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Tucker: “Joe Biden Is Senile”

And the people around Biden are moving away from him in ways that are not at all subtle.



Tucker investigates the President’s multiple recent gaffes, and the staff members and supporters contradicting him. Highlights include:

“Joe Biden is not capable of running the country, Joe Biden is senile. Saying that out loud is not an attack on Biden, any decent person feels sorry for him.”

“In the months before last November’s election, Joe Biden’s own family knew perfectly well that he was in profound cognitive decline. They were worried about it. They told other people they were worried about it, which is how we know. But they did nothing to stop Biden from running for president.”

“These are hard and cynical and clear-eyed people. They have worked with Joe Biden for many years. Not one of them has any doubt that Biden is failing, and now that’s obvious to the rest of the country.”

“It’s clear if you watch closely that things are changing very fast in Washington. The people around Biden are moving away from him in ways that are not at all subtle.”

“So Joe Biden failed, and he’s lying about it. That’s what CNN just told us.”

“What is going on here? These are literally the people who got Joe Biden elected President. He would not be President without these people. And now, just 7 months into his administration, they’re telling you he has failed personally.”

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