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People are Getting Sick of Dr. Anthony Fauci



The media likes portray Dr. Fauci as a good Dr. whose only concern is the health and safety of a nation. A Norman Rockwell picture emerges of a concerned, white coated Fauci wielding a tongue depressor into a young boy. This view is enforced by the lack of dissent by the medical community to his varied and sometimes contradictory recommendations. To make sure that he is foremost in the public’s eye he made 354 public appearances on TV, radio, and online. He pitched the first ball for the Washington Nationals. He was on the cover of People, Time, Brooklyn and In style magazines.

What we are being sold is a Walt Disney version of the pandemic raging in the halls of government. Too many entrenched bureaucrats that seem to have a teacher’s tenure against firing for incompetence.  So who is this Anthony Fauci? First of all he is not a doctor in the traditional sense. He is trained and spent his career not in any type of practice but as a clinical physiologist. In layman’s terms he studies the causes and effects of different types of testing and treatments on a multitude of diseases. Anthony is also the highest paid federal employee in the nation. In 2020 he took home a grand total of $434,000.00. He is also one of the very few clinical physiologist much less MD’s that employs both a security detail and a publicity agent.

Anyone who is paid so much, receives so many accolades must be good for something. Since he was appointed by Ronald Regan and has been in the same position for 37 years. Dr. Fauci is responsible for doling out billions in taxpayer funds for research. There must be a history of good works and outstanding recommendations. His first test in his role as director of the National institute of allergies and infectious diseases (NIAID) was the AIDs crisis.

In 1983 the good doctor wrote an article in the Journal for American Medicine regarding a theory that Aids could be spread by casual contact based upon a baby born with AIDS. The press ran with it and suddenly AIDs wasn’t only a gay man’s disease. It could be caught anywhere from door knobs to toilets seats. In the ensuing panic the NIAID budget was substantially increased, as well as billions from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and Clinton Foundation.  No one thought to question whether the mother had AIDS to begin with. For such a stunning misdirection Anthony was promoted to Director of the NIAID.

By 1984 in a move described as “Science by press conference” an employee of Fauci, a Dr. Robert Gallo announced he had discovered the AIDS virus and it was the “Public health threat of the century”. Dr. Gallo coincidentally also discovered a way to test for the AIDS virus he “discovered”, and went on to make millions from the test despite the large number of false positives the testing produced. In response to this public health threat some good Doctors came forward to report the promising results from using a drug called Bactrim. This drug had been in use for a decade to treat immune compromised individuals like children with Leukemia. Dr. Fauci went on to discourage its use in favor of ATZ which cost upwards of $8,000 a shot. It all worked out to be a win win for everyone except Aids patients.

By 2014 another crisis was needed to refill the coffers of the NIAID, along comes Ebola. Despite the fact that the fatality rate for Ebola is somewhere 50% to 65% of those that are infected the good Dr. admonished governors and mayors that wanted to lock down their towns and cities to stop the spread. He even went so far as to rally against isolating returning health care workers from infected areas until they were deemed safe. He did heartily approve sending our troops to Africa to help with humanitarian aid to developing countries fight the Ebola Virus.

After what in his mind was successfully and profitably fight off several infections in his career he needed a new more deadly disease to cap off his long career. He began to direct tax dollars towards gain of function research in the United States. When word got out it was the study of making dangerous animal diseases jump to humans President Obama made a show of stopping “new” research in the states. Our good doctor then proceeded to enlist his good friend Peter Daszak to forward a government grant thru his NGO, ECO Health Alliance, to the labs in Wuhan China. Dr. Fauci felt it was important for science. (Peter has since been thrown off the UN backed Conovirus probe) The good doctor then resisted Trump’s attempts to cancel all funding to ECO Health.

It is now common knowledge from his e-mails that Dr. Fauci believed one set of facts but mislead the public with an opposite set of directives. Everything from lock downs, to one mask two masks, to two weeks to flatten the curve. He even tried to discourage and discredit the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM) in favor of the more costly vaccine.

Why were we being treated like lab rats in Anthony’s personal laboratory? Why is the only way to our reward, our freedom, blocked and we must follow the Doctor’s Orders. You can go to Walmart but not a local store. You must take the jab but not HCQ, or AZM. You can’t go to church or vote but you can protest. Since the good doctor is a Clinical physiologist studying the causes and effect of different treatments maybe the disease he is trying to eradicate is not conovirus, but democracy. If the disease you are fighting is democracy what better way to flatten the curve than by taking away our freedoms. Quarantine us from our God given rights and isolate us from each other so as not to question the narrative. Make the general population to afraid to question authority, because the science it settled, Dr. Fauci said so.

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My name is Steve and I’m a news junkie. I’ve always believed the fourth estate’s job was to keep our leaders honest. It seems that job is now left to citizen journalists. I have entered the fray after a rich and varied career, not much of which was writing. I have delivered papers, worked for government, managed million dollar projects, been recruited by both sides of the isle to shill at rallies, canvassed for the opposition, and done some writing in my time. My goal is to both inform and entertain thru questioning the status quo.

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What to Say Instead of “I Told You So!”

I’m not going to say “I told you so.”



I’m not going to say “I told you so.”

I won’t say, “We told you so,” or “conservatives told you so,” or “Donald Trump told you so,” because I don’t want to rub it in. That isn’t the intention here.
No, what I want to say is, “Will you kindly listen up now that all the proof shows that Anthony Fauci is a proven liar who led our entire country astray?”

In fact, you could modify the old liberal chant: Fauci lied and people died.

100 years from now Anthony Fauci’s name will be synonymous with Benedict Arnold. “Fauci” will also be a verb meaning, “To lie and deceive in the worst way.”

New emails show that Fauci knew that masks are ineffective.

New emails show that he knew it came from China.

New emails show that he knew the US was funding “gain of function” research in Wuhan, funded through a subsidiary.

Fauci recently perjured himself while being questioned under oath by Senator Rand Paul.

And while he was lying to us, basking in the glory as his newfound role as savior of the American people, taking a page from the Andrew Cuomo playbook, he wrote a book about how amazing he is!

So, we conservatives have been right every step of the way. The left blasted us, mocked us, ridiculed us, turned our gullible friends against us. We were told that we were like drunk drivers without our masks, wantonly killing old people.

Worse, people died because of his lies.

We are the greatest country on earth. Not perfect, of course, but always the leader of the free world who the rest of the world looks to for leadership.

Anthony Fauci, the Democratic party, and their shills in the mainstream media lied to you in the most egregious way and for one sole reason: To con you into hating Trump and electing an old man with dementia.

And their destruction of the US continues: Soaring gas prices, trouble with the economy, trillions of dollars in new debt, hundreds of thousands of illegals let into the country, jobs killed, saber rattling with Russia and on and on and on.

We also now know from the new emails that Joe Biden WAS meeting with his son Hunter’s business associates from other countries while he was the sitting Vice-President. He is in fact in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. Biden lied to you repeatedly about that and it is proven now.

My friends, we are in a perilous time when Americans are unable to trust their politicians and the media. Many people are hurt and embarrassed that they were conned. Most will probably never admit it. I just hope they take notice and refuse to be duped again in the future by the totalitarian left that seeks to radically transform our country into a socialist dystopia.

Now we will just wait for the other shoe to drop: audits from states that will clearly show they were lying to you about something else: The shenanigans around the 2020 election. Give it sixty days at most and the country will be shocked at what is found.

It is time to stop believing Democrats. They were wrong at every turn over the last year, and frankly, they knew they were wrong but used it to manipulate you anyway.

It is time to start listening to conservatives. We are not swayed by emotions. We are the true “party of science,” as is now known from the released emails.

We need to right this ship, and soon.

Instead of saying, “I told you so,” say, “Please just don’t make the same mistake again.”

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Two Men Who Can Put an End to the Idea of Covid Vaccine Passports

Many people are terribly concerned about the idea of governments around the world rolling out a Covid vaccine passport



Many people are terribly concerned about the idea of governments around the world rolling out a Covid vaccine passport, and the idea that you would be required to have one. Of course there are many concerns, including tracking of people, and privacy issues. But there are two men right now who can put an end to this, especially if they have the support of their legislators. PolitiCrossing founder Chris Widener shares a quick video on who these two men are exactly what they could do that would put the pressure on the airlines in the cruising industry and virtually end the proposal of vaccine passports. Check it out here:

The Daily Mail is Reporting:

The Daily Mail article says:

“Industry executives have voiced their concern for DeSantis’ ban on vaccine mandates, and have warned investors they might have to relocate operations out of Florida. DeSantis has shown no signs of backing down. Speaking to reporters on Friday, he said: ‘We are going to enforce Florida law. I mean, we have Florida law. We have laws that protect the people and the privacy of our citizens, and we are going to enforce it.'”

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