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Tucker Carlson

Joe Biden embraced neoliberalism, and in so doing reminded us that it’s horrible

At this point Joe Biden is not just inventing racial crimes and attributing them to millions of people who did nothing wrong. He’s also inventing entire new genders.



Tucker has a look at an actual good thing he credits Joe Biden for, helping to reveal and bring about the failures of neoliberalism. Highlights include:

“Joe Biden embraced neoliberalism, and in so doing reminded the rest of us, tens of millions of Americans, that it’s horrible, that neoliberalism serves the interests of virtually no one. It’s a cover for the distribution of wealth, a distribution that has become more lopsided in our age than in any age ever. It is a shocking discredit to capitalism. It’s not actually market capitalism, it’s something controlled and grotesque.”

“So, anyone who thinks about this for about 30 seconds gets the point immediately. They don’t want you to think about it, and that’s why Biden did what they always do — try to divide the country along racial lines, make you hate your neighbor so you won’t think about where the money’s going. He did what Barak Obama did, but much less artfully.”

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“He has no idea what he’s even saying, he’s just reading a script that’s been around a long time, since at least ‘Occupy Wall Street’ a little over a decade ago.”

“Neoliberal politicians in media outlets began ranting about race constantly around that time to get you to stop thinking about what they were actually doing, and for a long time, it worked. But it can’t work forever, because it’s not true. They’ve been telling you for a decade that ‘white supremacy’ is the real threat, but if you read the news, you know that’s probably not true. We’ve seen a lot of mass killings recently, and none of them have been motivated by so-called ‘white supremacy.’ It’s a little bit more complicated than that.”

“At this point Joe Biden is not just inventing racial crimes and attributing them to millions of people who did nothing wrong. He’s also inventing entire new genders, too, and this is another smokescreen. So, first it was ‘people should hate each other based on their skin color’, now it’s ‘let’s leave the entire population wondering what a woman is’.”

“The good news is people are rejecting this, because it serves no one. It does not uplift anybody, it makes the population hate each other. So, our leaders don’t understand that, they don’t understand that their ideas have been rejected by the population. Corporate media which carries the ideas forward into the living rooms of America doesn’t understand it either, but the reality may wake them up. You’re seeing it happen again and again, the rejection of neoliberal ideas.”

“In the end, CNN+ got about 10,000 viewers. Why? ‘Cuz people don’t really want to pay to watch that crap, to be called bigots or learn about trans-senior citizens.”

“It has nothing to do with their lives and they know for a fact it won’t improve them. So, what are they listening to? They’re listening to people like Joe Rogan. Why? Not because of his political agenda, but because he’s interesting, and he’s curious, and he noticed the world changing all around him and he wants to know what the hell’s going on, and that’s why Rogan gained millions of subscribers since CNN tried to have him fired a few months ago.”

“We’re watching the end of neoliberalism, and its core plank, the thing it depends upon to survive, which is corporate control over media, and hence your brain. They need to control what you think or you will reject them. But, increasingly they’re not able to because censorship, thank God, is dying.”

“It doesn’t matter what Biden says or any of our political leaders say. You can say whatever you want, but people still live here, and they still have eyes to see. And if they’re lives are getting worse, they know that you’re lying and that the beliefs you are selling are hollow, and the core belief is neoliberalism. That’s been completely discredited and killed by Joe Biden. If he’s achieved anything as president, it’s that.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Viktor Orbán on Ukraine, Russia and Hungary

If any western country would send any boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the west and Russia.



Tucker and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talk about the war in Ukraine, how Americans are being lied to about it, and about Hungary’s success as a nation. Highlights include:

“As the war in Ukraine completely reshuffles the world order and threatens to destroy human civilization, it’s striking just how little information Americans are receiving about what happens there. The nation of Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. Its leader, Viktor Orbán, the nation’s longest serving Prime Minister, has been dealing with the Russians all of his life. He grew up under Russian occupation. As a young man, he was arrested and thrown in to jail by Russian-backed police for his efforts to liberate the country. In his Prime Ministry, he’s dealt regularly with Vladimir Putin, whose nation supplies Hungary with most of its energy. Viktor Orbán understands Russian and Ukraine. So, two years after we last spoke to him, we returned to Hungry to sit down with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and ask him, what exactly is happening in Ukraine right now?

“When you speak on politics in Russian … the number one issue, how to keep together the country… Freedom is just another issue, second, third, whatever. First, keep the country together, and that’s generated a different kind of culture and understanding of politics. That’s creating a kind of military approach, like they have.”

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“They will not kill their leader, they will never give it up, they will keep together the country [sic] and they will defend it. We finance more, they will invest more. If we send more technical equipment, they will produce more. So, don’t misunderstand the Russians.

“Now, Putin is in power for long, long years [sic]. We forgot about how dangerous when there is no strong leadership or interregnum in Russian. The interregnum is the worst case possible… If this is the goal, it’s a mistake. It’s more than dangerous.

“If any western country would send any boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the west and Russia, and we are in a third world war immediately, so it’s a very dangerous moment now.

“Ideology is a very difficult thing, because it has an exclusivity. So, when the liberal says that this is the interpretation of society, it means that this is the only way to interpret a society. If you do differently, you cannot be a good man. So, we have another interpretation, we have a Christian and national, more traditional interpretation of human being and society, but they can’t accept it because it’s different.

“If you ask anybody on the street that any Hungarian leader who is elected freely can be a puppet of Putin or the Russians, they say it’s a joke, it’s impossible, because we are a sovereign country, and even to the Russians we deliver many times that we are sovereign.”

You can find the video link below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Debate Night with Donald Trump

“I think he’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had. And he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent.”



How’d you guys like watching the Republicans bicker among themselves last night? Meanwhile, Tucker was interviewing Donald Trump on why he wasn’t at the first Republican debate, Newsome, Epstein, the last election, Joe Biden and more. Highlights include:


“I felt it would be more appropriate not to do the debate, I don’t think it’s right to do it. If you’re leading by 50, 60, in one poll I’m leading by 70 points…. I’m going to have all these people screaming at me, shouting questions at me, all of which I love answering, I love doing but it doesn’t make sense to do them, so I’ve taken a pass.”

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“I think they like me and I know they love my policies. I hope they like, me, too. You know, a lot of people say they don’t like me but they like my –I think they like me. But, I have never seen spirit like it is right now, and the reason is because crooked Joe Biden is so bad. He’s the worst president in the history of our country. I don’t think he’s going to make it to the gate, but, you know, you never know. But he’s a corrupt person.”

“Remember when I asked the question, ‘Why is it that the Mayor of Moscow’s wife [sic] is allowed to give you $3.5million’…I said the Mayor of Moscow’s wife, giving you $3.5million, what did you do to deserve $3.5million? To Biden…and Chris Wallace didn’t want me to ask that question… It turned out to be much more appropriate than people thought.”

“China pays this guy millions of dollars…. See, I think he’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had, and he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent. And, I believe both. I mean, he’s both incompetent and corrupt. I actually believe he’s compromised, because China knows so much about him. They know where the money comes from, they know where it is, who paid it, they probably paid it…. He, in many ways, is a Manchurian candidate.”

“The Democrat convention, the last one … they had voter ID that was this big, it looked like a prison guard…You walked in, they had your picture, your this, your fingerprint … everything, the most incredible voter ID I’ve ever seen. That was to get into the Democrat National Convention.

We could go back and we should go back to all paper ballots, voter ID, same day voting. You know, France did it. France had mail-in ballots and it was terrible. Anytime you have mail-in ballots, you’re going to have massive cheating on your elections.”

“After the election was over, the RINOs got together with the Democrats and they redid the election so you couldn’t do it anymore. So, then I called the people…Yes, you could do it. In other words, they took the Voting Act and they redid it so the Vice President no longer has the power to do what I said he could do.”

You can find the link below and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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