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Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea Now?

Investing in gold has been a popular choice for investors for centuries.



Investing in gold has been a popular choice for investors for centuries. It has been valued as a store of wealth and a safe haven asset that can protect against economic uncertainty. In times of rising inflation and falling stock prices, investing in gold can be an excellent idea. In this article, we will explore the reasons why gold is a great investment in such times and why investors should consider including it in their portfolio.

Inflation is a significant concern for investors because it erodes the purchasing power of their money. As the prices of goods and services rise, the value of currency declines. This makes it more expensive for investors to buy the same goods and services, reducing their purchasing power. Inflation can also lead to lower interest rates, which can further reduce the value of savings and investments.

Gold is often considered an inflation hedge because its value tends to rise during periods of high inflation. This is because the price of gold is tied to the global supply and demand for the metal. When inflation rises, investors often seek out assets that are considered safe havens, like gold. As more investors buy gold, demand for the metal increases, pushing up its price.

Another reason why gold is a great investment when inflation is rising is that it is not tied to any particular currency or economy. Unlike stocks, bonds, or real estate, gold is a physical asset that can be held outside of the financial system. This means that its value is not directly affected by the performance of any particular economy or currency.

When stock prices are falling, investors often look for alternative assets to diversify their portfolio and reduce their risk exposure. Gold can be an excellent addition to a portfolio during such times because it has a low correlation with stocks. This means that when stock prices are falling, the price of gold is often rising, providing investors with a way to offset losses in their equity investments.

The price of gold is also less volatile than the stock market. While stock prices can fluctuate dramatically in response to news or events, the price of gold tends to be more stable. This makes it a useful asset for investors who are looking for a way to preserve their wealth without exposing themselves to the risks of the stock market.

Another reason why gold is a great investment during times of economic uncertainty is that it is a highly liquid asset. This means that it can be easily bought and sold on the open market, providing investors with a way to quickly convert their assets into cash. This can be particularly useful during times of economic stress when access to cash may be limited.

Investing in gold can also provide investors with a way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional assets like stocks and bonds. By holding a mix of assets that are not closely correlated with each other, investors can reduce their overall portfolio risk and potentially increase their returns. This is because diversification can help to offset losses in one asset class with gains in another.

There are several ways that investors can invest in gold. One way is to buy physical gold, such as coins or bars, and hold it in a secure location. Another option is to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are backed by physical gold. These funds track the price of gold and can be bought and sold on stock exchanges like regular stocks.

Investors can also invest in gold mining companies. These companies are involved in the exploration, extraction, and sale of gold. Investing in gold mining stocks can be a way to gain exposure to the gold market while also benefiting from the growth potential of individual companies.

Investing in gold can be an excellent idea when inflation is rising and stock prices are falling. Gold is often considered an inflation hedge because its value tends to rise during periods of high inflation. It is also a safe haven asset that can protect against economic uncertainty.

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Bidenophobia…Fear of Biden Folding to the Extreme Left



The pressure is building on President Joe Biden. He has rightly taken a stand in support of Israel in defending their country and doing what they can to eliminate Hamas from Gaza. Yes, he is straddling the fence a bit, calling on Israel to do whatever it can to limit innocent civilian casualties. But he has positioned our military resources to back up his support for Israel and protection for our forces in the Middle East.

President Biden has warned nations not to open a second front against Israel. He was adamant, “Don’t, don’t, don’t!” To this point, his words may have resulted in restraint, but forces from Lebanon have initiated some missile attack, and our bases in Iraq and Syria have put our own soldiers in harm’s way.

Recent polls indicate that up to 82% of Americans support Israel after seeing the gruesome images of those savaged from the Hamas attacks on October 6th. But those polls are sure to come down as more demonstrations support “Palestinian freedom” and Israel’s ground invasion results in reported civilian casualties.

Already, Iran and NATO ally Turkey have expressed a willingness to consider joining the fight against Israel if the war on Palestine continues. Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has threatened the United States while speaking at the United Nations. “I say frankly to the American statesmen who are now managing the genocide in Palestine. I warn, if the genocide in Gaza continues, they will not be spared from this fire.” Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, an Islamist, spoke at a massive pro-Palestinian rally calling Hamas “freedom fighters” and calling Israel an “occupier.”

To appease their own citizens, many Middle Eastern countries, who have demonized Israel for decades, will need to criticize Israel and show some visible support for the Palestinian cause. Hamas knows that and, using innocent civilians as shields, will give them all the images they need of lost civilian lives to stir even more demonstrations and attacks on US embassies in the area.

Visions of a World War III with nuclear implications are being fueled in the media. Jews are coming under attack around the world in ways not seen since World War II. Stores and synagogues are being vandalized here in America. With growing demonstrations with Israel, will Biden’s support for Israel hold steady?

Because of past decisions Biden has made, the price for his support of Israel will only grow. Having curtailed our own oil drilling and processing and used much of our petroleum reserves to help bring down the cost of gas in America, we must import oil to help meet domestic needs.

In response to the war on Hamas, there will be pressure to cut off Middle Eastern oil to America. The immediate result of such a cutoff would be further increases in the cost of fuel for Americans. That would fuel more inflation and an even bigger economic disaster for America’s middle class. With up to seventy percent of Americans already living paycheck to paycheck, higher fuel costs will just make things worse. Salaries are not keeping up with the ever-growing cost of living for fuel and food. Workers are striking for higher wages, which will only create more inflation.

Middle Eastern oil embargos would seriously impact our economy. If you are old enough, you remember the long lines at gas stations in the 80’s. Fifty years after the 1973 Arab oil embargo crippled the American economy, an expanded war in the Middle East has the potential of again disrupting global oil supplies. In response to the conflict, oil prices are already approaching 90 dollars per barrel.

Yes, Trump has proved that we have the oil to maintain energy independence. Oil drilling and production could be reopened. We have the oil to meet our needs, but it would take time for production to meet our demand.

An expanded war in the Middle East could certainly impact more than our economy and the cost of living. President Biden’s open border policy has resulted in any number of terrorists crossing our border and moving freely throughout the United States. With our border resources stretched, far too many have entered our country without proper vetting or controls.

It didn’t take many motivated terrorists to attack the US on 9/11. If terrorists are unleashed on multiple American cities, the cost could be enormous. If so, there will be only one person to blame—President Joe Biden. In an attempt to bring in hordes of appreciative future voters and cheap labor for big business, the Democrats have opened America to any number of devastating terrorist attacks.

May President Biden prove your doubters wrong. Close the border now! Stop normalizing relations with Iran. Freeze the 6 billion dollars being held in Qatar for Iran’s “humanitarian use.” Reinstitute sanctions until Iran stops support for Hamas and Hezbollah and affirms the right of Israel to exist.

Finally, continue to have Israel’s back. If their enemies open other fronts and attack our soldiers in the area, use our forces offshore to neutralize those foolish enough to attack our allies and our forces. Such a strong stand will cost you with the extreme left in your own party but stay the course. The world needs a strong America, and it’s your job to prove that continues to be true.

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