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Murder, Sanctioned by the Left

A civilized society must never allow unrepentant murders to be set free



Three decades ago, on July 15, 1993, the late Kristin Lodge-Miller’s killer, an 18-year old named Anthony Georg Simpson, did not premeditate murder. So said a jury of 12 men and women in Chapel Hill: wokesters, years before the term came into vogue. Although he had loaded his gun and departed with it from his house, Simpson received a second degree murder sentence, making him eligible for parole more than ten years ago.

In Your Face

Ms. Miller was 26 and newly married. She was on her morning jog. She had a budding career. Her murderer jumped out of some bushes, demanded something, and attacked her: he pumped five bullets into her at close range, then rode off on his bicycle. Passing motorists witnessed the atrocity.

Since then, he’s only had several infractions while incarcerated including violent and sexual transgressions, so by all means we should turn him loose today!

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Here is a quick review of his behavior on that fateful morning, when Kristen Lodge-Miller’s life came to an abrupt and ultra-violent end. Mr Simpson who easily out-weighs and out-muscles Ms. Miller:

* stole or otherwise acquired a gun sometime prior to that morning.

* bought bullets for the gun at some earlier point, loaded the gun, and brought it with him.

* accosted Ms. Miller, be it via attempted rape, battery, or other punishable action.

* reached for the gun in his pocket where it had been there all morning.

* fired the gun once, then thrice more times.

As Ms. Miller lay quivering, still clinging to life, Simpson hovered over her and from a couple feet away fired a fifth bullet, which blew her face apart.

Social Menaces Coddled by the Left

Simpson, and those like him, are authentic menaces to society. Brainwashed by decades of ‘lamestream’ blather, the social sentiment of some people, such as the jury in question, enable such assailants to not meet their just fates.

In 30 years, has a single thing in this realm improved? Shockingly, the situation has gotten far worse. Along with overly-woke juries,, George Soros-funded district attorneys in major cities across America allow degenerate murderers to walk the streets freely every single day. An astounding one in five Americans now reside in metro areas where the district attorneys are all on the take from George Soros.

When I see the faces of dedicated police officers, I am ashamed. These brave men and women are asked to put their lives on the line to capture the social misfits of the world, only to have utterly compromised district attorneys or extraordinarily naive juries quickly put such people as Mr. Simpson back on the streets.

Be the First on Your Block

Teenagers today can roam the streets of any city with impunity. Sporting guns in their pockets and they have the capability to blow off the heads of anyone whom they encounter. It’s more chilling, however, to consider that many juries, in their contorted view of justice, are dupes that facilitate untold numbers of murders.

Without remorse, this murderer, Simpson, has amply demonstrated that he will end someone’s life on a whim. Given the opportunity to do so again he will murder, most likely another North Carolinian. A civilized society must never allow such people to again have that capability.

If this murderer walks out of prison free, it quite likely might be the handiwork of the Left and their evil funder, George Soros.

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Jeff Davidson is the world's only holder of the title "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" as awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management. Visit for more information on Jeff's keynote speeches and seminars, including: Managing the Pace with Grace® * Achieving Work-Life Balance™ * Managing Information and Communication Overload®


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Election Fraud is Massive and On-Going in America

Across the U.S., the magnitude of voter fraud that occurs year after year, election after election, is staggering.



Jay DeLancey is founder and president of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project, and has much to say about voting in America:

Our system begs for transparency at all points along the election process. Who can vote, who did vote, how did they vote, and what was the tally? Today, unfortunately voter fraud is real and of enormous magnitude, as we saw in 2020 and 2022. Nowhere is this more evident than with absentee ballots.

Who, in any voting precinct, literally visits the homes of voters who filed absentee ballots to ensure that they are out of town? Even among those who have a legitimate quest to vote by absentee ballot, who can assure that their vote is counted properly and tallied accurately?

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The absentee ballot initiative started as a viable effort to increase the ability of qualified citizens to vote, but has now become into a primary tool of manipulation. The more we can see, the fairer the elections are likely to be. The less we can see, the greater the likelihood that fraud will occur. Centralized absentee ballot collection is exactly the opposite of local voting in a precinct where there’s a chance that those with whom you register or vote alongside are your neighbors.

Ensuring the Rights of Qualified Voters

The local voting precinct is better positioned to spot perpetrators of voter fraud. Local poll workers on the scene are better able to assess if you are not the person you claim to be. They will tell you to leave, but by law that’s all they can do.

They can’t retain someone and hold them until authorities arrive, even in the case of blatant voter impersonation. Why? Because in the 1960s, to safeguard the voting capability of those who had been disenfranchised, laws were passed to reduce the incidence of intimidation, accusation, and retention.

Those times have long passed, and now we need ways of ensuring that qualified voters’ civil rights are upheld. Every time an unqualified voter is allowed to cast a vote, it demeans and diminishes the rights of all citizens. As such, voter fraud is the civil rights crisis of our time.

Fraud Occurs Year After Year

If you hear from anyone or from any group that voter fraud does not exist, or that it’s minimal and inconsequential, rest assured most of these proponents believe they are in the right. As long as you vote for their candidate, they’re content to ignore the magnitude, of voter fraud that actually occurs, year after year, election after election, across the U.S. They know they are ‘right,’ so why forsake their ironclad view that voter integrity groups are secretly voter suppression groups?

We’re always asked, how do you know that voter fraud exists? We have case histories, anecdotes, cross tabulated data, eyewitness testimony, and more. Voter fraud is real and rampant. Yet, we will routinely encounter some academic, usually from some law school, saying, “The science is settled on this. Voter fraud is a myth.”

Professors will proclaim from on high declaring that few people ever engage in voter fraud. Such professors are people of influence, they teach students, write papers, give lectures, attend symposiums, and spew authoritative misinformation. Cognizant or not, the damage that they do to society is ongoing and significant.

A Mortal Threat to Democracy

“The science was settled” in the early 1500s, that the sun rotated around the earth. Copernicus and other brave souls risked death to proclaim that earth was not the center of the universe as we knew it, or even our solar system.

We swim against the tide of what was launched in the 1960s but today has morphed into a mortal threat to democracy. The challenge we all face is to guarantee transparency in elections so that everyone can see the results and, more importantly, accept the results when their candidate does not win.

– – – – – –


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Creating a Little Heaven on Earth for Yourself

When you carve out few moments for yourself, the world is a different place



What would your life be like if you had the ability to drop back when you wanted or needed to do so? To have time for true rest and relaxation? To have time for quiet reflection?

Despite the pace of change in society, the constant development of new technology, all the paper and information that confronts you on a daily basis, and everything that competes for your time and attention, you have the ever-present opportunity to remain resilient.

Carve It Out

When you carve out even a few moments of breathing space for yourself, the world is a different place; it does not seem so hectic. Often, things work out for the best. You have a sense of control almost independent of your environment.

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The feeling of being in control of your life, while acknowledging that you are only a small part in the overall scheme of things, enhances your experience of the world around and within you, every day.

– – – – –


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