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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Lower your expectations

Quality of life in this country is in decline. Deal with it.



Tucker repeats the ongoing progressive mantra of recent days: Don’t be an entitled complainer who expects stores to have merchandise on the shelves. This is how it’s always been. Lower your expectations and deal with it.

Highlights include:

“Following the Rodney King verdict, rioters in Los Angeles torched a lot of the middle of that city, but they didn’t burn any police stations, ‘cuz you can’t burn a police station because there are police there and they’re armed and they represent the law. They enforce the laws. You can’t burn down a police station, ‘cuz if they let you do that, then you know the whole system has crumbled.”

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“It was MSNBC’s explicit editorial policy to lie about what you are watching live, to characterize violent riots as peaceful protests.”

“’This is how this country started. We’ve always had riots and looting virtually every day, it’s totally normal.’ So, your job as a viewer was to remain calm, acknowledge that this is just the way things are. This is the way they have always been, and accept it.”

“The country your ancestors built is on fire, but shut up because ‘your ancestors also burned it down.'”

“Now, that’s not true, in fact it’s grotesquely untrue and we’d have to be historically illiterate to believe it, and many people are, unfortunately. But it worked, because propaganda does.”

“The truth is you shouldn’t have daily looting in American cities because it’s a first world country. This isn’t some third world hellhole. This is, once again, the country that our ancestors built. It’s a great country. People don’t steal. You’re not allowed to steal, period.”

“You can walk into our country at the invitation of our leaders at public expense. You can overstay your visa and in so doing mock our laws. Then you can get busted for drugs and a sex crime, not deported, allowed to stay, and then you’ll go on to rape a woman on a train in full view of a crowd that does nothing to stop it.”

“But ‘it’s always been this way. Don’t get uptight — readjust your expectations.’”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Politicians want war with Russia

The only question that matters is how does intervening in Ukraine help the core interests of the United States? And of course that is the one question no one in Washington is asking.



Tucker asks the questions no one in Washington seems to be asking: What’s our business in Ukraine, and why? Highlights include:

“Just because something seems far-fetched, seems crazy, or seems totally destructive to core American interests doesn’t mean the US government won’t do it. That’s the main lesson at the moment we’re living in.”

“Biden is unpopular, he’s incompetent, and he’s desperate.”

“But more than anything, Joe Biden is weak. He is a pawn of his staff and the hard-eyed ideologues who surround him. Russian is currently involved in a border dispute with neighboring Ukraine. Many of Biden’s closest aides are pushing the United States to get involved militarily.”

“And among the many ironies here is that the Ukraine crisis was largely created by Joe Biden’s own aides and many people like them throughout all levels of the US government.”

“What is this really about? Of course it’s not about ‘democracy,’ for which they have zero respect.”

“Well, in part it’s a hangover from the lunatic Russia hoax that absorbed Washington for three years. Everything about Vladimir Putin is bad, therefore let’s have a war with him.”

“But there’s also a deeper cause here that’s rarely noted. For years Ukranian interests have pumped millions of lobbying dollars into Washington, D.C. to change American foreign policy in the region.”

“Tens of thousands of dollars a month to tell us that Russia is bad and we need to stand with Ukraine … ‘cuz democracy … even as we work to overthrow democracy in Ukraine.”

“The only question that matters is how does intervening in Ukraine help the core interests of the United States? And of course that is the one question no one in Washington is asking.”

“Putin is so bad, we’re gonna cut off natural gas to Western Europe in retaliation against him in December. We’re gonna freeze Germany and Luxembourg and that’s gonna teach Vladimir Putin.”

“If we challenge Russia on its doorstep, we will be defeated. That’s not an if, that’s a certainty. And if we are stupid enough to consider the use of nuclear weapons to rescue our conventional failure, well then, we’re courting the destruction of the known world.”

“We have one interest: That is to prevent a war from breaking out between Ukraine and Russia.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Dems: Comply or Else

Assert your constitutional rights, and we will punish you. That’s the message coming from Democrats and their January 6th investigation.



Tucker calls out the hypocrisy of the January 6th commission, subpoenaing phone and text records from uninvolved persons while shrugging off an announced planned insurrection for tomorrow as a peaceful demonstration.

Highlights include:

“If you’re planning to be in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, your nation’s capital, be careful.”

Trending on PolitiCrossing.com: Tucker: Politicians want war with Russia

“Turns out a group of political extremists plans to shut the city down. We’re not guessing about this because they’re not very subtle about what they intend to do. They’re planning ‘disruptive direct action to end business as usual and dismantle this country’s core systems of government.'”

“If you’ve been paying attention for the past year … you’d probably assume our elected officials vehemently oppose this. Their whole job is to oppose insurrecting. Nancy Pelosi tells us that every day … but not in this case.”

“Turns out some insurrections are just fine. It depends on who’s planning on insurrecting.”

“Suddenly, it is a crime to do this, depending upon who you voted for.”

“If you plead the fifth, you’re guilty. What country is this? So, assert your constitutional rights and we will punish you.”

“What you just saw is far more imminently dangerous to our democracy than anything than happened on January 6th itself. It’s not even close, and yet it is by and large being ignored.”

“You don’t have to love Donald Trump to find all of this sickening and scary. Do you really want to live in a country where Nancy Pelosi and Benny Thompson, crazed partisans with no interest whatsoever in the United States Constitution, can seize your bank records, your text messages, your diary, simply because they don’t like who you voted for in the last election?”

“Most Americans do not want to live in a country like that. A country like that is called Haiti, but suddenly it’s America.”

“Other subpoenas from the January 6th commission to phone companies are in progress. They target Americans who have been accused of no crime whatsoever, much less charged with one.”

“The truth is going to come out. They cannot stop it. That is why we are asking for the government and for the judge to release these tapes and let the chips fall where they may. Let the public and let the media objectively look at the evidence here and make a decision about what really happened that day.”

“The truth is on our side. We are not hiding anything.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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