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No, Governor Newsom, Climate Change Did Not Cause the Dixie Fire

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After touring the Dixie Fire’s devastation in Greenville, California Governor Gavin Newsom acknowledged that the state must do more to manage its forests. Seems promising, right?

Then he said this:

“At the end of the day we have to acknowledge this—the dries are getting a lot drier, the heat and hot weather are a lot hotter than they have ever been. We need to acknowledge, just straight-up, that these are climate-induced wildfires.”

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“At the end of the day …” and “… climate-induced …”? Translation: The governor thinks the Dixie Fire was caused by climate change. This is just not accurate.

PG&E equipment and a fallen tree caused the Dixie Fire. So did environmentalist-induced improper forest management, over dependence on water diversion to power hydroelectric plants, eschewing fossil fuel energy production, and relying on a power company that relies on unreliable infrastructure in critical canyon areas.

Course change needed

In short, governor, climate change is the essential factor in Dixie’s ferocity, it’s not the cause. Stop blaming California’s energy and forest failures on the ultimate progressive bogeyman.

If Governor Newsom survives his recall and is serious about smart forest management and holding PG&E’s feet to the fire, California can work toward avoiding future tragedies like Paradise and Greenville. I hope he is, but his words point to the same nonsensical thinking that helped set the stage for Dixie.

If he truly thinks climate change “induced” Dixie, look for a continuation of PG&E wrist slapping, water diversion to hydroelectric plants, resistance to fossil fuel sources, and more, but likely not enough smart forest management.

Perhaps this tragedy has altered Newsom’s thinking just enough to effect real change. Something has to give. Sacramento must stop letting environmentalist shape policy and start trusting loggers and forest managers to thin woods and reduce fuel.

Otherwise, every fire season could be more hellacious than the last.

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Patrick grew up in Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas with a master’s degree in journalism and advertising. His undergraduate degree is in English and photography. He served six years in the U.S. Navy where his life was changed forever by the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California with his wife, dog and two cats. He enjoys hiking and cycling, taking pictures, writing and blogging at

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The event series debuts in Jacksonville, Florida from Oct. 7-8.

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Micro-tasking, not Multitasking, for Effective Performance

Professionals who can micro-task are in demand; multitaskers are doing themselves and their organizations a disservice.



Much as been discussed about multitasking and fortunately, much of what has been written exposes the myth that multitasking represents. Instead of making us more productive and having a greater output, we tend to slow down on the very things that were trying to speed up on, and we end up making more errors.

Micro-tasking, by contrast, is the ability to compartmentalize and to focus in quick, short intervals on a variety of items that compete for attention — a vital skill for career professionals. Micro-tasking is effective for quick decisions, and for handling routine and short term tasks term nature. Multitasking is the attempt to handle two important tasks at the same time. It is not to be confused with micro-tasking.

A Skill to Cultivate

Some workers have little choice in the short run but to work in a distracting, noisy environment. Some employees, in particular, were retained to be able to quickly shift their attention from one issue to another, focusing on each issue as needed.

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In an interruption-based environment, such as a hospital, police station, retail store, or airline ticket counter, the ability to micro-task is a valuable skill. Throughout the course of a day, a manager in such settings might encounter a variety of people asking questions and voicing concerns. For sale managers micro-tasking can make all the difference in making quota or not.

Tasks that require our sharp attention necessitate that we slow down, focus, keep interruptions at bay, and work as effectively as we can, toward completion. Handling two tasks simultaneously, each of which require sharp attention, is a prescription for poor results.

Be in Demand

Professionals who can micro-task are in demand. Others, who engage in multitasking, are doing themselves and their organizations, a disservice.

– – – – –



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