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The American Mainstream Media is Sinister and Deadly

The lie about Hamas rockets that the American mainstream media presented to the world is going to kill thousands



The events of October 2023 confirm what many on the right have long known. The American mainstream media is sinister and deadly. This has been going on for at least a decade and, quite likely, far longer.

Here We Go Again

The latest episode of the mainstream media’s utter irresponsibility is publishing ‘news’ that Israeli Defense Force rockets fired on a hospital in Gaza filled with Palestinian doctors, nurses, administrative staff, patients, and visitors.

This claim has been so thoroughly dis-proven that those who published this utter and despicable lie ought to retire from the profession if, indeed, you can still call it a profession.

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Film footage of rockets being fired by Hamas into Israeli territory shows that one of the rockets went off course and struck near the hospital where the alleged massacre took place. The rocket did not hit the hospital, as reported by the New York Times, and on down.

The rocket hit a parking lot near the hospital, and many cars and other vehicles were damaged beyond repair. The damage to the hospital itself was minimal. Some people were hurt as a result of Hamas striking its own people.

Why Wait for the Facts?

Instead of waiting for the facts, which a responsible media would have done, the American mainstream media, full blast, accused Israel of this atrocity. What was their source? Hamas leaders themselves.

These leaders claimed that Israel had fired on the hospital and had killed 250, then revised that number to 500, in an attempted genocide. Any reporter worth his or her salt would have investigated further. Any responsible publication would have ensured they had the facts before proceeding. But no, that’s too much to ask of the American mainstream media.

Instead, they published this blatant lie and broadcast it around the world. They inflamed the Middle East in ways that actual war doesn’t usually do. In one Arabic country after another, in the principal cities, there were demonstrations — not just thousands, tens of thousands marching and chanting, against Israel for being monsters, genocidal, and wishing to eradicate the Palestinians by any means possible.

Not Nearly the First Time

If only this were the first time that the American mainstream media acted in sinister and deadly ways. Unfortunately, this is become de rigor with them. If you recall, more than a decade ago, George Zimmerman, who is a Hispanic individual, was besieged in an apartment courtyard by Trayvon Martin, who was bashing Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk Zimmerman was finally able to reach for his gun and put an end to Martin’s attempted murder, by killing Martin.

What did the American mainstream press report? That Zimmerman was a white man who stalked Trayvon Martin and shot him in cold blood. As such, the press fanned the flames of racial hatred in America, which ended up costing some people their lives at other times and in other places

To this day, there are many on the Left who still believe this narrative, even though the facts of the case thoroughly document and thoroughly prove that it was, indeed, Trayvon Martin who was the aggressor and it was Zimmerman who was fighting for his life.

A Career Criminal at 18

Not long afterward, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, allegedly said, “hands up, don’t shoot,” except that he never did. He tried to wrestle the gun away from a police officer while that officer was still seated in his own squad car.

The press ran with the story that the police officer fired on Michael Brown, who was completely innocent. Then, guess what? Video footage from a convenience store surfaced that showed just 10 minutes before, Brown had choked a clerk, much smaller in size than himself, when stealing from the store.

Brown was a hardened criminal in the body of a youth who pranced around town as if he owned it. The press never reported that. As with Trayvon Martin and so many others, when they published a picture of Brown, they showed him in a high school graduation cap and gown.

Hey, we all looked pretty good in high school and innocent in our ten and 12-year-old pictures. Why the press continues to use these angelic poses as opposed to how these perpetrators actually looked in the present speaks to their unending attempt at sinister reporting.

To emphasize, when the press fans the flames of racism and racial hatred, people die. People die in riots, street skirmishes, fires, and random shootings, and via homemade bombs.

With Blood on Their Hands, Knowingly

The current sinister and deadly lie about Hamas rockets that the American mainstream media has presented to the world is going to kill thousands of people in the coming weeks, months, and years.

The truth will not emerge in those countries, and most of those people who are in the streets protesting against Israel and against Jews and against America will not know that the story was misreported.

Many street demonstrators live in relatively closed societies where they do not get the full story if they get any accurate news. The lie spreads and spreads and becomes part of the prevailing lore that propels countries and peoples to hate Israel and hate America.

No Retraction

The American mainstream press has since found out that what they reported was completely inaccurate. The retractions, if any, will appear on, say, page 16 in the fourth column way down on the page. There is no remorse on the part of Leftist newspaper publishers. They could not care less that they framed, condemned, and misrepresented Israel. They are happy to do so and, given the chance, will do so again and again.

They are sinister and deadly, and there’s no other way to put it.




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Give Thanks and Carry On

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, if you can



Thanksgiving: that joyous time of the year when families get together, have a wonderful dinner, catch up on what everyone other is doing, give thanks for all that they have, and perhaps watch some football.

Up for the Challenge?

This Thanksgiving might prove to be a challenge for many people. For one, the cost of the turkey, the bird traditionally served, in some locals cost between 50% to 80% more than last year, and turkey was already expensive.

Among your relatives a few might be vegans or vegetarians. If you have a vegan enforcer in the family, this person will rail on and on against eating meat, and about how turkeys have lives just like we do.

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One of your vegan or vegetarian relatives might offer a discourse on how cranberries should be harvested a different way, the dangers of turkey stuffing, and the problem with vegetables that you might be serving, the risk of having too many starches – potatoes or rice – and the evils of wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks.

Topics Worth Avoiding

The politics to consider abound. Since roughly half of the country votes Democrat and half votes Republican, the odds are overwhelming that you’re going to have somebody with opposing politics at the table. During Trump’s years as president, many families had to navigate around the topic of the presidency, prevailing policies. and so on.

Today, while there’s no question that Joe Biden is completely inane as leader, the same delicate navigation needs to occur. As miraculous as this might seem, some on the left actually approve of what Biden has been doing. Note: don’t be concerned about the Bidens going hungry. With all those under-the-table payment from Ukraine and China, they can EASILY afford a huge, expensive turkey with all of the trimmings.

If you can avoid discussing the eight million invaders illegally crossing our borders, rampant inflation, the U.S. Afghanistan withdrawal, the crisis in Israel and potential for World War III, drag time story hour for children, transgenderism, the bogus lawsuits against Donald Trump, the unending crimes of Hunter Biden, the payola to Joe Biden, FBI corruption, the historic unpopularity and ineptness of Kamala Harris, and about 30 or so other topics, your dinner should go smoothly. Enjoy!

A huge current wrinkle on the political scene is that recent surveys reveal at least one-quarter of Democrats actually approve of Hamas, atrocities and all, and side with Palestine on all issues large and small. They believe that Israel is an apartheid state and that Jews are today’s Nazis. Apparently they’ve never visited Israel and have no Jewish friends.

Depending on how many Democrats attend your Thanksgiving gathering, if it’s four or more, mathematically speaking you have a decent chance that one is a pro-Hamas Democrat. Wooo…  Now, you really have to stay clear of current issues or your dinner table might be as inflamed verbally as the Middle East is with armaments.

Insufferable Stuffing

After everyone is stuffed with turkey, vegeburgers, or whatever the people who like rabbit food eat, you might sit in the den and turn on a football game. Quickly, you’ll have a stark reminder of how far political correctness has infected society.

If the Washington Commanders are playing, it’s hard to forget that they used to be called the Washington Redskins until the wokesters among us demanded that the name must be changed. Not so ironically, 90% of native Americans actually want the name Washington Redskins reinstalled, and currently are petitioning for it.

In baseball, the Cleveland Indians “had” to be renamed to the Cleveland Guardians. Potentially, there’s no end of this malarkey. Should the Minnesota Vikings change their name? After all, people from Scandinavia might object to the term “Vikings.” While we’re at it, consider college basketball. The Wake Forest University Demon Deacons are due for a name change, if you’re on the Left. So, too, the Duke University Blue Devils, the Arizona University Aztecs, and on and on.

Landmines to Side Step

With all these potential land mines to side step, and all the ways that otherwise pleasant conversations on a pleasant day could occur, you have to be on guard.

Nevertheless, I wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. May you survive the day, fully intact, and ready to have a decent Black Friday.

– – – – –




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Biden Boondoggles Imperil the U.S. and the World

The Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents



Are you a conservative business person? Then check out the Red Referral Network and partner with Dinesh D’Souza by clicking the banner below:

On my last day following a long sojourn abroad, I met a wonderful woman from North Dallas, had dinner with her, and memorized her email address.

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When I arrived home the next day, I emailed her to see if she had had a decent trip back. A couple of minutes later, my email bounced back to me as undeliverable. Realizing my mistake of failing to write down her email address or the spelling of her last name, over several weeks I tried numerous alternative methods at length for finding that information, but with no success.

I had not handled it right and I could not later correct the mistake. You’ve long heard the phrase by the late, legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” I would add, will you have the opportunity to correct the damage done or even to try again?

Macro Level Bungles

It’s hard to even imagine the frustration and problems for all of us considering the never-ending missteps we watch every day from our president!

Biden and company have engaged in macro-level failures for nearly three years now. Their repeated failures to take early appropriate steps, domestically and internationally, has had serious ramifications for the nation and the world.

In chain-like fashion, their ineptness, unintentional and intentional, has spun out of control and led to one unpalatable situation after another. Then they spend untold labor hours and multi-billions of dollars, not to mention American lives, seeking to correct what they could not get right in the first place.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the loss of American lives and $85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban. This ‘gift’ is ultimately finding its way to our enemies throughout the region and, arguably, globally. It also has signaled to the rest of the world, particularly Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, as well as to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, that American military effectiveness is questionable.

As a result of not adequately planning the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as President Trump had already outlined, the Biden Administration has been scrambling ever since. Following our Afghanistan withdrawal Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under a false pretext, and the resulting multi-billions we have spent propping up Ukraine, are major unfortunate results.

Middle East Madness

Another result of our ineptness is the spate of attacks, now several dozen, on U.S. Armed Forces throughout the Middle East following the barbaric Hamas attack on Israel.

China’s forays into the Middle East and its support of Iran further imperil Israel and, by extension, the U.S. In considering the Biden Administration, China is emboldened. They are in partnership with Russia ostensibly for one reason: to hasten our declining power. They have ramped up spying on us via “weather balloons,” university “research centers,” exchange “students,” industrial spying, and, of late, the influx of more than 17,000 Chinese nationals at our southern border – all single men of military age.

Because the Biden Administration intentionally has not secured the southern border it has subjected American citizens to crime, fentanyl addiction, and massive numbers of deaths, as well as bursting federal, state, and municipal budgets in the attempt to house, feed, and safeguard swarming numbers of illegal immigrants.

Biden’s porous border policies have invited terrorists, weakened any notion of U.S. homeland security, heightened child trafficking, accelerated drug cartel activity, and aided gang-related connections throughout our county.

Poor Planning, Execution and Follow Up

Across the board, in examining the policies and programs of the Biden Administration and how poorly they’ve been designed and initiated, it is now apparent that everything they do today represents one attempted, hopeless ‘correction’ after another.

These attempted corrections are long drawn out, invariably with no end in sight. Whether it is on the world stage or domestically, each boondoggle after another leads to protracted, expensive, questionable attempts to resolve what didn’t need to occur in the first place.

It is not an exaggeration: the entire Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents. This is no way to run a country or display to the world how an effective representative republic operates. It is no way to deter our enemies from taking bold steps. It is no way to guide us safely into the future.

Indeed, the entire world is now less safe.

– – – – –


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