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The Best Lesson Radio Host Todd Herman Taught Me

“It isn’t right versus left or Republican versus Democrat,” he would say. “It’s us versus them.”



Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Todd Herman, the radio host. He currently hosts a drive time show in Seattle, Washington on conservative station KTTH, but he is the regular substitute for Rush Limbaugh behind the golden EIB microphone as Rush struggles with cancer. While Todd is relatively new on the national scene, I’ve known Todd for quite some time.

When I first met Todd, I was running for the U.S. Senate in Washington State and he was running the digital strategy for the Republican National Committee. We met in the lobby of the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, in the old Sears building.

When Todd was done with his position working for the RNC, he moved back to Seattle to start a digital agency with another couple friends of mine. We struck up a friendship. Shortly thereafter we got in the business together running a conservative Facebook page and what became one of the top 20 trafficked conservative websites in America. Also about that time, Todd and I became the regular back up guest hosts for Ben Shapiro, who was just starting his radio career in Seattle. We also hosted a podcast together.

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We debated all sorts of things and we regularly took opposite positions on the topics that we talked about. When Washington was debating legalizing marijuana, we had some of our more interesting debates.

One of the debates that we had most regularly was about who was against who. I was adamant that it was right versus left or Republican versus Democrat. Todd regularly took a different position that I disagreed with. Five years later, I now know that Todd was right. What was it?

“It isn’t right versus left or Republican versus Democrat,” he would say. “It’s us versus them.”

What exactly did he mean? It is us versus them. The “Them” are the tyrannical overlords to seek to dominate everyone, Republican, Democrat, and everyone else. These politicians are in bed with media oligarchs and are now in overdrive in their quest to dominate and subjugate Americans. And they come from both parties. There are globalists in both parties. There is corruption in both parties. There are compromised politicians in both parties. And when push comes to shove, those people vote together, Republican and Democrat. And even when they don’t vote together, many of them are working behind the scenes together to push this globalist agenda. It may not look like it, but they are counting votes and realizing how many it takes in order to further their agenda. Sometimes they make it look like they might disagree but they know they have the votes anyway and they are just maintaining their political positions so that they can be reelected and continue destroying the American Way.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of these folks are in the Democrat party. I truly still believe that. But I also understand that just because someone has an R in front of their name doesn’t mean that they are on our side. I’ve always known this about RINOs, but I have come to understand it in an even greater way. There are even those who pretend to be conservative and yet still give in to the agenda.

So what are we do? Well, we stick together. We understand that we cannot vote just a long party line. We must take a long clear look at each individual and vet them to the nth degree. We must make sure that anyone that gets into office, Republican or Democrat, first and foremost upholds the Constitution, so that we the people are protected and our freedom’s protected and not strangled.

So Todd, thanks for the lesson. It took me a while, and while I still disagree with you on a number of issues, I’m man enough to admit: You were right.

You can follow Todd on most social platforms @ToddEHerman

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