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New Documentary ‘Selection Code’ Reveals Likely Voting Machine Tampering in Colorado



Patriots concerned about election fraud aren’t giving up, still trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election and tightening up election integrity laws. “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it,” goes the saying made famous by British PM Winston Churchill. While the Democrats and fake news media are going all out to ridicule Americans merely for wanting to avoid serious crimes affecting the very foundation of this country, they’re not giving up. The left may refer to activists as believing “The Big Lie,” but the activists refer to them right back as believing “The Bigger Lie.” 


Documentaries continue to come out exposing very troubling discrepancies, including “Selection Code” which just came out this month. It features the experience of former Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, who started digging into why her red county in Colorado, 65% Republican and 35% Democrat, suddenly swung to the left in the April 2021 election, electing four far left progressives to city council. She said the winners announced they had won and the margins of their wins 30 minutes before she’d even called the election.


The cancer survivor and Gold Star mom wasn’t even involved in politics until she ran for the position in 2017, and she knew she’d be targeted and ridiculed if she started investigating the election — but she never thought they’d come after her and her staff with prosecution. 


Peters was told by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who is funded by the George Soros network, that the state was going to install a new version of the election software on her election computers that would delete election files. They refused to let her watch or help her with a backup. Since Peters is required by law to retain election files for 25 months after the election, she made her own copy of those files in advance. She also made a copy of them after the update. 


She discovered by comparing the two that key files were deleted during the installation. She released the versions of the backups to the public, which became known as the Mesa Reports 1, 2 and 3


Selection Code features database and systems analyst Jeffrey O’Donnell, who examined the versions and concluded that the final accurate vote count in the county could not be determined. He found that new adjudication and tabulation databases had been created, where all of the ballots were transferred except 5,500. In those new databases, the number of adjudicated cases (ballots where there was an overvote, write-in candidate, or other issue that needed human intervention) decreased by 50%, from 10% to 5%. Peters said she believes 20,000 people who don’t live in Colorado illegally voted. 


The retaliation was brutal. Griswold filed a lawsuit to bar Peters from overseeing the 2022 election. Peters’ office was raided by law enforcement while she traveled to an election integrity summit, the South Dakota Cyber Symposium. It came out that the SOS had its own passwords to her election equipment. 


The FBI raided her home; taking all of her computer equipment, forcing her daughter to stand on the porch in her underwear and carelessly rifling through her late son’s last box of belongings. Peters ran for SOS and lost the primary race in June. A legal defense fund has been set up for her.


The head of the Colorado County Clerks Association, Matt Crane, is married to a spouse who works for the voting machine company, so he frequently pipes up to blast Peters, with news outlets always identifying him as Republican. 


The documentary also featured election experts — some testifying to Congress — who discussed how easy it was to manipulate voting machines as early as during the 1980s. An article from 1988 in The New Yorker interviewed early cyber experts explaining how voting machines could be manipulated without anyone knowing except the coder. A video clip showed one expert telling former CBS news anchor Dan Rather that he could put “the fix” into coding and change one-third of the votes in a presidential election.


The documentary quoted Willis Ware, a Rand Corporation computer specialist, who warned those attending a 1987 conference on the security of computer-tabulated elections. “There is probably a Chernobyl or a Three Mile Island waiting to happen in some election, just as a Richter 8 earthquake is waiting to happen in California,” he said. 


But will Peters be able to ever prove in a court of law what happened? If there is a programmer who created coding to tip the election, who decides to come clean, that will be the smoking gun. But that’s a long shot — even if a $1 million reward was offered, who is going to want to admit massive voter fraud that would land them in prison?


Republicans have had difficulty getting to the bottom of voter fraud due to the left dominating the legal system combined with sloppy investigators and reporting. Websites thirsty for clicks post hysterical articles declaring criminal election fraud and demanding people go to prison, but all too often the “crimes” — such as using a lower threshold for signature verification — don’t violate the law so it begins to look like the boy who cried wolf, thwarting real efforts. 


Republicans are fighting back by spreading awareness. Since big tech is censoring these types of videos, they’re holding watch parties. The Arizona GOP’s LD 12, based around Ahwatukee in Phoenix, along with Save My Freedom Movement founder Michele Swinick, are holding a watch party for the documentary Wednesday evening, with a Q & A afterwards featuring Peters and the movie’s directors and producers.   

An effort is underway in Arizona to stop the state from using electronic voting machines. While it may be too late for this year’s elections, a more conservative Arizona Legislature next year may get the laws changed before the 2024 presidential election. Peters believes it comes down to this, “Putting a computer between a human and their ballot will make elections unauditable.”

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Rachel Alexander is a conservative political writer and pundit. She is the editor of Intellectual Conservative and a recovering attorney. She was ranked by Right Wing News as one of the 50 Best Conservative Columnists from 2011-2019.

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From Our Founding to Biden, Misinformation Contorts Society

Even when truth is exposed, great masses of people never seem to find out



The Biden Administration, aided and abetted by serial-lying senators and congressional representatives, a warp-minded press secretary, the Internet’s big tech, NPR, The Washington Post and The New York Times, and the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, IRS and a variety of other federal agencies which have been weaponized against the right, often by Barack Obama, clearly are major conveyors of misinformation. Nevertheless, misinformation has long been with us.

In his book, The Dictionary of Misinformation, published 47 years ago, author Tom Burnham gives us a wide angle view of just how contorted historical ‘facts’ can be. Perhaps more alarming is that even when the truth is exposed, great masses of people never seem to find out and live their entire lives believing something else. Consider the following.

For the People, by the People

There is no provision in the United States Constitution for a cabinet; it has developed over the years as an unwritten adjunct to our system of government. Nothing in the Constitution either forbids, or specifically sanctions, the giving of advice to the president either publicly or privately, by individuals or groups. Today, the cabinet is accepted as an integral part of the American system of government.

Nothing in the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution requires a verdict to be unanimous in capital, or any other cases. Nor does a jury have to be made up of 12 people, as is commonly believed. Witnesses in a court of law are not required to answer yes or no to a question that an examiner or cross-examiner poses. Obviously, via the 5th amendment, a witness has the right not to incriminate himself or herself.

Inventors or Something Else?

Abner Doubleday is considered the inventor of baseball in 1839. However, there were references to baseball in a novel published in America in 1798, and again in an 1820 novel published in London which explains the game at length as it is known today. By the way, the guillotine is not French, nor is it named for its inventor.

James Watt did not invent the steam engine and never claimed to have. His improvements of an existing steam engine were notable, such that people believed he was the inventor. Robert Fulton did not invent the steam boat, nor does he deserve the credit. His steam boat was developed 20 years after James Rumsey and John Fitch had each run steam boats successfully in America and abroad. Indeed, Fitch had long gained exclusive rights from several states for boats propelled by steam.

Fifteen years before Alexander Graham Bell’s construction of a usable telephone, Phillip Reis had invented a crude telephone in Germany. Moreover in 2002, the U.S. Congress recognized an impoverished Florentine immigrant, Antonio Meucci, as the inventor of the telephone, rather than Alexander Graham Bell who had gained vast fame and fortune by stealing another man’s lifelong work.

Thomas Edison was not the original inventor of the light bulb. He improved upon the principle others had discovered. In 1802, Sir Humphrey Davy produced an arch light. In 1844, Jean Foucault made an arch light strong enough to illuminate the Place de la Concorde in Paris. In 1860, Sir Joseph William Swan devised a crude light bulb, and in 1878, he demonstrated a successful carbon filament lamp at Newcastle, England, 10 months before Edison “invented” the light bulb.

History not in the Making

The battle of Bunker Hill was not fought at Bunker Hill. Paul Revere didn’t reach Concord on his midnight ride. What most people know of him and his ride comes from Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride.” This poem begins with the famous line, “Listen, my children and you shall hear…”

Many people believe that after the crash of 1929, financiers jumped out of windows at record rates. Actually, the suicide rate was the same as in other years.

The damage reaped upon the U.S. forces in Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 would have been greater if the U.S. Pacific Fleet had been at sea. Americans would have had little, if any cover, and instead of ships being lost in shallow water, which were raised and repaired, all losses would have been irrevocable. Author Leo Rosten noted that far fewer men were lost precisely because “they were in the harbor.”

So… the question arises, will the vast majority of Americans ever be able to cast off the shackles of the misinformation currently slung about in buckets, daily, by the self-appointed “American security state?” Unfortunately, the short answer is “doubtful.”

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