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Only Revival Can Save America Now

Revival is the only way to save America.



Christian Revival: The Only Way to Save America

Here is the fact: No politician will save America. America is too far gone. We are in debt to the tune of 32 Trillion dollars, our culture is trashy. We are as divided as we ever have been since the Civil War. We have divided into tribes that war with one another. We have a clash of worldviews. Ultimately, the problem is that we have turned away from God. Without revival, it doesn’t matter who gets elected next.

America has always been known as a land of great opportunity and freedom, a nation that was founded on the principles of Christian faith. However, in recent times, America has been facing significant challenges that threaten its very existence. From rampant materialism and consumerism to moral decay and social fragmentation, America is in dire need of spiritual transformation. In light of these challenges, I believe that revival is the only way to save America.

Revival is a spiritual awakening that occurs when people turn away from their sins and turn towards God. It is a time when the Holy Spirit moves powerfully in the hearts of individuals, churches, and communities, bringing about a renewed passion for God, a hunger for His Word, and a desire for personal and social transformation. Revival is not a one-time event, but a continuous process that involves ongoing repentance, prayer, and obedience to God’s Word.

The Need for Revival in America

America is facing a host of problems that can only be solved through revival. The materialistic culture that pervades American society has resulted in a breakdown of the family structure, an increase in divorce rates, and a rise in substance abuse and addiction. The entertainment industry, which promotes immorality and violence, has desensitized people to sin and undermined the moral fabric of society. Additionally, the widespread availability of pornography has led to the objectification and degradation of women, and the legalization of abortion has resulted in the loss of millions of innocent lives.

The church in America has also been affected by these cultural trends, with many churches becoming complacent, apathetic, and ineffective in their mission. Many Christians have abandoned the truth of God’s Word, embracing a watered-down version of Christianity that accommodates the culture’s values. Consequently, the church has lost its influence on society, and many people have become disillusioned with Christianity.

In light of these challenges, many Christian leaders are calling for revival in America. They believe that only a spiritual awakening can bring about the transformation that is needed to save America. One of the most famous quotes about revival comes from the theologian and pastor AW Tozer, who said, “A revival is not a special event, it is a prevailing condition.” This quote captures the essence of revival, which is a continuous state of spiritual awakening that involves ongoing repentance, prayer, and obedience to God’s Word.

Leonard Ravenhill, another famous preacher and writer on revival, also emphasized the need for revival in America. He said, “An unrevived church, like unrevived personal life, may continue to function, but it cannot rise to its former glory. We cannot compromise with God. We cannot draw near to Him with unclean hearts. Only repentance and obedience can bring us back to Him. The revival we need today is not just a change in methodology or strategy, but a change in our hearts and priorities. Let us pray that God will revive us again.”

In essence, Ravenhill is pointing out that Christian revival is not merely a superficial or external change. It is not just about implementing new programs or strategies within the church, but rather a deep transformation of the heart and a return to obedience to God’s will. This kind of revival requires humility, repentance, and a genuine desire to seek God’s face. And when it comes, it brings about a renewed passion for Christ and a greater sense of purpose and joy in serving Him.

I believe that Christian revival is the only way to save America. Our country is facing many problems, such as a decline in moral values, social unrest, and political polarization. These issues are deeply rooted in the spiritual condition of our nation, and only a spiritual awakening can bring true change.

AW Tozer, a renowned Christian theologian, once said, “A revival is not a special event but a divine intervention.” This statement captures the essence of what Christian revival is all about. It is not a human effort, but a work of God that brings about a renewed sense of spiritual fervor and commitment to Christ.

Leonard Ravenhill, another influential Christian preacher, believed that revival was necessary for the church to fulfill its mission in the world. He once said, “The church that is man-managed instead of God-governed is doomed to failure.” Ravenhill believed that revival was the key to unlocking the power of the church and enabling it to fulfill its God-given mission.

The Bible also speaks of revival and its importance in the life of the nation. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God says, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” This verse shows us that revival is not just about personal spiritual renewal, but it also has national implications. Revival can bring about healing and restoration to our land.

America is facing many problems that can only be solved through revival. One of the biggest issues we are facing is a decline in moral values. Our society has become increasingly secular and materialistic, and this has led to a breakdown of traditional values such as marriage, family, and respect for authority.

However, Christian revival can bring about a renewed sense of moral values and a commitment to Biblical principles. Revival can remind us that we are accountable to God for our actions and that there are eternal consequences to our choices. As AW Tozer said, “The church needs a revival of moral discernment in order to be able to distinguish between good and evil.”

Another problem facing America is social unrest. We are living in a time of great division and polarization. There is a growing sense of anger and resentment between different groups in our society, and this has led to violence and chaos in our streets.

However, Christian revival can bring about a renewed sense of unity and reconciliation. Revival can remind us that we are all made in the image of God and that we are called to love and serve one another. As Leonard Ravenhill said, “Revival is when God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented that He shows up Himself.” When God shows up in our midst, we will be filled with a sense of awe and wonder that will break down the walls of division and bring us together in Christ.

Finally, political polarization is another problem facing America. Our political system has become increasingly divided, and there is a growing sense of cynicism and distrust towards our elected officials. This has led to a lack of progress on important issues such as healthcare, immigration, and the environment.

However, Christian revival can bring about a renewed sense of political engagement and a commitment to the common good. Revival can remind us that we are called to be salt and light in the world and that we have a responsibility to work for justice and peace. As AW Tozer said, “Revival means a community aflame with God, a neighborhood where men and women are glad to dwell because there is nothing they love so much as God.”

Christian revival is the only way to save America. We are facing many problems that can only be solved through a renewed sense of spiritual fervor and commitment to Christ.

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Chris is the Founder of PolitiCrossing, one of the World's Top 50 Speakers and a member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. He considers it a privilege to be able to speak to people, help them lead successful lives, become extraordinary leaders and, masterful salespeople. Chris has authored twenty-three books with three million copies in print in 14 languages and over 450 articles on success, leadership, sales and motivation.


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Let’s Reclaim America’s Optimism Advantage



On this New Year’s Day, America needs more than a parade and great football games; our people need renewed optimism in living our American Dream. Instead of looking for government fixes or some magical new president who will make things right, we need a kick in the pants to get busy making America work no matter what obstacles we face.

At the 1992 Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan shared what he considered the secret of his success as our President: “I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence, rather than your doubts.”

Oh, how we need leadership like that in America today. As we start this year, too many people feel powerless. Inflation may be coming down, but high fuel and food prices have taken their toll on far too many Americans. Watching the invasion on our Southern border means too many of our cities are being overwhelmed with no end in sight. We wonder if there is anything we can do but watch. The sense of despair and helplessness is contagious, but so is optimism. What attitude do you spread?

There is more than you think within your control. Every day, you make choices to make your situation better or worse. Studies of optimism find that optimism comes from a track record of overcoming obstacles. If you have had obstacles the last few years and are still making it work, pat yourself on the back. Be a proud survivor, not a victim so many seem to take pride in claiming to be.

Make each day count by starting your day doing one thing to make your situation better. Find one way to cut expenses. Find a way to increase your resources. Make a call or visit to nurture your network of colleagues and friends. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes, both big and small. Nurture your faith realizing that God gave you gifts and give thanks every day for the blessings you have. Lest you forget, you’re blessed to live in America. People risk everything to come here, and few want to leave.

Yes, this is an election year, and it would sure be a gift to have a leader who would nurture the hope and optimism of all our citizens. So as the campaigns progresses and you listen to potential leaders vying for your support, ask yourself a few key questions:

Do they want to control your choices or ensure your freedoms?

Do they want to make you more or less dependent on government?

Do they want to increase the size of government and entitlements and the taxes needed to fund them or decrease them?

Do they want to force your children to go to public schools that don’t’ get the results your children deserve, or are they willing to give you the freedom to pick the schools your children need?

Do they disagree with their opponents and state why, or do they demean them and call them names?

Do they want to grow the size of government and its debt, or do they want to decrease both?

Do they believe in the citizens they represent, or do they convey that they are the answer to America’s future?

Do they take responsibility for their mistakes and actions or quickly deny responsibility and blame others?

No President is perfect. It’s easy to promise and a lot harder to deliver. Reagan focused on three things: an optimism based on free-enterprise innovation, smaller government, and lower taxes. He delivered on all but smaller government. As Reagan advisor Arnold Laffer confessed, “When it came to cutting welfare payments and school lunch,…it was very hard. Someone would come over and say, ‘How can you cut school lunches?’ Reagan would reply, ‘I guess you’re right; I’ll tell them not to cut that one.’”

The pressure to keep growing government is tempting and easy to understand, but it is not what America was created for. America’s form of government was designed to protect citizens from an over-controlling, over-taxing government. We need to reclaim that passion for freedom and self-reliance. Our founding citizens wanted the opportunity to pursue happiness, not happiness given to them at the expense of other taxpayers.

The election is months away. So I’m going to borrow on the optimism of Ronald Reagan to inspire us all on this first day of 2024: “I’m not taking your time…to ask you to trust me. Instead, I ask you to trust yourself. That is what America is all about… It’s the power of millions of people like you who will determine what will make America great again.”

Reagan wouldn’t want us to wait for the next election. We’ve had enough of eloquent politicians who think they have all the answers. We need to believe in ourselves and get busy living our own dreams. Then, in November, let’s elect a leader who will stay out of our way and give “We the People” freedom again—freedom to fail, succeed, and thrive in our own American Dream!
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Three Cheers for Christian America

Thank you for safeguarding the public and private expressions of others



Considering all the nations in the world and the dominating religions within those nations, Christianity is the most beneficial. When Christians are in the majority, it is good for everyone who resides there.

Christians during the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, and up to the mid-20th century contributed to much of the world’s turmoil. In recent decades, however, they have been the most accommodating, accepting, and peaceful group. I’m glad I live in a Christian nation and, given the options globally, would not have it any other way.

Best of the Best

Particularly in America, Christians today are tolerant, acknowledging the rights of others. They recognize the right of Israel to exist. They fully embrace Israel’s strategic role in the Middle East.

Too many people on the left who regard themselves as the arbiters of what is right and true, in minor and major ways have been persecuting Christians for decades. They do not want public displays of Christianity anywhere in America. Their agenda is to remove all vestiges of religion in America. They contend that America would be a better, more egalitarian nation.

Just the opposite is true. Those who want to stamp out religion in America don’t understand that our origins and 250-year history is based on Judeo-Christian principles. The cancel culture left seek to reject the U.S. Constitution out-of-hand.

We have encountered leftist groups who shatter statues and historic symbols they deem to be oppressive and part of an old regime that was illegitimate from the outset. Many of these perpetrators hide behind ski masks while regarding themselves as heroes. In reality, they are fascists, seeking to control us.

Leftist enforcers have no idea how intolerant they are and that they are no better than those they seek to diminish. In the U.S., people of all faiths are free to celebrate their faith. If one particular faith, Christianity, was predominant from inception, to today, that does not preclude other religious groups from celebrating.

Congress: Hands Off

Leftists make erroneous statements about the “separation of church and state.” The phrase simply is not contained in the Constitution or any founding document. It appeared in a letter that President Thomas Jefferson sent to a Baptist congregation in Danbury, Connecticut. His note to them was designed to reaffirm that the government would not make dictates related to the church.

The First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So, when it comes to religion, Congress must keep its hand off.

As a nonreligious person, I have nothing against seeing a religious display on public or private property. Indeed, America shorn of religious symbology would be a dismal place. The Ten Commandments on a public plaque? Fine. Christmas trees in the town square? Flip on the lights! A mosque being built in America? Why not?

As long as everyone is tolerant of other religions, such developments represent no threat to anyone. It is those who operate in secret who represent a threat, as are those who wish to vanquish the rights of others to publicly exhibit symbology.

The Option to Sing Along

When I attended grammar school, I was exposed to the annual Christmas pageant. I had the choice to skip the assembly. In each case, however, I chose to enjoy the merriment of the festivities, but not sing along. My young classmates did not require me to capitulate. Nor did I expect them to modify their festival to accommodate me. Would any aware American who moved to another country expect that country to diminish their celebrations to accommodate the newbie?

I’ve had the opportunity to visit 46 of the 50 states, and 73 countries. I have walked through hallowed halls of shrines, mosques, churches, and ashrams. While Christians are being persecuted in many countries around the world, I don’t know of a single instance today where people feel unsafe in a Christian majority country.

So, I say to you, if you are a Christian, in America, please know that large numbers of us support your right to practice your religion.

For All You Do

Thank you for safeguarding the public and private expressions of others. Thank you for helping to establish a climate where non-Christians and others can feel welcome. Thank you for becoming a peaceful, tolerant religion that rightfully serves as a model for others around the globe.

– – – – –



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