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Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium – The Big Lie



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Mike Lindell is hosting a 3-day cyber symposium that can be watched at www.frankspeech.com.  The symposium has been filled with cybersecurity experts and those reviewing facts and data from the 2020 election.  Mike Lindell has uncovered The Big Lie – which is that China used a cyberattack to change votes in all 50 states.

The cyberattack followed an algorithm that was consistent in each of the fifty states.

For example, in Georgia the 2020 election results were: Biden – 2,473,633; Trump – 2,461,854.  Lindell suggests that the new count would be Biden – 2,266,11 and Trump – 2,559,376.  Mike Lindell calls this the big lie.  In fact, Lindell offered a $5,000,000 challenge to anyone attending the symposium to prove that the uncovered data was wrong.

The Facts of 2020 Election:

The cyber symposium has uncovered several facts about the 2020 election that have been proven specifically in Mesa County, Colorado.

  1.  The Mesa County Voting Machines were connected to the internet during the election.  This would have to be the case for the cyberattack to happen to change votes all during the count.
  2. Public election data logs were not preserved for 22 months after the election with is what is suppose to happen according to federal law.  The election date logs in Mesa County were changed.
  3. The MS SQL server files were wiped from the voting machines, which Maricopa Country denies.
  4. Cybersecurity experts read through the voting system computer code and found a “ranked-choice voting” file in the code.
  5. Maricopa County has router passwords but refuses to release the passwords, which would prove the election was a fraud.
  6. The votes in the 2020 election reflected the voter roles and population from the 2010 census.

Lindell says that these are indisputable facts that show that there were issues with the 2020 election.  Speakers at the symposium continue to call for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in every state across the country if the American public is to have faith in the election and the election process.  These are fair and understandable comments since there seems to be so much mystery around the 2020 election.  Any American that cares about freedom should care about election integrity.

Who Really Is Running The Elections?

The speakers at the symposium continue to point to the fact that it seems that a private company (dominion) and full elected officials are the ones that are protecting data and information about the election.  In fact, one cybersecurity expert states, “the question is: who’s running our elections? I think the third-party vendor is running our elections. I think this has been happening for a long time.”

The symposium points to some real issues with the election process.  Fair-minded people should consider these facts and many more as they think about the importance of protecting their freedom and the election process.


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Will You Take Action to Assure GOP Victory on November 5?

Every single person voting Republican needs to decide now, how they will lend support to the cause



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In less than 17 weeks, the GOP will take back the White House, and hopefully the Senate and House, and begin to restore America. Or, we’ll face a gargantuan nightmare that will all but seal the fate of this nation. Do not be fooled by Joe Biden’s defiance of those calling for him to withdraw. Any Democrat challenger will be a danger to us because the DEMOCRATS WILL CHEAT IN UNPRECEDENTED WAYS.

Time is of the essence. While being informed is wonderful, taking action is paramount. What exactly will you do to ensure that we achieve victory? It is no longer sufficient to be a concerned bystander.

No End to the Left’s Destruction

Every day when you log on to news sites, you are flabbergasted by the degree to which the radical Left continues to impose its civilization destroying policies, programs, and activities on the rest of us. There is no end game for the Left, no bottom, and no limits to their mass insanity.

Most recently, we have learned of a professional couple who was greeted at 6 a.m. by armed FBI agents banging on their door to arrest them for having the temerity of stepping into the Capitol on January 6, for 12 minutes, ushered in by Capitol guards. We have witnessed the unending persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump over non-crimes that have been concocted in unison and are part of an overall strategy emanating from the White House.

We have witnessed corrupt district attorneys, corrupt prosecutors, and a corrupt press. Donald Trump is merely the bellwether. All other Republican politicians will be fair game from here on out, and if we lose the election in November, with little or no recourse. One by one, the maniacal Left will quash dissent in ways that perhaps we currently cannot imagine.

The Left is Maniacal

The logical outcome to having the Left predominate in all areas of society is a totalitarian regime. Don’t discount this scenario. As Leftists ultimately do everywhere, they demand compliance. Thought control is their desired form of servitude. For those who do not comply, execution is not out of the question. Like radical Islam, we’re dealing with a malevolent genie that has escaped bottle, has no intention of ever subsiding, and wants everyone to either totally capitulate, or be imprisoned, deported, or terminated.

There will be no effective way to dismantle the maniacal leftist machine if Joe Biden is re-elected, he continues to be the puppet of Obama and far Leftists, and the border continues to be flooded with illegals — until Democrats have congressional representation that steadfastly insures a permanent majority. At that juncture, they will pack the Supreme Court. They will end the Electoral College. They will ramp up gender dysphoria opportunities wherever they might lie.

They will continue to show poor judgment and ridiculous weakness on the world stage. They will kowtow to China on a wide spectrum of issues. They will embolden our enemies to the point where such enemies are ready to pick apart America. This is not hyperbole and is all too likely.

Nothing here is beyond the bounds of possibility and with each passing week becomes more likely for the distant if not foreseeable future. In a sentence, we simply must win in November. No alternative will suffice.

All of Us

All of which leads to the point that every single person voting Republican needs to decide now, how they will lend support to the cause. In what ways will you participate? How will you volunteer, where, when and for what duration? Will you donate money? Who will you influence to vote GOP?

How will you support your candidates locally, regionally, and nationally? How are you going to impact others? It would not be sufficient to say, “I was busy,” or “I felt we had an overwhelming majority.” This approach is gambling with the future of our nation, the future of our communities, and the future of our families.

If we are to win by an overwhelming majority, let us each assure one another that we did everything we could to make sure that that is the result. To do less is to simply take a child-like approach to what is perhaps the most eventful year since 1776, 1812, 1861, 1941, 1968, and 2001. There will be no palatable tomorrow if we lose in November.

– – – – –

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Biden Still in It to Lose It!



The Democrats are in for a rocky four months. Many are adding their voice for President Biden to consider stepping down. MA Democratic Representative Set Moulton made his concern clear, “When your current strategy isn’t working, it’s rarely the right strategy to double down. President Biden is not going to get younger. I’m taking time to seriously consider the best strategy for Democrats to win this election and set our country on a positive path forward….”

When twenty-four Democratic governors met with Biden, three governors came out to provide their support, stating that Biden is “in it to win it.” Biden certainly is in it to win it, but does he have what it takes to lead this country for even the next seven months. It was clear after watching the debate that Biden does not have control of his faculties. Unfortunately for Democrats, they can’t get him out unless he steps down.

Biden has made it clear that he’s running. He said, “Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can, as simply and straightforward as I can. I am running… no one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.” This man cannot face his own deficiencies. His supporters will do the best they can to support his failing campaign.

They try to assert that he had a “bad night,” but to many Democrats even a weak Biden is better than the terrible Donald Trump. The fallout is turning into a Democratic civil war that will be messy and will delay any opportunity for another candidate to pick up the mantel before November.

Yes, politics is a team sport, but the man or woman at the top must have the faculties to lead. At any given moment of the day, a President can be called to make a critical decision that can make or break America’s future. Biden is not capable of making those decisions with any level of confidence. Yes, he may have others who can put together his teleprompter script that he can read, but he’s not making those critical decisions himself. His people are. Who will make the decision in an emergency. Even the media is beginning to ask the questions they should have asked months ago.

Many key Democratic governors are covering for the President. Their assurances are hollow and only cause Americans to distrust their words. Democrats are running for the exit and resisting even being seen with Biden on the campaign trail. They don’t want be taken down with him.

Does he want to prove he is OK to serve four more years? Have numerous townhall forums where a teleprompter can’t save him. Face the media. Offer to be interviewed on Fox News by Sean Hannity. If Biden can’t handle standing and delivering a coherent message, he must step down. It is not fair to the millions of Americans who supported him and voted for him in primaries. One survey indicates that 40% of 2020 Biden voters say he should get out, and another indicates that 80% of Americans believe he is too old to run. The time for a replacement to do a good job running against Trump is getting shorter and shorter. It’s time for Biden to quickly demonstrate his fitness for office or step aside so America has a real choice.

In fact, forget his obvious deficiencies, his administration has been a disaster. His track record on border security, government spending, paying off student loans, limiting fossil fuels, and poorly handling the withdrawal from Afghanistan is enough to bring an end to his Presidency. He now has a track record he must defend. Americans must answer one question, were you better off under Trump or Biden? That is a simple question. If Trump keeps pointing out that contrast and sharing what he will do if reelected, he will win handily. The middle class is barely getting by paycheck to paycheck and going further into debt. They want answers not excuses.

We don’t know what is happening behind the scenes, but you can imagine a lot of conversations similar to the ones faced by President Richard Nixon. Nixon finally chose to resign when he knew that his own party would not support him. That has not happened yet for Biden. The unified voice of Democrats will have to come down hard on the President.

The party is already sending out positive talking points about Kamala Harris. They don’t want Biden to take the whole Party down. Will they be forced to institute the 25th Amendment? Unfortunately for them, Biden is not making it easy. How long can they wait to act? Jill and Joe Biden seem to clearly put their family ahead of what is best for Democrats or the country.

Media, you lied about the Russian hoax, you lied about the Hunter laptop, and you called Biden vital and doubts fake news. Do your job! Make him schedule townhalls and press conferences where he actually has to face real questions where reading a teleprompter can’t save him. Give America the spontaneous opportunities they should have gotten months ago. The days before the election are slipping away. Don’t cover; reveal the real Joe Biden! Joe’s got to go, but I trust that Trump most likely will win anyway on issues that matter for Americans.
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