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Is the Hamas Attack Just the Tip of the Spear



The worst attack on Israel in decades caught Israel, the United States, and the world by surprise. The extent of the attack and the tools of war used give every indication that Iran was involved both in supplying the weapons and in the timing of the attack. At least 700 citizens, including the elderly and children, have been killed and hostages have been taken into Gaza. Hezbollah has initiated limited attacks in the North. Israel will do what it has to do to free their citizens and reclaim the land taken. Israel has responded with attacks into Gaza. They have asked citizens to flee from the Gaza border areas and has indicated that it has every right to unleash a devastating response on those responsible.

There has been discussions about how intelligence could have missed indications of the attack. Since Americans have been killed and others have been taken hostage, the US has begun moving resources into the area and offered support to Israel. There is also discussion on what has contributed to this attack. Israel claims it was unprovoked. But there are many factors that have already been noted.

Biden’s negotiations with Iran have taken off sanctions, allowed them to sell their oil, and agreed to free up billions of dollars of Iranian funds in exchange for hostages. Those funds weren’t needed for this attack; Iran has been rearming Hamas for years. Unless the US moves to freeze those funds and activate sanctions, there is fear of more terrorist actions. Iran now has more resources to fund their hidden nuclear plans and further supply allies willing to rain terror on Israel. It’s clear that Iran has always promised to destroy Israel and eventually the “Great Satan,” America. They now have the funds to help make that happen.

The timing could also be influenced by the progress of negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman have been continuing even though major obstacles remain. Saudi Arabia, concerned about the growing strength of Iran, is asking for help in creating the nuclear capability to match Iran.

Conflict exists between the countries on multiple levels, competing for geopolitical, economic, and sectarian influence in pursuit of regional dominance. Their political and economic struggle is exacerbated by religious differences. Iran sees itself as the leading Shia Muslim power, while Saudi Arabia sees itself as the leading Sunni Muslim power in the area. Saudi Arabia is working to increase its ties to the US. Iran is nurturing better relationships with Russia and China.

In short, an improved relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is not something Iran supports. Hamas was given the weapons and the green light to send a message to those Muslims who want peace with Israel.

There is no question that the more militant wing in Israel has been looking for a reason to neutralize the Iranian threat. The US has increased the strength and capabilities of their most potent enemy. By supplying Hamas and enabling this attack, not only have they freed Israel to respond; they’ve even moved the UN to condemn the attack and those responsible.

The first response from the Biden administration came through the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs. They condemned the attack by Hamas terrorists but added, “We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and Violence solve nothing.” That has since been taken down.

Israel is unlikely to take any such advice to heart. You can expect Israel to do whatever it takes to neutralize the ability of Hamas to make further attacks. They will send ground forces initially backed up by preliminary attacks by their air force.

If it is proven that the weapons came from Iran, expect Israel to use the attack as a reason to eventually unleash their forces to neutralize the nuclear capability of Iran. Netanyahu has already said that “we are at war.” There is concern that the number of rockets used by Hamas may have depleted Israel’s Patriot missile defense capabilities. That may delay any expanded conflict, but there is still danger that the middle east may yet explode into a bigger war.

There are other concerns. What if this is but the tip of the spear? What if the timing of this attack is but the first salvo against the West? The United States may become Iran’s next target.

With President Biden’s open border, there has been evidence of terrorists joining the illegal immigrants in crossing into the United States. Some have been apprehended, but there is no guess as to how many potential terrorists have infiltrated into our country and been bused to our major cities.

If Iran wants to extend its target beyond Israel, they may very well have the people in place to take its attacks to the United States. While we watch the middle east explode into war, it would be wise for Homeland Security to work overtime in finding and neutralizing any such threats.

With wars raging in the Ukraine and new conflict expanding in the middle east, the world faces a growing threat with nuclear implications. We have a President who is compromised and seemingly incapable of admitting mistakes or being decisive. The House of Representatives is distracted, working to choose a new Speaker and continue their investigations into criminal allegations against Hunter and the President. The nation is divided and just a year away from presidential elections. It is time to unite, but can we?

May we unite in prayer for the innocents in harm’s way and in support for Israel in neutralizing the terrorist capabilities at this difficult time.

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Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and author of The Optimism Advantage, They Shoot Managers Don't They, Speak Like a Pro, Meditations for the Trail, and The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have. Since founding Paulson and Associates, Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, Dr. Paulson has presented to such companies as IBM, 3M, Kaiser, Nationwide, SONY, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and associations. Dr. Paulson is a past president of both the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association. He’s been inducted into NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor given to less than 230 speakers worldwide. Dr. Paulson is a long-time conservative Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups. He currently is a regular op-ed columnist for and Terry brings knowledge, tasteful humor, and a passion for conservative principles to every presentation. Dr. Paulson graduated with honors from UCLA and received his PhD in psychology and an MA in theology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.


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Teaching Terrorists Everywhere that Taking Hostages Works



Are you a conservative business person? Then check out the Red Referral Network and partner with Dinesh D’Souza by clicking the banner below: There was a time that they didn’t negotiate with kidnappers or terrorists. But obviously, things have changed, and, as one might expect, hostage taking has increased. Why? Because it works. It results in the release of convicted terrorists in custody and gets hours of media coverage for their cause.

Terrorists understand the West. Founded on Judeo-Christian values, the West puts a premium on each human life. Our respect for the individual is one of our strengths, but it clearly can cost us in facing terrorists. One cannot fault the families of anyone held hostage for fighting for their release and pleading and praying for their safe return. In the same situation, would not most of us do the same? Terrorists know that.

With the slow and steady drip of more hostages being released every day, the ceasefire continues to be extended and Israel remains constrained from their goal of eliminating Hamas from Gaza. With each passing day Israel is forced to face more restrictions in an effort to protect the innocent civilians. They are forced to deal with Hamas, give them supplies, and release dangerous captives back into Gaza.

As Hamas releases captives and the media covers the hostages’ heartwarming return home, Hamas is given the opportunity to present themselves as the “good guys,” releasing women and children to the appreciative eyes of the world. They inflate the numbers of Palestinian women and children already killed in Israel’s response. Hamas is finding that the repeated release will begin to soften the world’s view of their October 7th savagery,

While Israel is being forced to wait and watch the daily trickle of hostages being returned, they know full well that the supplies they’re bringing to Hamas will make their job to eliminate them more difficult. Weapons are being moved, fortifications are strengthened, forces are repositioned, and traps are being put in place to kill Israeli soldiers. Every day they delay their assault, their job is becoming more difficult.

The IDF and Israeli leaders are saying the right things. Getting the hostages returned is a welcome result. They know that having to release them by force would have put far more hostages and soldiers in danger. No doubt, many of the Israeli hostages now free might very well have died in the efforts to free them by force. Good has come, but at what cost to their ultimate aim?

What is rewarded gets replicated. In 2011, the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas, also known in Arabic as Wafa al-Ahrar, “Faithful to the Free,” resulted in the release of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 Hamas prisoners held by Israel. It took the release of a thousand terrorists to get one captured soldier. That was a deal Hamas loved. As Israel negotiates now, how many convicted terrorists will be returned to Gaza to release the remaining hostages held captive? Once again, taking hostages is paying off in the number of Hamas terrorists freed.

As the ceasefire is extended and only a few hostages are released per day, the exchange could easily take weeks. Hamas is counting on the international press and wavering Western allies to keep up the pressure on Israel. What they want is a permanent ceasefire, and if Israel caves in and agrees to this, the entire war will have been for nothing. Hamas will remain in power in Gaza, and Israel will be left with a military failure and the assurance that more attacks will continue.

Israel has promised to resume their goal of eliminating Hamas from Gaza once the hostage negotiations have been completed. But the anti-Israel media will be ready to savage Israel for even considering to resume the assault.

But resume they must! Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a founding member of Hamas who went undercover as a spy for Israel, provides a warning the West should take to heart: “The danger is if Israel fails in their war in Gaza, which is a brutal war … it will inspire … savages [who will] blackmail superpowers and bring democracies to their knees. If Israel fails in Gaza, all will be next.”

Thankfully, Israel is used to being hated. They know what it is to go it alone if necessary. Netanyahu has promised to resume the assault and to take out Hamas leaders living in presumed safety abroad. Many of the Hamas fighters released in the hostage exchange will no doubt join the fight against Israel. Hopefully, many of them will die in their futile defense.

Terrorism must not win the day. Israel would be wise to put a time limit on when all hostages must be released. Provide a safe page for innocents until that deadline is reached. Some remaining hostages may die, but what assurance does Israel have that some hostages are not already dead. Israel must finish the job or an emboldened Hamas will be free to repeat their savage attacks. Evil must be defeated. God willing, it will be.
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Biden Boondoggles Imperil the U.S. and the World

The Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents



Are you a conservative business person? Then check out the Red Referral Network and partner with Dinesh D’Souza by clicking the banner below:

On my last day following a long sojourn abroad, I met a wonderful woman from North Dallas, had dinner with her, and memorized her email address.

Trending on America No More…

When I arrived home the next day, I emailed her to see if she had had a decent trip back. A couple of minutes later, my email bounced back to me as undeliverable. Realizing my mistake of failing to write down her email address or the spelling of her last name, over several weeks I tried numerous alternative methods at length for finding that information, but with no success.

I had not handled it right and I could not later correct the mistake. You’ve long heard the phrase by the late, legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” I would add, will you have the opportunity to correct the damage done or even to try again?

Macro Level Bungles

It’s hard to even imagine the frustration and problems for all of us considering the never-ending missteps we watch every day from our president!

Biden and company have engaged in macro-level failures for nearly three years now. Their repeated failures to take early appropriate steps, domestically and internationally, has had serious ramifications for the nation and the world.

In chain-like fashion, their ineptness, unintentional and intentional, has spun out of control and led to one unpalatable situation after another. Then they spend untold labor hours and multi-billions of dollars, not to mention American lives, seeking to correct what they could not get right in the first place.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the loss of American lives and $85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban. This ‘gift’ is ultimately finding its way to our enemies throughout the region and, arguably, globally. It also has signaled to the rest of the world, particularly Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, as well as to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, that American military effectiveness is questionable.

As a result of not adequately planning the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as President Trump had already outlined, the Biden Administration has been scrambling ever since. Following our Afghanistan withdrawal Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under a false pretext, and the resulting multi-billions we have spent propping up Ukraine, are major unfortunate results.

Middle East Madness

Another result of our ineptness is the spate of attacks, now several dozen, on U.S. Armed Forces throughout the Middle East following the barbaric Hamas attack on Israel.

China’s forays into the Middle East and its support of Iran further imperil Israel and, by extension, the U.S. In considering the Biden Administration, China is emboldened. They are in partnership with Russia ostensibly for one reason: to hasten our declining power. They have ramped up spying on us via “weather balloons,” university “research centers,” exchange “students,” industrial spying, and, of late, the influx of more than 17,000 Chinese nationals at our southern border – all single men of military age.

Because the Biden Administration intentionally has not secured the southern border it has subjected American citizens to crime, fentanyl addiction, and massive numbers of deaths, as well as bursting federal, state, and municipal budgets in the attempt to house, feed, and safeguard swarming numbers of illegal immigrants.

Biden’s porous border policies have invited terrorists, weakened any notion of U.S. homeland security, heightened child trafficking, accelerated drug cartel activity, and aided gang-related connections throughout our county.

Poor Planning, Execution and Follow Up

Across the board, in examining the policies and programs of the Biden Administration and how poorly they’ve been designed and initiated, it is now apparent that everything they do today represents one attempted, hopeless ‘correction’ after another.

These attempted corrections are long drawn out, invariably with no end in sight. Whether it is on the world stage or domestically, each boondoggle after another leads to protracted, expensive, questionable attempts to resolve what didn’t need to occur in the first place.

It is not an exaggeration: the entire Biden Administration is the picture of futility and incompetence, mixed with corruption and persecution of its political opponents. This is no way to run a country or display to the world how an effective representative republic operates. It is no way to deter our enemies from taking bold steps. It is no way to guide us safely into the future.

Indeed, the entire world is now less safe.

– – – – –


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