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Tucker Carlson

Things are falling apart very quickly

When everyone understands that perfectly well, a lot of things are going to happen. The status quo will crumble.



Tucker looks at how things are going in Europe with their current energy shortages. Highlights include:

“We are living in one of those moments where so much is happening all at once, and information about it all is so tightly controlled that huge, history changing events can occur, and in fact, are occurring right now and nobody seems aware of them. It’s pretty unsettling, actually.”

“Here’s one example. Europe is descending into poverty. So, the most advanced continent on the planet, the birthplace of western civilization, our civilization, is getting much poorer very quickly. It’s moving backward at high speed.”

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“In Poland, families are standing in line for days to buy coal. Not in 1910, right now, tonight, cars queued up outside coal mines hoping for fuel. The French government has announced energy rationing this winter. Just the other day, France had so much energy that it exported it to other countries, it was a net exporter of energy. Now there won’t be enough heat in France for everyone in the country to stay warm. In the UK, 70% of restaurants are preparing to close, to go under. Why? Because when winter comes, they won’t be able to afford to keep the heat and lights on, etc, etc.”

“So, the question is, why is it happening? And the answer is extremely simple, there is an energy shortage in Europe.”

“The ‘Green New Deal’ means what it always meant. It means poverty, and the people pushing the new deal must’ve known that all along. They don’t actually believe climate change is an imminent threat. If they actually believed climate change was an imminent threat, an existential emergency, the first thing they would’ve done … would be to ban private jets. Oh, but no, to this day Al Gore still flies on private jets. Barak Obama owns tens of millions of dollars of beachfront property. He knows the oceans aren’t rising. Come on. So they’re all in on it. It’s a scam, but they don’t care, because they know they personally will escape the consequences of their own policies.”

“They’re not laughing anymore. The Europeans have discovered that the real threat to human civilization is not global warming, it never was global warming. The real threat to people is global cooling, otherwise known as winter. Far more people freeze to death every year than die of heat. In 2019, for example, 4 times as many people died of coal as of heat.”

“So, when temperatures in Europe begin to drop a few months from now, this is a huge problem, and that will be obvious to everyone. It’s not global warming, it’s global cooling. That’s what’s gonna’ kill your grandmother. And when everyone understands that perfectly well, a lot of things are going to happen. The status quo will crumble. Factories will close, unemployment will rise, disposable income will disappear, and you’re seeing signs of that already.”

“The same central banks that intentionally caused inflation, and they did, those same central banks are now hiking rates to destroy demand. The problem is, this isn’t a demand problem. This is a supply problem, and it stems primarily from the war in Ukraine. Because of that war, the west does not have enough energy to continue its economy or its society. Europe responded to that war by imposing sanctions that they knew would inevitably cause energy shortages. They knew it when they did it.”

“Did these sanctions actually hurt Russia? They caused food and energy shortages throughout the west. No, they didn’t hurt Russia. Russia today has more than enough energy, more energy than it can use or sell. In fact, Russia has so much excess natural gas that it’s simply setting it on fire. That’s right, ‘flaring it’, as they say. A Russian plant near the border with Finland is burning $10million worth o natural gas every day.”

“We could fix this problem. The solution to this catastrophe is very straightforward. End the war in Ukraine. Reestablish energy flows into Europe and save the global economy, including ours. Is Joe Biden doing that? Are other reckless western leaders like Boris Johnson doing that? No, they’re doing the opposite. They’re sending billions more from their dying economies to Ukrainian oligarchs, and for no good reason.”

“Are we winning the war in Ukraine? Have we bankrupted Vladimir Putin, like Joe Biden claimed we would? The ruble just hit a seven year high against the US dollar in June. Russia’s doing well. Europe is not doing well at all. Now Joe Biden is calling for an unconditional surrender from Vladimir Putin. Here’s the weird thing. By any actual reality-based measure, Vladimir Putin is not losing the war in Ukraine. He is winning the war in Ukraine, and Joe Biden looks at that says we won’t stop until you proffer an unconditional surrender. This isn’t bad policy, this is nuts.”

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Tucker Carlson

The only people who liked Jeffrey Epstein were his friends, and some of them are clearly happy he’s dead

You don’t want to live in a country where it’s possible to murder people in federal lockup, cover up the killings and then get away with them.



Tucker recounts the strange circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death and investigation surround it. Why has it gone nowhere after 3 years, and why don’t the answers we have add up? Highlights include:

“On Saturday morning, August 10, 2019, William Barr was working in his home office when his chief of staff called to say that Jeffrey Epstein had just been found dead in his cell in New York City.”

“Barr was shocked and upset to hear this. His first reaction, as he recounts in his memoir, was to worry that some people in America might not buy the idea that Jeffrey Epstein had killed himself. ‘No one’s going to believe it was a suicide,’ Barr fretted to his chief of staff, ‘There will be conspiracy theories all over the place.'”

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“Now, that’s a pretty odd response, if you think about it. At that time, there was no way that Bill Barr could have known for sure how Jeffrey Epstein had died. So, you would think, as the Attorney General, his first concern would be finding out what actually happened. But, instead, his first concern was worry that the public might jump to unapproved conclusions about what happened. And, in some ways, Bill Barr was right to worry. Many Americans did not believe that Jeffrey Epstein had killed himself, given the strange circumstances of his death.”

“You don’t want to live in a country where it’s possible to murder people in federal lockup, cover up the killings and then get away with them. That’s scary. That should not be allowed in this or any other civilized place. But in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, it appears that it was allowed, and on one level you can see why it was. This is one of those crimes that has no natural constituency pushing to solve it.”

“The only people who liked Jeffrey Epstein were his friends, and some of them are clearly happy he’s dead.”

“Why do so many public officials persist in claiming that Jeffrey Epstein attempted suicide in prison once before, on July 23, 2019? Now, that’s a very convenient claim if you’re trying to convince people that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, but there’s no evidence that it’s true. In fact, Jeffrey Epstein himself adamantly denied ever trying to kill himself, in prison or out. He denied this to his friends, to his lawyers, and to prison psychologists. He said, instead, that he was injured by another inmate.”

“Who moved Jeffery Epstein’s body, and who gave the order to do that? Epstein was discovered the morning of August 10 by a part time prison guard called Michael Thomas, who amazingly was the very same guard who discovered him in fetal position on the floor after his previous falsely reported suicide attempt.”

“But by the time the EMTs arrived, Epstein’s body had been moved to the prison infirmary, that’s a clear violation of federal policy — who ordered that? And though Jeffrey Epstein had been dead for at least two hours when the guard found him in his cell, by the time the EMTs arrived, Epstein was clad in a hospital gown.”

“That means that somebody, for some reason, cut away Jeffrey Epstein’s prison uniform and redressed his stiffening corpse in new clothes – Why would anyone do that? And then to make it even stranger, Jeffrey Epstein’s corpse was intubated. Air was blown into his lifeless lungs. It’s not clear why.”

Watch the video below and give us your thoughts in the comments:

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Tucker Carlson

Antifa is back in force

What you have here is the official endorsement of domestic terrorism from the highest level of the Democratic party. And why wouldn’t you? This is their militia.



They’re baaaaaack … as if they’d gone anywhere. Tucker looks at Antifa’s latest actions, and guessing by who’s defending them, who’s benefiting. Highlights include:

“Antifa is the armed instrument of the permanent ‘Democratic’ establishment in Washington. Their job is to mobilize when politically necessary. Now, this is a new thing in the United States, but political militia are a common feature in third world politics, they’re a staple in Haiti. In our country, however, only one party has them, the Democratic party. They’re the only ones with armed militia in the streets. So, with that in mind, it’s interesting to note that ‘Antifa’ is back in force, and that’s probably not a very good sign for Joe Biden. If nothing else, ‘antifa’ has a solid track record of getting rid of sitting presidents.”

“It’s always the same script. Remember when Ali Velshi stood in front of a burning police station in Minneapolis and told you that protests were ‘not generally speaking unruly’, except for, of course, the torched police station right behind us, or when CNN told us the ‘protests’ … the fiery riots in Kenosha were fiery but mostly peaceful. Meanwhile, people were being killed. They’re still saying it, but this time they’re even lazier and more corrupt. That ‘freelance reporter’ David Pisner you just saw on CNN is not actually a reporter, he’s a professional Antifa apologist.”

“Why this particular brand of dishonesty? Why are the same people who warned you about ‘right-wing extremists walking around the Capitol’ running cover for domestic terrorism in the city they’re based in? Keep in mind, this is CNN saying this, and it was CNN whose world headquarters, CNN Center in Atlanta, was destroyed by antifa in May of 2020 after St. George Floyd died. Remember that?”

“CNN is not actually on the left. They have no ideology or beliefs. CNN is above all and always foursquare on the side of the people in charge, always, that’s who they run cover for. So, they’re not actually defending antifa, they’re defending the people who benefit from antifa, and that’s the Democratic party.”

“What you have in effect here is the official endorsement of domestic terrorism from the highest level of the Democratic party, and why wouldn’t you? Again, this is their militia. These are their state sanctioned shock troops, and they are effectively immune from criticism. So, you go to jail for owning a 10-round magazine, but they get to do whatever they want.”

Watch the video below and give us your thoughts in the comments:

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