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Tucker Carlson

They can’t keep this secret forever

If you cared about the state of California, you would do something about this.



Tucker looks at the lies and “accomplishments” of a man who might be setting up to run for President, good ol’ Gavin Newsome. Highlights include:

“Imagine being a historian 100 years from now trying to figure out what happened here. There are a lot of questions that are going to puzzle you, but one of the most baffling will be, ‘How did Joe Biden get the Democratic nomination in 2020?’. 2020 was the year, you will remember, when we learned that white people are bad and systemic racism is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the world. And yet, 2020 was also the year the Democrats nominated, by their free choice, an elderly white man from a slave state who’d once eulogized a Klan recruiter. So, the anti-white party picked the white guy, how did that happen? Well, it’s pretty simple. Democrats care about power, and power derives from winning. When you lose, you don’t have power, and Bernie Sanders couldn’t win. Sanders terrified the donor class, so Democrats went with Joe Biden who loves the donor class and is loved by them. And from a fundraising perspective, that turned out to be a wise choice.”

“Two and a half years ago, many voters could tell themselves that Joe Biden might unite the country. Some mistook his dementia for moderation. But no one can make that mistake now. With the American economy in decline and the rest of the world in obvious chaos, Biden’s gonna’ have to come up with a whole new set of lies in order to keep his job, and that’s not an easy thing. And that may explain why, as of mid-April, 2023, where we are now, Joe Biden still has not formally announced his reelection campaign.”

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“If you were a rational person who took them at their word, you would assume the party, the Democratic party would replace Joe Biden with someone who embodies their highest values. You’d imagine a trans black woman with a background in corporate HR, or a ‘latinx’ drag queen with purple hair and lots of face piercings, or maybe even Kamala Harris, but no, in fact, no chance. That would be principled, and therefore they will never do it. Nominating someone you say you support? No, when Biden leaves, or more likely is shoved aside, they’re gonna’ nominate another straight white man who loves the big banks, someone even oilier and faker than Joe Biden. Why would they do that? ‘Cuz it worked last time, and we’re guessing, if we had to bet tonight, it’s going to be Gavin Newsome.”

“This is the guy who forced every one of his 40million residents in his state to get an experimental vaccine whether they wanted to or not, lecturing you about individual rights and civil liberties. ‘I don’t get why everyone isn’t doing what we’re doing in California’, he says. Maybe because it’s not working? Because the people who live in your state who can afford to leave, have? More people have left California this year than any state in the country.”

“This is a state in which crime has been legalized and the only crimes are now thought crimes. If you disagree with the people in charge, then you’re in serious trouble, but if you hurt others or steal, you’re fine, you’re part of a protected class. That’s the definition of tyranny, and there are still some people in California who understand that.”

“If you cared about the state of California, you would do something about this, but Gavin Newsome has completely ignored the condition of his state, physically, it’s now filthy, or the lives of the people who live there. Instead, he’s doing what they all do, which is doubling down on identity politics, pandering to people on the basis of their skin color or their sexual orientation or whatever. And because, ultimately, he is a stiff, robotic lizard man, he’s doing it in the most awkward possible way.”

“This is the man who’s governor of a state in which there really is no democracy, in which all the candidates and the election outcomes are chosen by the unions, which are in bed with the Democratic party. It’s a one party state, and the man who presides over a one party state is lecturing you about democracy? Right. This is the guy who shut down the state of California and all of its schools for all of the poor people while he sent his children to in-person private schools and went to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the United States. Meanwhile, anyone who didn’t get his creepy shot he compared to a criminal.”

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Ep. 39 Candace Owens responds to Ben Shapiro.

They can’t point to a specific sentence that I said that was wrong, it’s more about how they’re reading into the sentence.



Politicrossing. The Intersection of Faith and Politics.

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Tucker talks with Candace Owens about debating intelligently and remaining moderate when people on both sides of an argument seem to be rushing to emotion and extremism. Highlights include:

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“I think what tends to happen is they have too much ego and they’re too proud and they want to sort-of move on and pretend that they weren’t as radical as they were in their stances, in calling you a grandma killer, you know, if you wanted to go out the door and get groceries or if you wanted to maybe see your grandma because grandma shouldn’t be dying alone even if she is dying. So, it takes a tremendous amount of humility to admit that you were wrong. People prefer to then pretend the internet will forget and just that they had more nuance than they did on the nuance of the day.”

“I’ve been speaking out against this for years, and now you’re demanding that I use my platform to focus on a conflict that’s overseas, and the answer I tend to get is no, I didn’t talk about what was happening, I didn’t realize it was happening, so it actually is quite a selfish viewpoint, which we all have, we’re all guilty of, we write ourselves into the storyline, how is this going to affect me? And that is, I think why it feels existential for other people and not existential for people who have been dealing with this for the last decade.”

“Some people are just now jumping into this dialogue and I don’t fault them their emotion, but I’m not going to become a radical and rise to that level of emotion. I think my takes have been very moderate, even people that are reading into things that I haven’t said are unable to explain to me why what I’m saying is not okay. They can’t point to a specific sentence that I said that was wrong, it’s more about how they’re reading into the sentence…Which, if it’s how you’re reading into it, that’s your emotion.”

“What we’re seeing right now is things that are being perceived as a discrimination and it’s not discrimination, I’m just treating you the same as everyone has been treated throughout, at least, my dialogues and monologues throughout the last six or seven years.”

“They get a little taste of what they can earn for themselves and they kind of go further into this and it actually doesn’t become about America at all, and I think at this particular moment you are seeing a fracturing on the right. There are people that are pro-America, America first…and it absolutely makes my skin crawl when tie America’s success to what we have to do overseas. I believe in national sovereignty, I believe that America has what it takes here at home to be a great nation, and actually, I think history sort-of tells us that once we started this campaign of international liberalism following World War 2, things kind of started falling apart…Socially, morally, economically, this has been a nation that’s in decline.”

“There are a lot of different people that I admire, but I think what they all have in common is an underlying belief in freedom and a hatred for people who are trying to tell you it’s freedom when they are trying to censor you and to belittle you and to smear you and to libel you.”

“It will always pay in the long run to stay on the side of morality, to be moderate in your opinions, to not ever fault yourself for wanting to feed your family first.”

“I would say that I became laser focused and I’ve never felt more secure. I’ve never felt more sure that I will land on my two feet if I follow a path that I deem to be righteous, and I am not speaking these things to myself. That’s God operating. That is God that is operating and is the call upon all people to be righteous in their approaches to things, and that can be very difficult in politics. But, I’m confident, and I think people are…very angry about that confidence, I think they can see the happiness that I have and they’re angry because that means that’s less of an ability to control what I say and what I think.

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Tucker Carlson

The two defining tragedies of our time: the war in Ukraine and the presidency of Joe Biden

Obviously it’s not a principal if the only time you defend free speech is when it comes to views you agree with.



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Tucker interviews Glenn Greenwald, host of “System Update” on Rumble, on the war in Ukraine,the hypocrisy of those people only supporting free speech when it suits them, and the state of Donald Trump’s campaign. Highlights include:

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“The two defining tragedies of our time, the war in Ukraine and the presidency of Joe Biden, are finally both inevitably coming to an end, both have outlived their usefulness.”

“We were accused of not caring about the Ukrainians, of cheering for the Russians, when none of that was true. All along the point was that there was no way Ukraine could possibly win a war against Russia, a country way larger with a much better military, even if NATO is behind it. The only thing that’s gonna happen is that this war will be prolonged, huge numbers of young Ukrainians and then older Ukrainians, not people who’ve volunteered, but who are conscripts, Zelenskyy has been fighting with a conscript army since the beginning, are going to die, and at the end there’s going to be a negotiation that says that Russia will end up being able to protect the part of eastern Ukraine it believes had people in it who are largely Russian…who are being oppressed by Kiev, they will keep Crimea, there’s no way for these maximalist war aims ever to be achieved…and now here we are two years later.”

“Now they’re finally telling the Ukrainians and so is NATO, look, the gig is up, it’s time for you to sit down at the negotiating table. And now we’re now in a position where NATO has to beg Russia to be happy to keep 20% of Ukraine, which is what they’ve controlled pretty much without any change for the last year or even year and a half as tens of billions of dollars were wasted and thousands upon thousands of lives were extinguished.”

“One of the things that is, I think the greatest fraud of this war, is that the people who kept claiming they were so concerned about Ukrainians were, in fact, totally indifferent to the Ukrainians. They were willing to sacrifice Ukrainians and Ukraine at the altar of getting back at Russia, I think, in large part, because they wanted to extract vengeance against Russia for what they perceive to be Russia’s role in helping Donald Trump win the 2016 election … and they were willing to sacrifice an entire country and to wipe out tens of thousands of lives of young people who didn’t want to fight in order to fulfill their political goal of extracting vengeance against Russia.”

“They’re invoking all the theories that the liberal left have been invoking for years now to justify censorship of the views they dislike. Oh, this is inciting violence, this is going to far, this is hate speech, this is against a vulnerable minority group, and now we’re seeing the same kind of erosion of free speech here in the United States on the part of Americans because now there’s another foreign war. That’s always part of the equation, the domestic aspect to it, that’s more power in the government and takes away more and more rights from Americans.”

“Obviously it’s not a principal if they only time you defend free speech is when it comes to views you agree with. Anybody can do that, that’s easy to do, that’s worthless. The only real test of whether you believe in free speech is whether you defend the right to express the views you find most offensive, and a lot of conservatives, not all, are woefully failing that test.”

“What this shows is that Americans have really come to the conclusion that our leading institutions of authority are radically corrupted. Our media outlets are radically corrupted, the department of justice and the legal system has been aggressively politicized. So now Donald Trump is in a position where he’s facing serious felony charges, I don’t think they’re serious in the sense that they’re real, but they’re serious in the sense that if he’s convicted he’ll go to jail…and yet his lead is expanding over Joe Biden…”

“That is the good news, that these institutions where people have lost faith in deserve to have lost their faith and trust, deserve to have lost their faith and trust, they deserve the contempt and hatred they provoke, and it’s good that Americans are recognizing that. And it’s good that those people there, even though they’ll never question whether they are to blame, are also starting to see that nothing they say really matters and makes a difference any longer.”

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