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The Democrat Playbook: Discontent and Dissension

The Left continues to perpetrate outlandish, radical programs and policies



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In a Gallup Poll four years before Barack Obama was elected president, 74 percent of white Americans and 68% of black Americans said that race relations were good. Less than one score later, today, 43 percent of white Americans and 33% of black Americans say the same. What changed?

Fomenting Distrust

Half of the nation relentlessly seeks to racialize every issue. Radical Leftists represent a minority of the Democrat base but yield tremendous influence over the rest. Thus, increasingly, people feel less trusting, less joyful, and less like they are an integral part of a unified nation.

National unity is a powerful construct for countries old and new. Without unity, social progress is stymied. What signifies unity? A national anthem, secure borders, a common language, a shared history, a constitution that guarantees the rights of the citizens, and agreement as to what constitutes effective governing.

Without unifying elements, a nation will weaken, and its social conditions will unravel. If we are not subject to the same laws, rules, and essential morality, achieving agreement, compromise, and cooperation on various issues is harder.

Lacking unity, a military cannot function as needed. Our elected representatives cannot serve us effectively. Our law enforcement officers are likely to be perceived as unfair to all.

Who, Indeed,  Benefits?

Who benefits from a disunited America? Who wants us to be fraying at the edges, and who wants our citizenry to distrust one another? The disuniting of America is an intentional, long-term goal of the Left. By their convoluted reasoning, we are an evil nation and must be dissolved.

These zealots scoff at patriotism. They believe that religion is only for the weak-minded. The family unit, to them, is a Right-wing tool of oppression.

Obama defined what the Left now regards as standard in assessing America – we’re merely another country, one of 200+ on Earth. Pride in being American is no different than pride in being Greek. Nothing is special about America. People flock here every day because of their misunderstanding of our true nature.

The Left is committed to putting America last in all things and to assigning blame to our nation in all domains. Dividing the population is their key strategy. As long as blacks and whites don’t see eye to eye, and as long as other groups are told that they’re being marginalized, the Left is succeeding. Even as immigrants throw off the shackles that formerly bound them, the Left tells them that they are being oppressed, that they could have more, and that the white man is their nemesis.

Compelled by Ideologically

The commitment of these anti-American zealots is lifelong. To them, you don’t succeed in  through hard work; success is a matter of privilege and not much else. Whenever they can hack away at America’s strengths, they’ve done their good deed.

Their ideological compulsions to loathe Caucasians, Christians, and straight people propel them each day. They’re small in number but loud in amplitude. Their views infect academia, publishing, TV, radio, Hollywood, and the arts.

They gain psychological strokes from one another for denigrating our institutions and our traditions, and they are dangerous. Many of the world’s internal revolutions succeeded because a small minority took the reins while everyday citizens did little or nothing. Consider the origins of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and Mao and the Chinese.

The more fanatical and vocal these groups are, the more influence they have over those less committed but willing to go along. Our saving grace is that those on the Right will never capitulate to the antics of the Left.

We know right from wrong. We know our nation’s history, where we did and didn’t do well. We know our place on Earth and why people still seek to come to America daily, while virtually no one wants to leave.

They Will Not Succeed

The Left’s programs and policies are destined for failure because they have no faith in the goodness and virtue of the common man and woman. Thus, we on the Right have tremendous power, if still largely untapped. We need to make our voices heard, to stand up in the face of unfounded attacks on our country and targeted individuals.

Our combined strength will make a difference. The progress we seek can come sooner and more easily than we imagine. Corrupt regimes, once reaching the tipping point, fall quickly, such as the former Soviet Union, the Philippines, and East Germany.

As the Left continues to perpetrate outlandish, radical programs and policies, the pushback will be equal if not greater. Even many of those with whom they had made inroads are realizing the perilous path that the Left is treading.

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Jeff Davidson is the world's only holder of the title "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" as awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management. Visit for more information on Jeff's keynote speeches and seminars, including: Managing the Pace with Grace® * Achieving Work-Life Balance™ * Managing Information and Communication Overload®


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Putting North Carolina Public Education Back on Track  

With Michelle Morrow’s leadership, North Carolina public schools can be better equipped to educate and inspire today’s students.



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It’s no secret to conservatives that the nation’s children, every single one of them, are at risk. In the main, not for reasons malnutrition, growing up in a tough neighborhood, or having toxic parents. The risk that all kids face today is the potential to be indoctrinated in public schools by their own teachers, teacher’s aides, and administrators.

America’s Children Are under Siege

Some school districts in America, are populated by boards of education, principals, and school administrators who think it is their sacred duty to indoctrinate children, exposing them to all manner of adult and sex-related topics long before any child should be. As such, they usurp the rights of parents and guardians.

Nowhere is this more evident than in North Carolina where 23% of all kindergarten through 12th-grade students are enrolled in either a charter school or private school, or study at home, and the percentage increase in these three options is 84% over the last 11 years. Why? Parents want to determine the best educational options for their own children and they don’t believe that North Carolina public schools are doing an adequate job.

Fortunately, one candidate running for NC superintendent of public instruction means to the state’s education programs back on track. Her name is Michelle Morrow, and she is a personal dynamo whose grasp on the issues is outstanding.

First and foremost, Morrow advocates having safe schools with a culture of academic achievement and civility. If it takes having a security guard in every single school throughout the state to ensure the safety of children attending class as well as teachers and school staff, Morrow is all for it.

She believes that schools should be the safest buildings in the state. Alas, they are not. In North Carolina, school crime and violence increased a whopping 84% in just the past five years. The top three crimes being reported include drug use, weapons possession, and assault – even assault of teachers.

An Advocate for What Counts

As the NC superintendent of public instruction, Morrow will support fair and effective policies that both deter crime and promote classroom civility. She’ll be a strong advocate for teachers’ rights to employ fair and reasonable measures to manage their classrooms as they see fit.

Morrow will insist on parent-friendly schools, recognizing that a child’s academic performance often hinges on the vital partnership between teachers and parents. In too many schools throughout the state, parents are kept completely in the dark about medical treatments and, surprisingly, even academic performance.

Some children are forced to take surveys requiring them to reveal details of their sexual habits and mental state, and schools employ such data to monitor, diagnose, and treat psychological issues. Parents alone, however, have the right to make medical decisions in relation to their children’s health and well-being. Government sponsored data collection needs to end. Morrow will enforce a Parents’ Bill of Rights to ensure that families are protected and that parents have dominion over their own children.

Back to the Basics

Academic achievement has suffered for years on end in North Carolina’s kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. A staggering one-quarter of eighth graders cannot meet national math, science, or reading standards. Test scores throughout North Carolina reveal that more than 800 schools are under-performing.

As superintendent, Morrow will be focused on ensuring that all the money earmarked for education actually makes its way to the classroom. She will ensure that schools focus on teaching science, math, reading, and real history. She will advocate for small group tutoring when needed by students who are not performing well, and touting for those who are doing exceedingly well and can do even better.

Morrow recognizes that the government in Washington, D.C., has no business in the education of North Carolina students. Parents are not co-parenting with the federal government. The programs and policies that politicians and special interest groups attempt to impose on North Carolina schools must come to an end, and any interference in teaching core academics must cease immediately.

As such, Morrow will sever the ties with public interest groups while helping to strengthen local school districts’ ability to employ proven teaching methods, with the goal of enhancing core academic achievement.

The Big Picture

Morrow will seek to enhance national unity and patriotism. Too many students throughout North Carolina are subjected to one-sided history lessons that portray America as an oppressive, racist, unredeemable nation. Some schools go so far as to stereotype their students and inform them that, as a result of their ethnicity, sexuality, or religion, they are oppressors.

This one-sided, warped view of humanity and method of education must end. Instead of dividing students, Morrow will seek to foster unity and understanding. America is an exceptional country. While every country faces challenges, ours in particular has been fair, compassionate, and forward thinking in recent years.

With Morrow’s leadership, North Carolina schools can be better equipped to educate and inspire the next generation who will become the leaders of our great nation.

– – – –


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Bite-Sized Motivation

The insights or wisdom we need to get us going often don’t have to be more than a few words



Now, introducing Share Right health sharing by conservatives, for conservatives! Quit giving your money to woke insurance companies and support other conservatives while saving TONS! Take less than 60 seconds and get a quote and see how much YOU can SAVE. All you need is your birthday and how many people in your family. No other info needed to get an instant quote. Take 60 seconds and see. Just click here or on the image below!

* * *

I’ve spoken to 1075 audiences at conventions, conferences, and meetings, and have had the opportunity to hear probably 800 other speakers as well.

The insights, perspectives, or wisdom we need, to get us going often don’t have to be more than a few words. Here are 52 of my own six word “speeches,” drawn from my keynotes and breakout session on the topic of work-life balance. Some of these likely will resonate with you:

Choose from what you already have.
Everyone needs breathing space, especially you.
Information overload obscures meaning and relevance.
Deep breathes are essential for well-being.

Make every day an organized day.
Allow your natural rhythms to rule.
Stay confident and in control daily.
Manage your time, manage your life.

Slow down to plot your course.
Look for the best in others.
Make yourself indispensable on the job.
Compete with yourself, not with others.

Learn to take control of today.
Manage your time to make time.
Take control of your desk clutter.
You’re the best when you’re fresh.

Do something to take control now.
Major projects often require a jumpstart.
Methodically pare down your paper piles.
Don’t attempt too much at once.

Evaluate your situation and what’s important.
Narrow your priorities to stay focused.
Avoid making promises you can’t keep.
Learn to embrace your many talents.

Take the time to become organized.
Become aware of how you react.
Arrange your space; help isn’t coming.
Manage the flat surfaces in life.

Periodically challenge yourself to perform better.
Take long, deep breaths as needed.
Reclaim your places, spaces, and graces.
Start big projects well in advance.

Don’t rush the truly important things.
Make the best use of today.
Schedule accordingly: plan for your future.
Be kind, cut yourself some slack.

Opportunity knocks, but are you answering?
Conventional wisdom has diminishing value.
When practical, substitute time for money.
The market for top talent lives.

The self-reliant survive and thrive.
Leadership requires forethought and super-vision.
Learn from and capitalize on mistakes.
Firmly face the future with confidence.

“Now” holds a lot of opportunity.
Control but don’t curb your enthusiasm.
Treading water won’t propel you forward.
Have you ever really tested yourself?

Life goes on; do your best.
Continually seek out the higher ground.
Luck is distributed evenly, but disguised.
You must be doing something right.



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