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Tucker: Biden is turning Americans against one another

Covid, bad as it is, isn’t even close to the greatest crisis this country actually faces right now.



Tucker reviews the Biden administration’s continuing power grabs and the degradation of American freedoms and quality of life over the past year.

Highlights include:

“It’s a mixed picture, that’s some of what we know about the covid vaccines. And yet these very same vaccines which are far less effective than we were told they were initially, which are potentially dangerous for some and completely unnecessary for tens of millions of others are now nevertheless mandatory for virtually everyone in America.”

“So, why is that? Why exactly is that the policy?”

“In his speech to the country last week, Joe Biden didn’t bother to explain why -– explanations are not necessary at this point. Your consent is no longer required.”

“Biden’s address is the most divisive speech ever given by a modern American president. Virtually every sentence of the speech reinforced a single point again and again, and it was this: Your fellow Americans are dangerous to you. They could kill you. And that includes your family, it includes your friends, it includes the people you sit next to at work. All of these people are threats to you, and only the Biden administration can save you.”

“If it was about public health, the authorities would simply make the vaccines available to anyone who wanted a vaccine, call it a victory — which it would be — and leave it there. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about power. These demands are so obviously irrational, that forcing you to accept them without complaint is the whole point of the exercise.”

“Keep in mind it wasn’t so long ago that authorities in this country forcibly sterilize and lobotomized American citizens against their will. Why? In the name of public health. And it wasn’t just a few people, by the way. It was a lot of people.”

“All those things are privileges now — they’re not rights, they can be taken away.”

“Covid, bad as it is, isn’t even close to the greatest crisis this country actually faces right now.”

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