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People Who Dislike People, Themselves Included!

Leftists, programmed en masse to loath themselves, despoil every facet of our western culture



The newest high-profile target of the Left, Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has been doubling down in the last couple weeks on an observation he made following a Rasmussen Reports survey. In response to the question, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement, ‘It’s OK to be white’,” the survey revealed that 26% of black respondents disagreed, and another 21% said that they were not sure.

Just Suppose

Adams likened such responders to a massive hate group and suggested that white people “get the hell away from Black people.” A bit harsh, but let’s reverse the tables. Suppose a prominent, liberal black writer or political pundit saw a national survey, which revealed that 47% of whites felt it was not okay to be black or was unsure if it was okay to be black.

Suppose this pundit suggested to stay away from white people and that such responders represented a massive hate group. Would anybody cancel this pundit’s columns? Would major media create a firestorm?  Not likely.

Lamestream media outlets everywhere immediately dropped the Dilbert column. His publisher canceled his forthcoming book. Adams, a multi-millionaire many times over, reports that he’s already lost 80% of his weekly income.

Larger than That

Adams might be surprised to learn that the 47% of black respondents, if indeed they are representative of all blacks, does not represent the largest ‘hate’ group in the U.S. It is whites — 20% who disapprove of themselves or are “unsure” — who represent a far larger number, by raw population. Extrapolation has its risks, still, 47% of the country’s 47.2 million blacks equals 22.2 million people and 20% of the country’s 204.3 million whites equals 40.9 million people (all figures rounded).

Tens of millions of white people have been brainwashed to believe that their ethnicity and skin color is detrimental to our nation. You can bet the farm that they’re all Democrats or liberals, and Biden voters. To them, by simply being born, they become a menacing cultural blight.

When late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon announced to his studio audience that the white population of the U.S. had declined 8.6% in the last decade, they responded with raucous laughter and clapping. He seemed shocked but sought to mask it. “Interesting reaction to that,” he quipped. Granted, Fallon has sucked up to “progressives” for many years, but the situation is more bizarre than interesting.

Protectors of the Realm

These self-appointed protectors of the realm seek to politically and financially quash any person, place, or thing which they regard as offensive to others. Why? They are “virtuous” caretakers of “social justice” “inclusion” and “equity.” Concurrently, many minority individuals are baffled by what whites enjoy canceling, merely because the white majority perceives it to be offensive to particular minorities.

Do you dislike The Cat in the Hat? Michelle Obama invited The Cat in the Hat characters to the White House on January 21, 2015, to read to young children as part of her “Let’s Move, Let’s Read!” initiative. She exclaimed, “Pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss.” Did anyone in attendance, anyone at all — Mrs. Obama included – regard these invited actors as portraying racial stereotypes?

Was a single person offended or outraged? Photographs and newspaper accounts of that event revealed that the opposite was true. So, when did The Cat in the Hat, other Dr. Seuss books, and his array of characters become “racist” when not a single sentence or character changed in any of his books?

Self-loathing liberals who despise anything which they suspect somehow disparage minorities, however, have been able to drum up massive press coverage of the now offensive Dr. Seuss books.

Stranger Than Fiction

Oddly, these self-loathing liberals feel morally superior to everybody else. As such, they display an odd psychosocial characteristic which social scientists will be examining for decades to come: How individuals, programmed en masse to loath themselves, despoil every facet of our western culture which they doesn’t meet their highly subjective standards.

These contorted standards become entrenched as part of a liberal, Leftist, unquestionable doctrine and then spread over the Internet like kudzu. And who among this throng of millions dares to question pervasive woke doctrine?

As they proceed with their many forms of boycotts and doxxing, such as the public ostracism of Scott Adams, and deepen their embrace of cancel culture, it’s difficult to forecast when, if ever, the dam will break. Self-loathing whites constantly glean positive strokes and virtue signal with one another.

I Feel Giddy, Oh So Giddy

They are notably giddy to be accepted in the club of the ‘morally superior’ and are fanatic about their ‘righteous mission.’ Each one of them sense to the marrow in their bones that they are on the ‘right side’ of history. Sadly, they are on the maniacal side of cultural and social suicide.

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Jeff Davidson is the world's only holder of the title "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" as awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management. Visit for more information on Jeff's keynote speeches and seminars, including: Managing the Pace with Grace® * Achieving Work-Life Balance™ * Managing Information and Communication Overload®


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Bite-Sized Motivation

The insights or wisdom we need to get us going often don’t have to be more than a few words



I’ve spoken to 1075 audiences at conventions, conferences, and meetings, and have had the opportunity to hear probably 800 other speakers as well.

The insights, perspectives, or wisdom we need, to get us going often don’t have to be more than a few words. Here are 52 of my own six word “speeches,” drawn from my keynotes and breakout session on the topic of work-life balance. Some of these likely will resonate with you:

Choose from what you already have.
Everyone needs breathing space, especially you.
Information overload obscures meaning and relevance.
Deep breathes are essential for well-being.

Make every day an organized day.
Allow your natural rhythms to rule.
Stay confident and in control daily.
Manage your time, manage your life.

Slow down to plot your course.
Look for the best in others.
Make yourself indispensable on the job.
Compete with yourself, not with others.

Learn to take control of today.
Manage your time to make time.
Take control of your desk clutter.
You’re the best when you’re fresh.

Do something to take control now.
Major projects often require a jumpstart.
Methodically pare down your paper piles.
Don’t attempt too much at once.

Evaluate your situation and what’s important.
Narrow your priorities to stay focused.
Avoid making promises you can’t keep.
Learn to embrace your many talents.

Take the time to become organized.
Become aware of how you react.
Arrange your space; help isn’t coming.
Manage the flat surfaces in life.

Periodically challenge yourself to perform better.
Take long, deep breaths as needed.
Reclaim your places, spaces, and graces.
Start big projects well in advance.

Don’t rush the truly important things.
Make the best use of today.
Schedule accordingly: plan for your future.
Be kind, cut yourself some slack.

Opportunity knocks, but are you answering?
Conventional wisdom has diminishing value.
When practical, substitute time for money.
The market for top talent lives.

The self-reliant survive and thrive.
Leadership requires forethought and super-vision.
Learn from and capitalize on mistakes.
Firmly face the future with confidence.

“Now” holds a lot of opportunity.
Control but don’t curb your enthusiasm.
Treading water won’t propel you forward.
Have you ever really tested yourself?

Life goes on; do your best.
Continually seek out the higher ground.
Luck is distributed evenly, but disguised.
You must be doing something right.



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What Does the Term African American Mean?

The Left vehemently champions racial division



I’ve never understood why Black Americans for several decades running were referred to as African Americans. Even if their ancestors were from Africa, the majority of the nation’s 44 million Black Americans has never been to Africa, have no viable connection to the continent itself, and have little or no concern about it.

Please Explain it to Me

Now here’s the really confusing part. Black Canadians, to my knowledge, generally have never been called African Canadians. Black people in Mexico have not been called African Mexicans. There’s little use of this type of terminology in Europe such as African French, African Italians, African Spanish, or African Portuguese.

Why, only in America, did the description of Black Americans, namely African Americans ever take hold? Overarching names for the various races have fallen out of favor in recent years. White Americans generally are not referred to as Caucasians. Black Americans are not referred to as Negroes.

Endless Morphs

You have to wonder how and why terminology, for various segments of our population, keeps morphing into something new. At one time white Americans referred to black people as colored people. If I were a member of the black community and was referred to by white people as a colored person, I would be upset. We all have a color!

Later, the most appropriate way to address someone of color was to say they were a person of color. However, that is also a misnomer as once again, we are all of some color.

Scientists, anthropologists, social researchers, and others have pointed out that theoretically there are no races. If you lined up every single person on Earth from the lightest skin to the darkest skin the gradation from person to person would be so slight as to be virtually undetectable.

I like the approach that actor Morgan Freeman has taken, and I wish that more people would adopt it. He has eloquently stated, on many occasions, that one way to stop being obsessed with race is to stop talking about it.

Obsessed with Race

A large faction within the U.S. – Democrats — are populated by subgroups with overlapping views: liberals, progressives, socialists, and Marxists. They want to keep race at the forefront of all public discourse. In their eyes, virtually any topic that you can address – the total eclipse in April, for example – has some underlying racial component embedded within it. Not all topics have a racial component, but that is what they propagate on a daily basis.

What’s more, people on the Left are on the ever-present lookout for anything which they regard as a transgression when others are referring to minorities. They particularly are focused on anything that a Conservative says, at any time, even if it was 30 or 40 years ago, that to the Left some way represents a slight or lack of respect for minorities, particularly Black Americans.

For these ‘race police’ it’s like a game. They are delighted when they are able to find something, anything, that they can aggrandize to the hilt, have the mainstream media pick up, and whip into a social and cultural frenzy.

This bit of historical news might be hard to recall, but four years before Barack Obama was elected U.S. president, the topic of race was less contentious. A Gallup Poll revealed that 74% White Americans and 68% of Black Americans felt that race relations in the country were good. 19 years later, 43% of White people and 33% of Black people reported the same.

If we could only return to those pre-Obama days when Americans, of all types, had some common goals and shared the same types of aspirations such as succeeding in their professions, building a strong financial base for their family, and raising happy and healthy children.

Divided Forever?

Alas, with so many on the Left vehemently championing racial division it looks as if we don’t have good prospects, at least for the immediate future, to return to those hallowed, pre-Obama days. As an eternal optimist, however, I believe that one day the clamor will die down, and once again, we will simply all be Americans.



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