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TOP TIPS for Snubnose Carry!

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Top Tips for the “Snubby” Revolver for Minimal Everyday Carry!

Whether You are new to shooting or not, most of us have heard of the Snubnose revolver. You may or may not have the affection for shooting or carrying one but, they do have their purpose.

They actually have been the most popular type of revolver for concealed carry or what I like to say “light” everyday carry for decades!

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Now, I have been a big fan of Smith and Wesson revolver’s over the years. But, before some get their feathers ruffled, I would like to mention Some other very reliable Manufacturers for Snubby or EDC Revolvers that have done well in the industry: Colt, Ruger, and Taurus.

Minimal or “Light” Everyday Carry

The Reason I put this video together was to share some insight for For those who are wanting to carry a gun that’s a little lighter, maybe less noticeable, easier to wield, not as bulky with a holster and works with their lifestyle and fashion.

Whatever Your reason I have found that my snubnose revolver is not only quite effective for defense but also very easy to carry regardless of my wardrobe.

My Typical EDC

Let me start by saying that I typically carry a Sig Sauer P365XL or a Glock 19, but there are those days depending on my wardrobe or activity that I prefer to rock my Snubby for convenience. I know I won’t have all the capacity of the others but with consistent training and great defensive ammunition I can be confident.

Sidenote it has taken me years to shoot consistently, confidently, and on-demand with a Snubnose revolver. I didn’t even carry it on my body for running until I put over 3000 rounds down range (personal conviction).

Learning Curves or “Challenges”

Please understand they do have a steeper learning curve than that of semi automatics.
Some Of the challenges you will face will come from trigger and hammer manipulation (if you have a hammered model), Loading and reloading techniques, recoil management and grip handling. These are most of the differences you will have to overcome.

Evaluate Yourself

I’d also like to mention that whether you are shooting it for the first time or wanting to carry a snubnose revolver; You should evaluate your own abilities and your level of dexterity for safe gun handling.

I’ve found over the years teaching students from all ages and walls of life that some students have issues manipulating a hammer, a harder trigger pull and opening and closing the cylinder for loading or extracting.

My Advice

My recommendation would be to go test drive some! Rent one at a range, shoot one of your buddy’s Snubby’s, even take a class with one to see if it’s a good fit! So, should you decide to pull the trigger and buy one, train with it, like your life depended on it, find a holster that works for you. (See my EDC tips video here)

The Snubnose revolver has been around for a long time and all though not as popular as semi autos they are a viable solution for “light” or minimal everyday carry…

Thanks for tuning in! Watch the video, Subscribe to my channel and get out there and train to win!

Evolve Yourself & Evolve Your Skills

Stephen D. Powell
The GunLife Coach

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Stephen D. Powell is an Air Force veteran with more than 18 years of combined federal, military & civilian law enforcement experience. Powell has been teaching professionally for over 25+years as a firearms Instructor for numerous organizations and agencies rated with the NRA, NM & TX DPS and a Sig Sauer Academy Master Instructor. His company, Patriot Outdoors, Inc, has been operational in the defensive training industry since 2004, starting a thousand acre training facility located in Eastern New Mexico. Patriot has provided crucial and relevant firearms training to DOD and SOCOM, state and local law enforcement and armed citizen students. Over the past several years, Powell has appeared on several Fox News, Sirius XM radio, various regional newspaper, radio and tv shows, promoting military veteran entrepreneurship and patriotism as well as educating the shooting industry on range development, media relations and key second amendment issues. Patriot Outdoors is currently operating out of the Phoenix Valley, Arizona and with a new channel of The GunLife Coach to inspire and motivate other in life and on the range!


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To Lie and To Swerve

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The Grand Wizard of Big Lies

Obama touted that he’d restore trust in government. Instead, he opened the doors to the opposite. Obama said the stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. It did not. He said, “I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.” The jobs he created were low-wage and low-level. Obama told hardworking entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that,” which offended business owners everywhere.

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The Biggest Lie of All

The biggest lie that Obama ever uttered occurred on January 20th, 2009, when he said, “I, Barack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” Twelve years later, Biden did the same.

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