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The Historical Corruption of the FBI and CIA

Ultimately, the FBI and CIA must work to rebuild public trust.



The FBI and the CIA are two of the most important intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the United States. Both agencies have a long and complex history, which has been marked by numerous scandals and instances of corruption over the last 70 years. In this article, we will explore some of the most significant scandals and instances of corruption that have occurred within the FBI and CIA over the last seven decades.

FBI Scandals and Corruption

One of the most infamous FBI scandals occurred in the 1950s and 1960s with the agency’s Counterintelligence Program, or COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO was a secret program aimed at disrupting and discrediting various social and political groups, including civil rights organizations, anti-war activists, and other leftist groups. The program involved illegal surveillance, wiretapping, blackmail, and other tactics aimed at destroying these groups and their leaders. The FBI’s actions were ultimately exposed, leading to public outrage and the eventual disbandment of the program.

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Ruby Ridge
The Ruby Ridge incident occurred in 1992 when federal agents from the FBI and US Marshals Service surrounded the home of Randy Weaver, a white separatist and former Green Beret, in rural Idaho. The standoff ended in a shootout that left Weaver’s son and wife dead, as well as a federal agent. The FBI’s handling of the incident was heavily criticized, with allegations of excessive force and cover-up attempts by the agency.

Waco Siege
The Waco siege was a 51-day standoff between federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, and members of the Branch Davidians religious group in Waco, Texas, in 1993. The standoff ended in a violent confrontation that resulted in the deaths of 76 people, including 25 children. The FBI’s handling of the siege was criticized for the use of tear gas and other tactics that may have contributed to the fire that ultimately destroyed the Davidians’ compound.

Robert Hanssen
Robert Hanssen was an FBI agent who was arrested in 2001 for selling classified information to the Soviet Union and later Russia. Hanssen had been working as a double agent for the KGB and later the Russian Federal Security Service for over 20 years before being caught. The case was a major embarrassment for the FBI and raised questions about the agency’s ability to detect and prevent espionage.

CIA Scandals and Corruption

MKUltra was a secret CIA program that involved experiments on human subjects, including the use of mind-altering drugs and other techniques aimed at developing mind control methods. The program ran from the 1950s to the 1970s and involved illegal and unethical practices that included administering LSD to unsuspecting individuals, including prisoners and mental patients. The program was eventually exposed, leading to public outrage and the eventual termination of the program.

Bay of Pigs Invasion
The Bay of Pigs invasion was a failed CIA-led operation in 1961 aimed at overthrowing the Cuban government of Fidel Castro. The operation involved training and arming Cuban exiles to launch a military invasion of Cuba, but the invasion was a complete failure, resulting in the capture or death of most of the Cuban exiles involved. The CIA’s handling of the operation was heavily criticized, and it was seen as a major embarrassment for the agency and the US government.

Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse
The Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal involved the mistreatment and torture of detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by US military personnel, including CIA officers, in the early 2000s. The abuses included physical and sexual abuse, torture, and humiliation, and were documented in photographs that were later made public. The scandal led to public outrage and condemnation, as well as investigations into the US government’s treatment of detainees.


The FBI and the CIA have been involved in numerous scandals and instances of corruption over the last 70 years. These scandals have included illegal surveillance, wiretapping, blackmail, and other tactics aimed at social movements, as well as unethical experiments, failed operations, and human rights abuses. These scandals have not only damaged the reputation of these agencies, but also eroded public trust in the government as a whole.

It is important to hold these agencies accountable for their actions and to demand transparency and oversight in their operations. The FBI and CIA are necessary for protecting national security, but they must do so within the bounds of the law and without violating the rights of citizens or engaging in unethical practices.

In recent years, there have been efforts to reform these agencies and improve their accountability, including the implementation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the creation of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB). However, more needs to be done to address the root causes of corruption and scandal within these agencies.

Ultimately, the FBI and CIA must work to rebuild public trust and demonstrate their commitment to upholding the law and protecting the rights of citizens. This will require a concerted effort to address past wrongs, implement reforms, and foster a culture of accountability and transparency within these agencies. Only then can the FBI and CIA truly fulfill their vital role in safeguarding national security while upholding the principles of democracy and justice.

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Election Fraud is Massive and On-Going in America

Across the U.S., the magnitude of voter fraud that occurs year after year, election after election, is staggering.



Jay DeLancey is founder and president of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project, and has much to say about voting in America:

Our system begs for transparency at all points along the election process. Who can vote, who did vote, how did they vote, and what was the tally? Today, unfortunately voter fraud is real and of enormous magnitude, as we saw in 2020 and 2022. Nowhere is this more evident than with absentee ballots.

Who, in any voting precinct, literally visits the homes of voters who filed absentee ballots to ensure that they are out of town? Even among those who have a legitimate quest to vote by absentee ballot, who can assure that their vote is counted properly and tallied accurately?

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The absentee ballot initiative started as a viable effort to increase the ability of qualified citizens to vote, but has now become into a primary tool of manipulation. The more we can see, the fairer the elections are likely to be. The less we can see, the greater the likelihood that fraud will occur. Centralized absentee ballot collection is exactly the opposite of local voting in a precinct where there’s a chance that those with whom you register or vote alongside are your neighbors.

Ensuring the Rights of Qualified Voters

The local voting precinct is better positioned to spot perpetrators of voter fraud. Local poll workers on the scene are better able to assess if you are not the person you claim to be. They will tell you to leave, but by law that’s all they can do.

They can’t retain someone and hold them until authorities arrive, even in the case of blatant voter impersonation. Why? Because in the 1960s, to safeguard the voting capability of those who had been disenfranchised, laws were passed to reduce the incidence of intimidation, accusation, and retention.

Those times have long passed, and now we need ways of ensuring that qualified voters’ civil rights are upheld. Every time an unqualified voter is allowed to cast a vote, it demeans and diminishes the rights of all citizens. As such, voter fraud is the civil rights crisis of our time.

Fraud Occurs Year After Year

If you hear from anyone or from any group that voter fraud does not exist, or that it’s minimal and inconsequential, rest assured most of these proponents believe they are in the right. As long as you vote for their candidate, they’re content to ignore the magnitude, of voter fraud that actually occurs, year after year, election after election, across the U.S. They know they are ‘right,’ so why forsake their ironclad view that voter integrity groups are secretly voter suppression groups?

We’re always asked, how do you know that voter fraud exists? We have case histories, anecdotes, cross tabulated data, eyewitness testimony, and more. Voter fraud is real and rampant. Yet, we will routinely encounter some academic, usually from some law school, saying, “The science is settled on this. Voter fraud is a myth.”

Professors will proclaim from on high declaring that few people ever engage in voter fraud. Such professors are people of influence, they teach students, write papers, give lectures, attend symposiums, and spew authoritative misinformation. Cognizant or not, the damage that they do to society is ongoing and significant.

A Mortal Threat to Democracy

“The science was settled” in the early 1500s, that the sun rotated around the earth. Copernicus and other brave souls risked death to proclaim that earth was not the center of the universe as we knew it, or even our solar system.

We swim against the tide of what was launched in the 1960s but today has morphed into a mortal threat to democracy. The challenge we all face is to guarantee transparency in elections so that everyone can see the results and, more importantly, accept the results when their candidate does not win.

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Overcome Leftist Propaganda: Conservative Documentaries and Extended Interviews

In ‘ultra-woke’ America finding media outlets and information vehicles that report the truth is challenge.



Being middle-of-the-road or conservative in today’s insanely ‘woke’ America means having a hard time finding media outlets and information vehicles that report the truth. We are all far too familiar with the reality confronting us on a daily basis.

The high-tech online companies, corporate America, major newspapers, major TV networks, Hollywood, and a variety of otherwise so-called ‘journalists’ maintain an incredible, indefensible slant to the left. Many border on Marxism and outright Communism. They lie by omission, by twisting narratives, or by creating stories out of whole cloth which fit their pre-selected parallaxed narratives.

Precise, not Speculative

Here, for your edification, are 12 conservative documentaries and/or lengthy interviews. Notice the care and precision with which each has been produced, offering names, dates, facts, and figures with little or no hyperbole.

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  1. Selection Code, Election Rigging

2. The Creepy Line – Full Documentary on Social Media’s manipulation of society

3. What Is a Woman? Full Documentary 2022, by By Matt Walsh

4. What is a woman? – Matt Walsh LIVE on Campus (Facebook link)

5. Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic Party

6. Is Fake News a Myth? – Sharyl Attkisson

7. My Son Hunter, Full Movie (fiction, very close to fact)

8. Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality

9. Shoshana Zuboff on Surveillance Capitalism

10. The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism

11. Imposing Limits on the Woke? – Christopher Rufo

12. Climate Science: What Does it Say? – Dr. Richard Lindzen

One Fine Day

One day, may we all dwell in a society where journalism and news reporting represent some semblance of accuracy, fairness, clarity, and, need it be said, truth.

– – – – –


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