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Rush Limbaugh – The Real Great Communicator



Ronald Reagan is known as the great communicator. Maybe that title was given away prematurely. Rush Limbaugh has been the voice for conservatism for over 30 years. His daily talk show is listened to by millions.  The values that he discussed have helped shape the modern conservative movement. That same movement helped elect Donald Trump, President of the United States.

Rush communicated old ideas in a new and fresh way. He made conservativism seem cool.  He welcomed others to engage in the values that he knew built a Nation. Rush was authentic and consistent. He produced a three-hour radio program each day, where he would respond to callers with a transparent interaction that listeners appreciated and felt compelled to support. Rush engendered loyalty and developed a committed following before social media ever was invented.  Rush was an innovator and was a great communicator.

What was the message that Rush Limbaugh communicated, which resonated with his listeners and people worldwide?

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The Ideas Rush Communicated:

First, Rush communicated the Greatness of America and Conservatism. Rush understood the goodness in America.  He knew that America was founded on the values of free speech and individual rights. He talked about the dangers of a large government that neglected the desires and wishes of the people. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Rush never wavered in his core convictions and his passion for the American way. He believed in a smaller government, less taxes, a vibrant economy, personal responsibility and accountability, and more freedom.

Second, Rush challenged the status quo.  Further, he challenged his listeners to question what they were being told. Rush is often credited with moving talk radio into the mainstream, but he never forgot to challenge the mainstream.   He would ask his listeners to really analyze what was happening around them.  He asked the listeners to pay attention to the decisions of those that led the country.  One ability that Rush possessed was the ability to look through the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream and uncover the truth of strategies, behaviors, and attitudes of leaders who had forgotten “we the people.”  People listen to Rush not just because he could make the listener laugh but rather because he could make the listener think and process the truth of government interactions and decisions.

Third, Rush called on his listeners to become engaged in the political process and conversation. Many current lawmakers credit Rush with influencing them to become involved in the American political landscape. Rush believed in the conservative movement.  Daily he challenged his listeners to embrace their beliefs and become engaged so that the result would be that their beliefs could shape their local and national politics. Rush used his platform to communicate, and he asked his listeners to use their platforms to communicate the conservative idea.

Fourth, Rush created a movement through his ideas and style. He started that movement with the concept of “ditto heads,” which symbolized men and women from across the nation that felt the same way about Rush’s ideas of the political system.  Rush triumphed the idea of a movement for and by the people. Rush was always thinking about how the political decisions and changes in Washington impacted the lives of Americans all across the heartland. Maybe this view began with Rush when he started his career in the bootheel of Missouri in the center of the country.

The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh

When Rush passed, millions of people mourned and knew that a consistent voice would be forever silenced. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis made the decision to lower the flags in the state to honor him during his funeral. Ronald Reagan once stated he knew that many called him a great communicator, and he responded that he just communicated great ideas. Rush indeed was a great communicator, and he communicated great ideas. He communicated those ideas repeatedly in creative and new ways, which has evolved into the modern conservative movement that has continued to make American great.

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Ken Gosnell is the CEO and Servant Leader of CEO Experience (CXP). His company serves Christian CEOs and leaders by helping them to hear the words Well Done. CEO Experience provides great retreat experiences for CEOs that both transform them and their organizations that enable them to go further faster. Ken is the publisher of the CXP CEO Executive Guide that is designed to help leaders learn faster by encouraging them to give themselves a monthly learning retreat. His monthly CEO retreats have helped thousands of CEOs and their leadership teams to enhance strategic, operational, and people accomplishments. He is a keynote speaker, executive coach, and strategic partner with CEOs and successful business leaders. He is also the author of the book Well Done - Biblical Business Principles leaders can use to Grow their business with Kingdom Impact

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The 90-year Shame of the New York Times

Despite its constant lies, propaganda, and censorship, the New York Times is regarded by many as the ‘newspaper of record,’ offering ‘all the news that’s fit to print’



The New York Times deliberately buried the story known as the Terror-Famine, in 1932 and 1933, which astoundingly killed 3.9 to 7.0 million Ukrainians, at least one out of every eight people, perhaps one out of every four people.

The editors at the Times were well aware that the famine was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin who forbade outside food and aid shipments, confiscated household food items, and restricted the mobility of Ukrainian citizens.

What made Stalin do this to a region known as “the world’s breadbasket”? He sought to punish independence-minded Ukrainians, quash anyone who represented a threat to his totalitarian government, and vanquish Ukraine’s small farms in favor of Soviet state-run collectives. Stalin lost no sleep over the legions of emaciated bodies, near death, scratching for any morsel of food they could find.

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Maniacal and Mendacious

Why did The New York Times bury this heart-wrenching, world-shaking story? Then, as now, their leftist bent was so intense and so all-encompassing that they couldn’t help themselves. The blunt truth is that they do not care who is hurt as long as socialist/Marxist/communist ideology prevails on earth.

In another 10 years, it will be at least 100 years since the Times and other heavily left-leaning organizations, which today comprise the highly biased ‘mainstream media,’ have been dominant.

In 2121, one hundred years from now, is it realistic to believe that the facade which the mainstream media has foisted on Americans and on free people around the globe will not continue to dominate?

Will their maniacal ideology, somehow, finally be exposed by some new form of information dissemination or some fundamental shift in media coverage?

Sheeple at the Trough

Just how biased and detrimental their slanted news coverage has been to humanity, globally, is difficult to fathom. For decades on end, when you prop up socialist, Marxist, or communist regimes, are you helping anyone?

The mainstream media has held a news and information monopoly for so long, so skillfully, that the facade is not remotely understood by those in its spell, and bitterly denounced by those who see the mainstream press for what it really is. In the long run, truth generally prevails.

Even today, after five years of attempting to prove it, not a shred of evidence indicates that Donald Trump, his administration, or his campaign colluded with Russia.

Still, you have Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and all the other dolts in Congress who will readily appear on TV and spew lies. They play the ‘talking head’ game with sympathetic hosts and continue the guise, holding sway over those who don’t know how to find out the truth.

A Stranglehold for the Ages

The stranglehold that the Left and the mainstream media has on humanity leads to some intriguing philosophical questions. Even before the mass media came into being, has there always been some entity that enforced its will upon the unwitting masses?

Throughout history, dictators and other rulers imposed their version of the truth on the unwitting masses. Even in societies where news and information was somewhat freely exchanged, has there always been a faction that sought to slant reality and the will of others? It seems likely.

In the 21st century, roughly half of the U.S. and roughly half of the globe are still subject to Leftist manipulation. Despite all the information sources that exist today, why does so much of the world still fall for obviously manufactured and manipulated news?

How can people keep tuning in to CNN or MSNBC, or for that matter the nightly news on ABC, NBC, or CBS? How many times does CBS have to be caught red-handed doctoring the news, slanting stories on 60 Minutes, and laying traps for people like Governor Ron DeSantis, only to be exposed?

And then, within a matter of days, having learned nothing, CBS reverts right back to more of their insidious ways of presenting information.

Living with Perpetual Lies

How often can The New York Times offer a story the latter proves to be completely untrue, and its editors knew was untrue at the time, and yet its readership is unfazed?

How can the Times continue to be regarded by many as the ‘newspaper of record,’ offering ‘all the news that’s fit to print’? What tidal wave of human understanding, once and for all, needs to occur before we universally recognize highly biased reporting sources for what they are?

In the U.K., news publications openly advocate a position, left or right, and don’t play pretend. Consumers understand the bias that each media outlet or newspaper maintains, can read articles, and judge them accordingly.

In the U.S., the mainstream press continues to push lie that they offer an objective, balanced view of what’s happening in the world. How can they continue to do this? Sadly, enough fools buy what they say… lock, stock, and barrel.

– – – – –



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