Jihad Joe: Clueless Joe Biden chose the worst way to end an endless war
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Jihad Joe: Clueless Joe Biden chose the worst way to end an endless war

Photo credit: Mohammad Rahmani



As frightened Afghans mill outside Kabul’s airport, they’re terrorized by the chaos of crowds and gunshots. They’re desperate to leave their country because they know that soon it will be unrecognizable to them. Many are in their twenties and have known only an American-backed pseudo democracy. The Taliban and Sharia Law must seem to them like an apocalypse. Way to go, Joe.

Chinook helicopters are pulling double duty as America tries to evacuate diplomats and personnel in scenes that smack of its hasty retreat from Vietnam. Taliban fighters cruise the streets of Kabul in captured Humvees. Some wield RPGs, most bristle with automatic weapons.

Clearly, the Taliban was simply biding their time for two decades and now have a young generation of warriors who look radicalized and ready. To many Americans—including military veterans who fought and lost buddies here—it must seem like twenty years wasted.

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How did America get to this point? One can blame the absurdity of nation building in Islamic nations. Truth be told, democracy doesn’t take root in countries built on autocratic religious rule. Yet we’ve heard the same tired mantra repeated by three of the four past administrations: “Islam is a religion of peace.” This absurdity would be laughable if it weren’t so delusional and deadly.

Let’s be honest, former President Trump was foolish to cut a deal with the Taliban. President Biden is even more foolish to bail out precipitously and against the advice of military experts. Biden blames Trump for cutting the deal. Fair enough, but Trump isn’t responsible for this mess—you are, Jihad Joe.

Mr. President, why didn’t you cut your own deal? By doing so, you could’ve crafted an arrangement that didn’t lead to America cutting and running while throwing Afghan men, women and children to the wolves.

True jihadists

A friend posted messages he received from British missionaries in Kabul who are hiding in their homes. They say the Taliban is taking women as sex slaves and killing anyone who resists them. The missionaries warn that the Taliban intend to kill all foreigners and anyone who has worked with foreigners over the past twenty years.

Are these fanatics the kind of people who will heed calls from the international community and the Biden administration to exercise restraint and respect for women? Yet Jen Psaki said in a presser that the Taliban “has to make an assessment on what they want their role to be in the international community.”

Assessment made: The Taliban has been unequivocal about their role in the world—they are jihadists.

Nancy Pelosi scolded the Taliban with a statement that read, in part: “The Taliban must know that the world is watching its actions. We are deeply concerned about reports regarding the Taliban’s brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.”

Yes, the civilized world is deeply concerned about the behavior of barbarians. And yes, the Taliban has to know the world is watching, but do they care? Why would they? They think the world is full of infidels who must be subdued. In the minds of Taliban leadership and their holy warriors, they’re simply following Islam and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Joe Biden should know this.

Barbarians are brutal. And religious fanatics are true believers who cannot be reasoned or bargained with. Force as consequence for actions is the only effective means for controlling those who view women as property and non-Islamists as infidels. Superpowers use force to further their interests. Good superpowers use force to further their interests and as humanitarian aid.

Lion and lamb

Is America still a superpower? Militarily, yes. Maybe it’s time we start acting like one. Why were we in Afghanistan in the first place? To protect our interests. All nations protect their interests. Superpower nations protect their interests and use their power to relieve the oppressed.

Wise presidents don’t forsake their nation’s interests to fulfill campaign promises. Good presidents don’t leave other nation’s citizens and supposed allies in the lurch. Administrations that truly grasp reality don’t waste everyone’s time by demanding the Taliban assess their role in the international community.

The administration could’ve pretended to pursue an August 31 pullout. Smart strategy would be to draw the Taliban out of hiding and then hit them hard. In case anyone’s forgotten, America is still at war with the Taliban.

The administration would’ve been perfectly justified in dealing a terrorist enemy a dreadful blow. They could’ve saved lives and strengthened America’s hand in the Middle East and in the eyes of China, Russia and her allies.

President Biden could’ve struck fear in the hearts of the Taliban. It’s better to be viewed as unpredictable and willing to wield America’s military might rather than as he surely is now—weak and woke. Way to go, Joe.

Because of President Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, the Taliban and other terrorists groups are emboldened and people are endangered.

America looks weak and befuddled, just like her president.

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Patrick is a trained journalist and writer with degrees in English and journalism. He served six years in the Navy where his life was changed forever by the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California with his wife, dog and two cats. He enjoys hiking and cycling, taking pictures and blogging at https://luscri.com/

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Worst Loss in the History of Warfare!



One person I’ve come to respect very much as a Conservative Thinker is Victor Davis Hanson. He is typically calm, reasoned and thorough in documenting his case for every position he takes. In this interview with Tucker Carlson he made a claim that shocked me to the core. Paraphrasing what he said, “The abandonment of our military equipment in Afghanistan constitutes the greatest military loss in the history of warfare.” We equipped the Taliban with more than 80% of what we have given to Israel over the past 70 years! Gasp! If that doesn’t take your breath away then you aren’t thinking this through. It is time for not only resignations at high levels but Court Marshalls of senior officials.

I’d like you to read this from the Daily Caller: https://dailycaller.com/2021/09/03/victor-davis-hanson-equipment-left-taliban-greatest-loss-history-warfare/ 

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Joe Biden to Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani: Lie to the World for Me



Joe Biden
Photo credit: Annie Spratt

According to Reuters, Joe Biden pressured another world leader in a phone call to do something much worse than investigate a political opponent. Cue the chorus for impeachment, right? Fat chance.

Here’s a different way to look at his lying—Joe Biden may be a fading and angry shell of his former self, but the old man can still spin.

Sadly, spinning is one thing—trying to get a puppet president to lie to the world about your abject failure of a pull-out from an “endless war” is quite another. In fact, it’s criminal and worthy of a real impeachment.

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Here’s the key part of the transcript:

BIDEN: Mr. President. Joe Biden.

GHANI: Of course, Mr. President, such a pleasure to hear your voice.

BIDEN: You know, I am a moment late. But I mean it sincerely. Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are, but I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.

Translation: Lie to the world for me.

Selective outrage

Tragically, Joe Biden’s attempt to pressure now former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to lie about the conditions in Afghanistan led to the deaths of many Afghan civilians and 13 American service members.

Where’s the outrage, Speaker Pelosi? Why aren’t you unleashing your bulgy-eyed passive aggressive attack dog, Sheriff Schiff? Where’s the impeachment investigation to “save our democracy,” partisan media members?

It’s nowhere. Truth and transparency are lost virtues for a politically-driven media, ruling party and career politician president. Crusaders and power-mongers don’t give one whit about truth.

Morality is movable and moral compasses are for chumps, right, Joe? You’ve been lying all your life. Why stop now? Why not get others to lie for you? You’re honest about one thing—you’re no military man.

Lifetime liar

Captain Decency, back when he was ‘Ol Blue Collar Joe, lied about his class ranking, scholarship status and a nonexistent double major.  He’s also admitted to plagiary in some of his speeches while campaigning and in debates. 

Did Biden lie about his fitness for combat to dodge the Vietnam draft? After numerous deferments, high school football player Joe Biden received a “1-Y” classification for asthma in April 1968 that protected him from being drafted, except in cases of national emergency.

Asthma? Biden’s asthma didn’t keep him from running all over the field and catching touchdowns as a star receiver. Did Captain Decency “project a different picture” regarding his fitness for service “whether it is true or not.”

Maybe Blue-collar Joe relied on his blue blood connections to get a doctor to sign off on a classification that didn’t apply to him.

We don’t know and will never know, but we do know this—President Joe Biden pressured now former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to lie to the world about rapidly deteriorating conditions in his country. And Biden did so to cover for his abysmal failure in trusting untrustworthy Afghan forces.

Yet again, Joe blew it. Ashraf Ghani’s response to Biden’s pressure was to flee his country. In doing so, Ghani demonstrated more honesty than his American master. He knew the jig was up and fled for his life while Biden absurdly and arrogantly continues to claim victory in the face of utter failure.

No decency

To make matters worse, while presiding over the “dignified transfer” of the remains of the 13 service members at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, his home state, the empathizer-in-chief failed again. While ham-handedly attempting to connect with newly-minted Gold Star families, Joe tried to assuage their grief by talking about the death of his son, Beau.

Clearly, Captain Decency doesn’t realize that empathy and connection happens when you dwell on others’ grief, not your own. His grief over his son’s death is not what freshly grieving families want to hear. Especially those who blame you for their loved ones’ deaths.

How does Joe not get this? How can he not know that checking his watch makes it look like he doesn’t care enough. It would be easy to blame Biden’s behavior on a slipping mental state, but his phone call to Ghani demonstrates a focused attempt to deceive and cover up. Is he losing it, or is he just another lying politician? I say both.

Perhaps Joe Biden’s political “skills” will be the last to fail him. His ability to read teleprompters, issue forceful defenses of his failed leadership, and lie through his veneers will remain to the bitter end.

One thing’s for sure, Captain Decency is far from decent. This persona is a myth. It always was.

Media partisans, this is on you. Your propping and protection of your chosen candidate gave us a typical lying politician for a president, not a leader.

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