Jihad Joe: Clueless Joe Biden chose the worst way to end an endless war
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Jihad Joe: Clueless Joe Biden chose the worst way to end an endless war

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As frightened Afghans mill outside Kabul’s airport, they’re terrorized by the chaos of crowds and gunshots. They’re desperate to leave their country because they know that soon it will be unrecognizable to them. Many are in their twenties and have known only an American-backed pseudo democracy. The Taliban and Sharia Law must seem to them like an apocalypse. Way to go, Joe.

Chinook helicopters are pulling double duty as America tries to evacuate diplomats and personnel in scenes that smack of its hasty retreat from Vietnam. Taliban fighters cruise the streets of Kabul in captured Humvees. Some wield RPGs, most bristle with automatic weapons.

Clearly, the Taliban was simply biding their time for two decades and now have a young generation of warriors who look radicalized and ready. To many Americans—including military veterans who fought and lost buddies here—it must seem like twenty years wasted.

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How did America get to this point? One can blame the absurdity of nation building in Islamic nations. Truth be told, democracy doesn’t take root in countries built on autocratic religious rule. Yet we’ve heard the same tired mantra repeated by three of the four past administrations: “Islam is a religion of peace.” This absurdity would be laughable if it weren’t so delusional and deadly.

Let’s be honest, former President Trump was foolish to cut a deal with the Taliban. President Biden is even more foolish to bail out precipitously and against the advice of military experts. Biden blames Trump for cutting the deal. Fair enough, but Trump isn’t responsible for this mess—you are, Jihad Joe.

Mr. President, why didn’t you cut your own deal? By doing so, you could’ve crafted an arrangement that didn’t lead to America cutting and running while throwing Afghan men, women and children to the wolves.

True jihadists

A friend posted messages he received from British missionaries in Kabul who are hiding in their homes. They say the Taliban is taking women as sex slaves and killing anyone who resists them. The missionaries warn that the Taliban intend to kill all foreigners and anyone who has worked with foreigners over the past twenty years.

Are these fanatics the kind of people who will heed calls from the international community and the Biden administration to exercise restraint and respect for women? Yet Jen Psaki said in a presser that the Taliban “has to make an assessment on what they want their role to be in the international community.”

Assessment made: The Taliban has been unequivocal about their role in the world—they are jihadists.

Nancy Pelosi scolded the Taliban with a statement that read, in part: “The Taliban must know that the world is watching its actions. We are deeply concerned about reports regarding the Taliban’s brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.”

Yes, the civilized world is deeply concerned about the behavior of barbarians. And yes, the Taliban has to know the world is watching, but do they care? Why would they? They think the world is full of infidels who must be subdued. In the minds of Taliban leadership and their holy warriors, they’re simply following Islam and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Joe Biden should know this.

Barbarians are brutal. And religious fanatics are true believers who cannot be reasoned or bargained with. Force as consequence for actions is the only effective means for controlling those who view women as property and non-Islamists as infidels. Superpowers use force to further their interests. Good superpowers use force to further their interests and as humanitarian aid.

Lion and lamb

Is America still a superpower? Militarily, yes. Maybe it’s time we start acting like one. Why were we in Afghanistan in the first place? To protect our interests. All nations protect their interests. Superpower nations protect their interests and use their power to relieve the oppressed.

Wise presidents don’t forsake their nation’s interests to fulfill campaign promises. Good presidents don’t leave other nation’s citizens and supposed allies in the lurch. Administrations that truly grasp reality don’t waste everyone’s time by demanding the Taliban assess their role in the international community.

The administration could’ve pretended to pursue an August 31 pullout. Smart strategy would be to draw the Taliban out of hiding and then hit them hard. In case anyone’s forgotten, America is still at war with the Taliban.

The administration would’ve been perfectly justified in dealing a terrorist enemy a dreadful blow. They could’ve saved lives and strengthened America’s hand in the Middle East and in the eyes of China, Russia and her allies.

President Biden could’ve struck fear in the hearts of the Taliban. It’s better to be viewed as unpredictable and willing to wield America’s military might rather than as he surely is now—weak and woke. Way to go, Joe.

Because of President Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, the Taliban and other terrorists groups are emboldened and people are endangered.

America looks weak and befuddled, just like her president.

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Patrick is a journalist and writer with degrees in English and journalism. He served six years in the Navy where his life was changed forever by the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California with his wife, dog and two cats. He enjoys hiking and cycling, taking pictures and blogging at https://luscri.com/


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Biden is Soft on Putin; Trump was Tough on Putin

Trump enacted more than 50 sanctions or policy actions on Russia, many being severe



Joe Biden thoroughly fears Vladimir Putin, and so Ukraine and the world suffers. Donald Trump did not fear Putin, and so Russia did not gain one extra inch of Ukrainian territory from 2017 to 2020.

Leftist Lies

In May 2017, the ultra-obnoxious late night TV show host Stephen Colbert apparently delighted his legions of ignorant fans by repugnantly joking that, “The only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.” Amazingly, Colbert is still singing the same tune.

Along with Colbert, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and the ‘mainstream’ media continue their non-stop, massive lies about Donald Trump being ‘soft’ on Russia. On June 28, 2020 Pelosi blabbed, “I don’t know what the Russians have on the president,” referring to the “Russian bounty”’ hoax.

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The media machine fervently wants you to believe that Russia/Putin “have something on Trump,” which impeded him from taking aggressive action to curtail Putin’s excesses. Concurrently, no U.S. president in recent history was tougher on Russia than Donald Trump.

Let’s Look at the Record

What did President Trump do in relation to Russia during his time in office? Here are only a handful of examples:

* Imposed sanctions on Russian companies and Russian entities, blocking at least $3 billion worth of deals from going into Russian coffers.

* Placed harsh economic restrictions on a group of Russian oligarchs which effectively puts more pressure on Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader has illegally amassed enormous wealth – exceeding $25 billion – in the last two decades, but he can’t hold all that wealth in his own name, so he appointed oligarch cronies to be his trustees. Putting his oligarchs on sanctions hurts Putin big time.

* Levied considerable financial sanctions and travel restrictions on 50-plus individuals who have been accused of human-rights abuses and corruption under both the Magnitsky Act and the Global Magnitsky Act.

* Criticized NATO allies for not spending enough on defense (and was accused by the lamestream media of encouraging Russia to test alliance resolve). NATO allies, however, have taken steps to pay more, and NATO appears stronger than before, which is decidedly not the outcome Putin wanted.

* Authorized the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the U.S. in the wake of nerve agent attack on British soil, allegedly at the hands of the Kremlin.

* Approved the export of lethal weapons, including American-made Javelin antitank missiles, to help Ukraine shore up its eastern defenses against separatists backed by Moscow. More defense cooperation with Ukraine, as well as weapons sales are on the near horizon.

* Killed more than 200 Russian soldiers in Syria – U.S. troops are present as in Syria as much to limit Russian and Iranian influence on the country’s future as to fight the remnants of the Islamic State.

* Facilitated U.S. sales of more coal to energy-strapped Ukraine, while weakening Russia’s hold on oil exports.

* Ramped up militarily to pressure the Russian Federation as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Defense Secretary work to strengthen alliances and military cooperation with Baltic states that share borders with Russia.

* Offered a proposal to Poland to host a permanent contingent of U.S. troops, in the way that Germany and Italy have done since World War II, to help secure Poland’s 180-mile long border with Russia.

* Discussed with Ukraine’s president the enhancement of cooperation in security and defense sectors, and the importance of keeping tight sanctions on Russia – to Putin a most unwelcome development.

* Pressured Germany over its status as the largest buyer of Russian natural gas, and as a huge buyer of Russia coal and mineral oil.

* Sanctioned four Russian entities and seven individuals in response to a 2018 attempt to interfere in U.S. midterm elections, including Russian financier Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a wealthy loyalist nicknamed “Putin’s chef” who has his mitts in many pies.

* Suspended its obligations under the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty because Russia was not complying with it.

No Kid Gloves

In all, as a Brookings Institute analysis revealed, the Trump administration enacted more than 50 sanctions or policy actions on Russia, many being severe, from May 15, 2017 – four months after Trump took office – to 2020. Even half of what Trump had done is massive and thoroughly refutes the orchestrated, perpetual Democrat lies about Trump being soft on Russia and Trump somehow colluding with Russia.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Left, in general, would much prefer that you remain ignorant about these actions. Indeed, they make their living from it.

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