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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Dem-Created Chaos

You wreck stuff and then you ignore it. This allows you to wreck more stuff without feeling guilty. That’s modern progressivism distilled to 18 words.



Tucker defines a functioning democracy and reveals how politicians in major American cities and the media are twisting the definition to their own ends in their continued grasping for more power for themselves.

Highlights include:

“Another way to describe democracy is popular representation — that’s a synonym. When the government does what citizens want it to do, you have a democracy and when it doesn’t, you don’t. You no longer have a free country that is ruled by its people. So, what kind of system do we have? It’s easy to know. You find out what citizens care about, and then you compare those concerns to what the people who run the government say they care about. If you’ve got a functioning democracy, there should be a fairly precise overlap.”

“Above all, they’re interested in themselves. If you work in the media or have multiple college degrees, chances are you’re pretty good at making it all about you. You is what you care about most. What does the rest of America care about? Well, once again we don’t have to guess about that, we’ve got a huge amount of public opinion polling on that subject… At the top of that list, you’ll see government incompetence, the economy, cost of living, and immigration. Well, that’s weird. This looks completely different from the list that Joe Biden might have made: equity, climate change, transgenderism, mandatory vaxxes, January 6th, Ukraine… Those turn out to be pretty unimportant to most Americans.”

“Could it be that progressive policies designed to ‘lift up marginalized communities’ in the end destroyed those communities? What’s the answer, Jen Psaki? In a functioning democracy, people like Jen Psaki would have to tell us the answer. They would be required to live in Baltimore until they learned something, just as the people who wrecked Afghanistan probably ought to explain what they’ve learned before they move on to Ukraine and Russia.”

“Jen Psaki is not delusional. She is intentional, she’s every bit intentional and she knows exactly what she’s saying. The democrat party came in to do exactly what you see them doing. People like to think that they’re stupid, no, they’re lying and they’re Machiavellian.”

“This is a part of their plan, and when you look at these inner cities and you talk about these rates of children that are illiterate, you have to understand that illiteracy is so crucial to any individual that wants to put in place what I view as a modernized slave system.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Martha’s Vineyard Hypocrisy

The ones who claim to be the ‘best people’ are actually the worst people.



Tucker’s coverage of the recent visit some Venezuelans made to Martha’s Vineyard continues. Highlights include:

“Those brief hours our Venezuelan brothers and sisters spent on Martha’s Vineyard changed history and left what they’re calling ‘an indelible mark’ on the people who lived there. ‘They enriched us,’ said one resident, ‘we were happy to help them on their journey.’ Unfortunately, as it turned out, that journey ended abruptly at a military base on Cape Cod where our Venezuelan brothers and sisters are being held against their will.”

“The people of Martha’s Vineyard knew this was going to happen, and yet none of them thought to tell their Venezuelan brothers and sisters before it happened.”

“Fifty brown people was too many for the people of Martha’s Vineyard. They called in the army to have them removed, like trash, as one island resident said. So actually, judging by their behavior and not simply by their lawn signs, which is the best way to judge people, the people of Martha’s Vineyard are not especially compassionate. In fact, they’re small-minded, and cheap, and pretty nasty, as any waiter or babysitter who works on the island can tell you. So, once again, the ones who claim to be the ‘best people’ are actually the worst people.”

“Actually, the people of Martha’s Vineyard, the residents there are the ones who did the tricking. They tricked the Venezuelans into going to a military base. But that wasn’t deception, no. According to Elizabeth Warren it was an act of love.”

Watch the video below and give us some love in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Obama’s DOJ allows record crime in Chicago

George Soros backed a prosecutor named Kim Fox who turned Chicago over to the most vicious people who live there.



Tucker takes a look at how even the good neighborhoods in Chicago became gang run dystopias. Highlights include:

“Imagine dystopia. You hear that word frequently, what does it mean? Picture it in your mind’s eye. Dystopia is a world where the police will not protect you. They refuse.”

“And at the same time, you are not allowed to protect yourself.”

“So, who does that leave in charge? Who runs a world like that? Well, young men with guns. They’re in charge, the cruelest, most violent element of any society, the people with the least to lose. People like that have all the power. You have no power, and that means that everything you have is theirs.”

“According to reporting by CWB Chicago, just minutes after Ryan King was threatened with death for daring to walk outside in his own neighborhood, Chicago police spotted the gunmen’s vehicle, but there was nothing they could do about it.”

“Their supervisor ordered them not to pursue it, so the criminals just drove off, and of course they committed more violent crimes.”

“Police believe at least two organized armed gangs are now operating with impunity around Bucktown, which means the gangs are in charge now. That’s what the collapse of civilization looks like.”

“So, how did this happen? Well, it’s no mystery. There are many threads. But George Soros is a big one. Soros paid for this to happen. Soros backed a prosecutor named Kim Fox who turned Chicago over to the most vicious people who live there.”

“She’s not the only person who did this, the federal government also played a role. Over the eight years of the Barak Obama administration, the Department of Justice forced more than a dozen police departments around the country to enter into something called ‘dissent decrees.’ Chicago was one of them.”

“Now, all of these decrees took the same form. They pronounce police departments guilty of racism if those departments disproportionally interact with African Americans, regardless of whether those interactions were legally justified. In other words, the law is entirely irrelevaNt to the dissent decree, and so is reality itself.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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