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Rush Limbaugh – The Real Great Communicator



Ronald Reagan is known as the great communicator. Maybe that title was given away prematurely. Rush Limbaugh has been the voice for conservatism for over 30 years. His daily talk show is listened to by millions.  The values that he discussed have helped shape the modern conservative movement. That same movement helped elect Donald Trump, President of the United States.

Rush communicated old ideas in a new and fresh way. He made conservativism seem cool.  He welcomed others to engage in the values that he knew built a Nation. Rush was authentic and consistent. He produced a three-hour radio program each day, where he would respond to callers with a transparent interaction that listeners appreciated and felt compelled to support. Rush engendered loyalty and developed a committed following before social media ever was invented.  Rush was an innovator and was a great communicator.

What was the message that Rush Limbaugh communicated, which resonated with his listeners and people worldwide?

The Ideas Rush Communicated:

First, Rush communicated the Greatness of America and Conservatism. Rush understood the goodness in America.  He knew that America was founded on the values of free speech and individual rights. He talked about the dangers of a large government that neglected the desires and wishes of the people. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Rush never wavered in his core convictions and his passion for the American way. He believed in a smaller government, less taxes, a vibrant economy, personal responsibility and accountability, and more freedom.

Second, Rush challenged the status quo.  Further, he challenged his listeners to question what they were being told. Rush is often credited with moving talk radio into the mainstream, but he never forgot to challenge the mainstream.   He would ask his listeners to really analyze what was happening around them.  He asked the listeners to pay attention to the decisions of those that led the country.  One ability that Rush possessed was the ability to look through the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream and uncover the truth of strategies, behaviors, and attitudes of leaders who had forgotten “we the people.”  People listen to Rush not just because he could make the listener laugh but rather because he could make the listener think and process the truth of government interactions and decisions.

Third, Rush called on his listeners to become engaged in the political process and conversation. Many current lawmakers credit Rush with influencing them to become involved in the American political landscape. Rush believed in the conservative movement.  Daily he challenged his listeners to embrace their beliefs and become engaged so that the result would be that their beliefs could shape their local and national politics. Rush used his platform to communicate, and he asked his listeners to use their platforms to communicate the conservative idea.

Fourth, Rush created a movement through his ideas and style. He started that movement with the concept of “ditto heads,” which symbolized men and women from across the nation that felt the same way about Rush’s ideas of the political system.  Rush triumphed the idea of a movement for and by the people. Rush was always thinking about how the political decisions and changes in Washington impacted the lives of Americans all across the heartland. Maybe this view began with Rush when he started his career in the bootheel of Missouri in the center of the country.

The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh

When Rush passed, millions of people mourned and knew that a consistent voice would be forever silenced. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis made the decision to lower the flags in the state to honor him during his funeral. Ronald Reagan once stated he knew that many called him a great communicator, and he responded that he just communicated great ideas. Rush indeed was a great communicator, and he communicated great ideas. He communicated those ideas repeatedly in creative and new ways, which has evolved into the modern conservative movement that has continued to make American great.

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Ken Gosnell is the CEO and Servant Leader of CEO Experience (CXP). His company serves Christian CEOs and leaders by helping them to hear the words Well Done. CEO Experience provides great retreat experiences for CEOs that both transform them and their organizations that enable them to go further faster. Ken is the publisher of the CXP CEO Executive Guide that is designed to help leaders learn faster by encouraging them to give themselves a monthly learning retreat. His monthly CEO retreats have helped thousands of CEOs and their leadership teams to enhance strategic, operational, and people accomplishments. He is a keynote speaker, executive coach, and strategic partner with CEOs and successful business leaders. He is also the author of the book Well Done - Biblical Business Principles leaders can use to Grow their business with Kingdom Impact

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The Dead Do Tell Tales

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Poignant Words

Apart from the FBI subterfuge surrounding Epstein’s death, I found the words of Dr. Maples, in describing typical suicide victims to be poignant. Maples is a forensic researcher, diagnosing how and when people died. In his book, Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Dr. Maples, he writes, “Many of the skeletons that come into my laboratory belong to suicide victims who behaved like shy hermits in their final hours.”

“Usually they are found in remote places. People often go to some hidden place to kill themselves, whether from a desire to act alone and unhindered, or because they wish simply to disappear in solitude, spending their last moments in reflective silence.”

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Be True to Yourself

The masses take pills by the boatload. The masses race though their days. The masses, by and large, live lives of tension and turmoil. Stress has become the malady of the generation, and it’s better to not to follow the crowd.

Being true to yourself means doing what you need to do to stay healthy, balanced, and relaxed. It means having inner directedness. It requires drawing upon your knowledge, experience, and instinct to carve your own path; and to have less stress because you are less swayed by popular or prevailing norms. It is thinking and acting based on an ever-developing internal guidance system.

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Throughout his 365 days in office, Biden has struggled to pronounce a word and then offers a non-sequitur to what he was originally saying. With regularity he tells stories that are simply false. He refers to his vice president as president. He insults vast segments of the population. He stumbles and stammers repeatedly. He checks his watch, fumbles with his mask, and snaps at people when he doesn’t like a question. And those are the least of his faux pas with audiences.

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