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Is a Massive Economic Downturn Coming?

The United States has seen its fair share of economic ups and downs throughout its history.



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The United States has seen its fair share of economic ups and downs throughout its history. From the Great Depression of the 1930s to the Great Recession of 2008, economic downturns have had a significant impact on the country’s financial well-being. So, is the U.S. due for another major economic downturn? Let’s take a closer look at the historical data.

First, it’s essential to understand that the U.S. economy is cyclical. It goes through periods of growth and contraction, often driven by factors such as inflation, interest rates, and government policy. While the severity and duration of these cycles can vary, there is a pattern to their occurrence. Economic downturns tend to happen every 8-10 years, with some lasting longer than others.

The most recent major economic downturn in the United States was the Great Recession, which officially began in December 2007 and lasted until June 2009. During this period, the U.S. economy experienced a significant decline in economic activity, including a sharp drop in employment, a decline in consumer spending, and a contraction of credit. The Great Recession was caused in large part by a housing market bubble, as well as risky lending practices by financial institutions.

Since the end of the Great Recession, the U.S. economy has experienced a period of sustained growth. The unemployment rate has fallen to historic lows, and the stock market has reached record highs. However, there are indications that the current economic expansion may be reaching its limits.

One indicator of a possible economic downturn is the yield curve. The yield curve is a graph that plots the interest rates of U.S. Treasury bonds of different maturities. Typically, longer-term bonds have higher interest rates than shorter-term bonds. When the yield curve inverts, which means that the interest rates on shorter-term bonds are higher than those on longer-term bonds, it’s often seen as a warning sign of an impending recession.

The yield curve inverted briefly in 2019, and while it has since reverted to its typical pattern, some economists see this as a sign that the U.S. economy could be due for a downturn soon.

Another factor that could contribute to a possible economic downturn is rising levels of debt. The U.S. government has been running large budget deficits for several years, and the national debt has reached historic highs. Additionally, many Americans are carrying significant amounts of personal debt, including credit card debt and student loans. If a large number of people begin defaulting on their debts, it could have a ripple effect throughout the economy.

There are also concerns about global economic conditions, including trade tensions between the U.S. and China and uncertainty surrounding Brexit. These factors could potentially destabilize the global economy, leading to a downturn in the U.S. as well.

While there are certainly indications that the U.S. could be due for another major economic downturn, it’s important to remember that predicting the future is always uncertain. Economic cycles can be unpredictable, and there are many factors that can influence their occurrence and severity. That said, it’s always wise to be prepared for the possibility of an economic downturn, whether through building up savings, paying down debt, or investing in diversified assets.

In conclusion, the historical data suggests that the U.S. is likely due for another major economic downturn at some point in the future. While the timing and severity of such a downturn are uncertain, there are signs that it could happen sooner rather than later. As always, it’s important to be aware of the risks and take steps to prepare for the possibility of a downturn, both at the individual and policy levels.

How to prepare for a great recession:

A recession is a period of significant economic decline that typically lasts for several months to a few years. During a recession, many people may experience job loss, financial instability, and difficulty making ends meet. It is important to be prepared for a recession, whether you are an individual, a business owner, or an investor. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a recession:

Reduce debt: In a recession, debt can be a major burden. It is important to reduce or eliminate debt as much as possible before a recession hits. This can include paying off credit cards, student loans, car loans, and other debts.

Build an emergency fund: An emergency fund is a savings account that is set aside to cover unexpected expenses. During a recession, an emergency fund can be especially important to help cover bills and expenses during periods of job loss or reduced income. Aim to save at least three to six months of living expenses in an emergency fund.

Cut unnecessary expenses: Review your budget and look for ways to cut expenses. This can include canceling subscriptions or memberships, eating out less, and reducing entertainment expenses. By cutting expenses, you can save money and be better prepared for a recession.

Diversify investments: If you are an investor, it is important to diversify your portfolio. This can include investing in a mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets. Diversification can help reduce the risk of loss during a recession.

Improve job skills: In a recession, job loss can be a major concern. It is important to improve your job skills and make yourself more valuable to employers. This can include taking classes, attending workshops, or earning additional certifications.

Consider additional income sources: During a recession, additional income sources can be helpful. This can include a part-time job, freelance work, or starting a side business. By earning additional income, you can offset any potential job loss or reduced income.

Review insurance coverage: Review your insurance coverage, including health, auto, and home insurance. Make sure that you have adequate coverage to protect yourself in case of an unexpected event.

Stay informed: Keep up-to-date on economic news and trends. This can help you anticipate potential economic changes and make informed decisions about your finances.

Plan for the long term: A recession is typically a temporary economic downturn. It is important to plan for the long term and continue to invest in your future. This can include saving for retirement, investing in education, or starting a business.

In conclusion, preparing for a recession is important for individuals, businesses, and investors. By reducing debt, building an emergency fund, cutting unnecessary expenses, diversifying investments, improving job skills, considering additional income sources, reviewing insurance coverage, staying informed, and planning for the long term, you can be better prepared for any potential economic downturn. While a recession can be difficult, being prepared can help you weather the storm and emerge stronger in the long run.

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A Call to Our Better Angels



When the Secret Service agents shielded former President Donald Trump off the stage to a waiting limo, he raised his fist to show that he was all right. As he repeated “fight, fight, fight,” you knew that it would be easy to define his response as a call to take it to his political enemies. Thankfully, his comments since then have focused that word on his desire for America to know that he “fights on” in pursuit of his second term. Commentators are pointing to the iconic pictures of his fist as an indication of how strong and courageous he is as a man; you can’t keep Trump down! The next few days will determine whether he can be “man” enough to tone down the anger and rhetoric that would be so easy to release against his political adversaries. Early indications are that he is asking Americans to give control to the better angels of their nature.

The day after the attack, Melania Trump penned a letter that showed her grace and love for America. She acknowledged the support she had received from Americans across our political divide. She closed her letter with these words: “And let us remember that when the time comes to look beyond the left and the right, beyond the red and the blue, we all come from families with the passion to fight for a better life together, while we are here, in this earthly realm. Dawn is here again. Let us reunite. Now. This morning, ascend above the hate, the vitriol, and the simple-minded ideas that ignite violence. We all want a world where respect is paramount, family is first, and love transcends. We can realize this world again. Each of us must demand to get it back. We must insist that respect fills the cornerstone of our relationships again. I am thinking of you, my fellow Americans. The winds of change have arrived. For those of you who cry in support, I thank you. I commend those of you who have reached out beyond the political divide – thank you for remembering that every single politician is a man or a woman with a loving family.”

Former President Trump echoed that call for unity. In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday, as it was God alone who prevented the unthinkable from happening. Instead, we will FEAR NOT but remain resilient in our Faith and Defiant in the face of Wickedness. Our love goes out to the other victims and their families. We pray for the recovery of those who were wounded and hold in our hearts the memory of the citizens who were so horribly killed. In this moment, it is more important than ever that we stand United and show our True Character as Americans, remaining Strong and Determined and not allowing Evil to Win. I truly love our Country and you all, and look forward to speaking to our Great Nation this week from Wisconsin.”

President Joe Biden took a strong response after the attempted assassination, “There’s no place for this kind of violence in America. We must unite as one nation to condemn it… Everybody must condemn it.” He called and talked directly to the former President. Trump acknowledged and appreciated Biden’s call of concern and support. Biden’s campaign also decided to stop all campaign ads in the coming days to tone down the rhetoric. Biden also echoed Trump’s call for unity.

Former President Trump has also called for a change of theme for the Republican National Convention. There will be a call for unity in the Republican Party and in the country. Nicky Haley, the last campaign opponent to endorse Trump, has now been invited to speak at the convention on Tuesday night and has accepted. Unity does not mean an absence of focusing on party differences; it does mean lowering the heat of political discourse. Mike Huckabee, former Presidential candidate and Governor of Arkansas, asked all Americans to “fight ineffective but non-violent ways-debate, dissent, and ballots rather than censorship, retaliation, and bullets.” Yes, we need less hateful comments and personal attacks and a heartfelt desire to seek first to understand each other across our political divide.

In this brief period where both parties are calling for change, we must work to disagree without being quite so disagreeable. Understand that in the world of social media and political opinion, the more extreme the statements are, the more eyeballs are attracted. We feed partisan hatred and forget that all of us know people on the other side of our political divide who we love and respect. We may disagree about how to ensure the right course for America, but the vast majority of Americans love this country and reject any form of violence.

There is a human trait that is easy to give in to and hard to resist-“When in pain, find someone to blame!” Some on the left have already blamed Trump’s extreme statements on the campaign trail. Others on the right have blamed Biden for a campaign that called Trump a “threat to democracy.” There are those who both praise and blame the Secret Service’s response. There will certainly be time to review what can be learned from this tragic event. But rest assured, no matter what the motivation of Thomas Matthew Crooks to attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, he does not represent any responsible party or freedom-loving, law-abiding American from either party. Yes, political campaigning is a “fight” for our own side, but it should never condone violence of any kind.

How are we, the citizens, to respond? There indeed must be a call to our better angels, a rejection of hateful rhetoric and name-calling, a willingness to dialogue across our divide, and a spiritual commitment to live out God’s love for our neighbors, even our neighbors who vote for the “other guy.” America has survived past assassinations, successful and unsuccessful. It will survive this one. This is a wakeup call for our
country, may we each do our part to turn down the heat and increase the tolerance and respect for political differences.
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