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Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller


Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller: Peeved Patriot or Manic Marine?

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Soon-to-be former Marine Corps Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller just threw down the gauntlet. After criticizing the military powers that be, he’s resigning his commission and inviting any and all patriots to join up in his movement to “bring the whole f***ing system down.” Sir, my question is this: What system?

The military industrial complex? American military wokeness? The worldwide cabal?

While watching Scheller’s video, I felt simultaneously fired up by his words and concerned by his vibe. After reading his Facebook post, I’m a bit comforted. Perhaps his stand is the beginning of a real and worthy revolution.

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I served six years in the Navy and schooled with Marines. An enlisted Marine would likely never try what he’s trying, for obvious reasons. Marine Corps officers are different animals and enjoy real power, like all military officers.

I remember thinking my Marine classmates were a bit high-strung. My recollections of Marine officers like Scheller bring this descriptor to mind—high-performance.

Revolutionary or Roger Ramrod?

Officers like Scheller go flat-out, but most temper their passions with a strong sense of duty. I find it compelling that he challenges anyone to ask those who served with him about his honor. Maybe he’s legitimately—and rationally—hacked off by the actions of his superiors.

On the other hand, after repeating his threat to bring down “the system,” he ended a tweet like this: “Thank you for the follows and Retweets #BidenLiedPeopleDied BIG NEWS COMING”

Big news coming? This reminds me of the many glowing promises we got from the QAnon crowd. While interacting with one of Scheller’s Facebook followers today, I was assured that “The plan is still in place. This is all part of it. “

Again with The Plan. Uh-huh. Sure.

This plan talk makes me wonder if Stuart Scheller is a QAnon proselyte. It’s one thing to recognize that President Biden is responsible for the Afghanistan debacle and the death of 13 American service members. Naturally, all commanders-in-chief are responsible for dead soldiers.

It’s another thing entirely to speak cryptically about bringing down systems and writing this on Facebook:

We can’t ALL be wrong.

They only have the power because we allow it.

Every generation needs a revolution.


By the way, Bxf6 is a chess move involving sacrificing a bishop. By ending his post this way, Scheller is telling “the system” it’s their move. As a chess player, I dig his style. However, for me to join his movement, I’ll need more information.

Still your move, sir.

Right kind of Kaepernick?

Maybe Scheller is the new Kaepernick who will trigger a worthy revolution. It all depends on whether his conspiratorial video style is powered by passion or crazy. Perhaps his chutzpah will compel other officers and upper echelon military power brokers to come out and join his ranks.

At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, it was tough for an old sailor like me to believe in the Deep State or that it had infected the military. When I was in, we trusted our president because he served in the military and under Ronald Reagan. Our mission was worthy and clear.

Now, after watching a career politician who escaped service through multiple draft deferments and a medical exemption mangle our disentanglement from Afghanistan—and his suspect military advisors like General Mark Milley—I have little or no trust in military intelligence.

By the way, longtime foreign correspondent and Middle East resident Jennifer Griffin is right on about Afghanistan. Our involvement there was never an “endless war.” It was maintenance of a strategic foothold in a terrorism hotspot.

If it’s truly in our interest to abandon it, any thoughtful student of history and military strategy could have drawn up a better plan of retreat. The fact that our president and his cabinet members and generals keep calling it an endless war shows a depth of deceit throughout the chain of command.

Maybe Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is the spark to illuminate genuine corruption in our military. Only time will tell. First he must convince this veteran that he’s not just another QAnon oddball trusting in some amorphous and nonexistent plan.

Semper Fi.

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Patrick is a journalist and writer with degrees in English and journalism. He served six years in the Navy where his life was changed forever by the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California with his wife, dog and two cats. He enjoys hiking and cycling, taking pictures and blogging at


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Biden Boondoggles Imperil the U.S. and the World

The Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents



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On my last day following a long sojourn abroad, I met a wonderful woman from North Dallas, had dinner with her, and memorized her email address.

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When I arrived home the next day, I emailed her to see if she had had a decent trip back. A couple of minutes later, my email bounced back to me as undeliverable. Realizing my mistake of failing to write down her email address or the spelling of her last name, over several weeks I tried numerous alternative methods at length for finding that information, but with no success.

I had not handled it right and I could not later correct the mistake. You’ve long heard the phrase by the late, legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” I would add, will you have the opportunity to correct the damage done or even to try again?

Macro Level Bungles

It’s hard to even imagine the frustration and problems for all of us considering the never-ending missteps we watch every day from our president!

Biden and company have engaged in macro-level failures for nearly three years now. Their repeated failures to take early appropriate steps, domestically and internationally, has had serious ramifications for the nation and the world.

In chain-like fashion, their ineptness, unintentional and intentional, has spun out of control and led to one unpalatable situation after another. Then they spend untold labor hours and multi-billions of dollars, not to mention American lives, seeking to correct what they could not get right in the first place.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the loss of American lives and $85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban. This ‘gift’ is ultimately finding its way to our enemies throughout the region and, arguably, globally. It also has signaled to the rest of the world, particularly Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, as well as to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, that American military effectiveness is questionable.

As a result of not adequately planning the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as President Trump had already outlined, the Biden Administration has been scrambling ever since. Following our Afghanistan withdrawal Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under a false pretext, and the resulting multi-billions we have spent propping up Ukraine, are major unfortunate results.

Middle East Madness

Another result of our ineptness is the spate of attacks, now several dozen, on U.S. Armed Forces throughout the Middle East following the barbaric Hamas attack on Israel.

China’s forays into the Middle East and its support of Iran further imperil Israel and, by extension, the U.S. In considering the Biden Administration, China is emboldened. They are in partnership with Russia ostensibly for one reason: to hasten our declining power. They have ramped up spying on us via “weather balloons,” university “research centers,” exchange “students,” industrial spying, and, of late, the influx of more than 17,000 Chinese nationals at our southern border – all single men of military age.

Because the Biden Administration intentionally has not secured the southern border it has subjected American citizens to crime, fentanyl addiction, and massive numbers of deaths, as well as bursting federal, state, and municipal budgets in the attempt to house, feed, and safeguard swarming numbers of illegal immigrants.

Biden’s porous border policies have invited terrorists, weakened any notion of U.S. homeland security, heightened child trafficking, accelerated drug cartel activity, and aided gang-related connections throughout our county.

Poor Planning, Execution and Follow Up

Across the board, in examining the policies and programs of the Biden Administration and how poorly they’ve been designed and initiated, it is now apparent that everything they do today represents one attempted, hopeless ‘correction’ after another.

These attempted corrections are long drawn out, invariably with no end in sight. Whether it is on the world stage or domestically, each boondoggle after another leads to protracted, expensive, questionable attempts to resolve what didn’t need to occur in the first place.

It is not an exaggeration: the entire Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents. This is no way to run a country or display to the world how an effective representative republic operates. It is no way to deter our enemies from taking bold steps. It is no way to guide us safely into the future.

Indeed, the entire world is now less safe.

– – – – –


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Take Back Gaza and Never Give It Back



In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, withdrawing 9,000 Israeli settlers and military forces from the Gaza strip. The Oslo Accords gave the Palestinian Authority administrative authority over the area. Both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are two contested Palestinian areas that were part of Mandate Palestine and were captured by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967. Only Gaza had been given back. This experiment in Palestinian self-rule has proved that they cannot be trusted.

In a visit to Israel later in 2005, I remember hearing an Israeli who was forced to give up his land in Gaza describe how he hired Palestinian workers he respected and tried to treat fairly. When he was forced to leave, he gave his land to his workers. Within weeks the PLO confiscated the land from his workers. There was one reason—they wanted Palestinians to be dependent on them for everything they needed.

The world wanted to believe that the Palestinians would be responsible stewards of the land they were given. It is clear after the most recent attack that many of their citizens are savages driven by hatred for their Israeli neighbors. The rapes, the killings of the elderly and children, the hostages taken and now subject to execution speak volumes about the evil they let rule in their hearts.

In response, Israel has already increased airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and sealed it off from food, fuel, and other supplies in retaliation for a bloody incursion by Hamas militants. It‘s clear that the war’s death toll will continue to grow on both sides. In spite of calls from some politicians for a ceasefire, Israel has no such plans. Evil must be defeated, not rewarded.

Not only should Israel, with support of the free world, destroy any Hamas leaders and soldiers involved in this recent attack. In doing so, they should once again take control of Gaza and establish a new government ready to outlaw Hamas and support responsible world citizenship. If Palestinian leaders in Gaza cannot control their hatred, they must be eliminated and replaced by a new governing body who will live in peace with their neighbors.

Those calling for a ceasefire and premature peace only perpetuate the instability of the Middle East. Gaza is a mere twenty-one miles long and up to five miles wide. It will be defeated. Yes, there will be hostages killed because freeing them is all but impossible in the present situation. Door to door fighting is difficult with an enemy that does not value life or have moral restraints in waging war on Israel.

Let Israel eliminate Hamas, and America should make it clear that any country who helps Hamas should know that they will be held accountable for the recent atrocities. Not only must the United States position our forces in the area; we must be ready to use those forces to support good over evil. Over eleven US citizens have been killed and no one knows how many American hostages have been taken.

Our current administration must do more than just offer verbal statements of support for Israel. They should stop supporting Iran in any way. It’s time to freeze the funds promised in the hostage deal and give those funds to Israel to help rebuild the areas decimated and provide money for families who lost loved ones. The economic sanctions on Iran should again be instituted. If there is clear evidence of Iran’s involvement, they must pay a heavy price for that support.

While eyes of the world are on the middle east, Homeland Security must be aware of potential terrorists who may have used the open border to enter the U.S. There are indications that hundreds have done so, and that is the ones that have been identified. Israel was caught unaware. After 9/11, America should remember how motivated terrorists can be. We promised never to forget. Let’s show them that we have learned from our painful past. Find them and deport them out of our country.

We also have a number of former Palestinians in America demonstrating in support of the Hamas attack. In America, they have the freedom to express their views, but they are not free from the consequences of such demonstrations. They must be shamed for supporting such savage assaults on innocents. Their rabid support deserves an even stronger condemnation from responsible citizens. It’s time for America to support Israel in taking back Gaza to help end this madness.
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