolutions, Russia’s relationship with China,the world economy, and a look into the future. Highlights include:

“After 1991 when Russia expected that it would be welcomed into the brotherly family of civilized nations, nothing like this happened. You tricked us. I don’t mean you personally when I say you. Of course I’m talking about the United States. The promise was that NATO would not expand eastward. But it happened five times. There were five waves of expansion. We tolerated all that. We were trying to persuade them. We were saying, please don’t. We are as bourgeois now as you are. We are a market economy and there is no communist party power, let’s negotiate.

“The events in the Middle East, in Iraq, we were building relations with the United States in a very soft, prudent, cautious manner. I repeatedly raised the issue that the United States should not support separatism or terrorism in the North Caucasus, but they continued to do it anyway. And political support, information support, financial support, even military support came from the United States and its satellites for terrorist groups in the Caucasus. I once raised this issue with my colleague, also the president of the United States. He says it’s impossible, do you have proof? I said yes, I was prepared for this conversation, and I gave him that proof. He looked at it, and you know what he said? I apologize, but that’s what happened. I’ll quote, “Well, I’m gonna kick their ass.” We waited and waited for some response…The CIA replied, “We have been working with the opposition in Russia. We believe that this is the thing to do and we will on doing it.”

“…In 2008, the doors of NATO were opened for Ukraine. In 2014, there was a coup. They started persecuting those who did not accept the coup, and it was indeed a coup. They created a threat to Crimea, which we had to take under our protection. They launched the war in Donbas in 2014 with the use of aircraft and artillery against civilians. This is when it all started… They launched a large scale military operation, then another one. When they failed, they started to prepare the next one. All this against the background of military development of this territory and opening of NATO’s doors. How could we not express concern over what was happening?”

“Our goal is to stop this war, and we did not start this war in 2022. This is an attempt to stop it… No, we haven’t achieved our aims yet because one of them is de-nazification. This means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements. This is one of the problems that we discussed during the negotiation process, which ended in Istanbul early this year…and it was not our initiative, because we were told, by the Europeans in particular, that it was necessary to create conditions for the final signing of the documents.”

“Further on, the president of Ukraine issued a decree prohibiting negotiations with us. Let him cancel that decree, and that’s it. We have never refused negotiations, indeed. We hear all the time, is Russia ready? Yes. We have not refused. It was them who publicly refused. Well, let him cancel his decree and enter into negotiations. We have never refused.”

Check out the interview for yourself and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Fossil Fuels in Space?

The IPCC and all these so-called scientists from NASA, NOAA, and all of them are not doing their due diligence.



If fossil fuels come from fossils, why is there oil and natural gas on other planets? Tucker interviews Dr. Willie Soon on the climate, sun activity, and the current state of science. Highlights include:

“In the United States, we often refer to our main sources of energy as ‘fossil fuels’. Oil, natural gas, coal, they’re ‘fossil fuels’ because they come form fossils, ancient organic material, forests, jungles, plankton, dinosaurs. Held under the ground for millennia, they transform into oil, gas and coal. Everybody thinks that’s true. On the other hand, there’s evidence that maybe it’s not the whole story. If that’s where fossil fuels come from, if that’s how hydrocarbons are made, then how come they’re found so deep under the oceans and at the top of the Earth? How come one of Saturn’s moons, according to scientists, has more oil and natural gas than Earth? Were there dinosaurs and planktons and forests at one point on one of Saturn’s moons? Probably not. So, if all hydrocarbons aren’t from fossils, where are they from and why isn’t this commonly known, and what are the implications of it, and what does it tell us about our modern climate change policy?”

“It’s the sun, actually, that does a lot of this. The glacial, like, this period called Little Ice Age from about 1300 to 1900, you know, very cool, and then there’s a bit of a warm period from 880 to about 1200, you know, it was warm. I mean, you can grow wine in England, right? And now you cannot grow wine, right? /Things like that. I mean, Greenland was green back then, but now it’s full of glaciers, ice is coming in, so what are you talking about exactly?”

“There’s another effect that is very, very important. It’s basically because the sun, the earth is forced to go around the sun, and then the orbit changes ever so slightly because of perturbation from all the other planets… Jupiter, Saturn, and even Venus, and Mars, they are actually controlling what we do. And the moon as well is very important. But that other factors [sic], the orbits plus the changes of the sun by itself, between how bright, how dim it is. These two factors can explain just about everything that we know.”

“This year, just two months ago, we published two more papers, convincingly show that even the thermometer data that they show you is not what it is. It’s actually not measuring ‘climate’, it’s measuring urban heat and island changes…If you go to the inner part of the big city…You go to inner cities, much warmer than outside because of concrete retaining all the heat, or you change all the surfaces, the surface becomes impervious, which means there’s no breathing, no water going in and out… What we show is that it’s not a phenomenon just on local signs. You average over this, you can see the effect all over the northern hemisphere.. And they tell you this is global temperature.”

“The IPCC and all these so-called scientists from NASA, NOAA, and all of them are not doing their due diligence. They are putting you…very bad quality data products. Not only that, they hide it. Some of them it’s so difficult to get the data.”

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