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Tucker Carlson

If the US can’t do this, we will be poor

Fossil fuels aren’t just not bad. Fossil fuels aren’t just a net good. Fossil Fuels are the only thing that make the United States a rich country and not a poor country.



Tucker looks at how well other countries are doing with their own sudden shifts to ‘renewable energy’. Highlights include:

“Get rid of fossil fuels? Yeah, what then? Well, starvation, poverty, societal collapse.”

“Voters, it turns out, are not into any of those things, and so nothing that resembles the ‘Green New Deal’ is going to pass the United States Congress in our lifetimes provided this remains an actual democracy, which is to say provided the public has anything to say about how they’re governed. That’s a non-starter here, it’s never gonna happen by democratic means.”

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“But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it doesn’t mean that ideologues can’t impose the ‘Green New Deal’ on weaker countries that are too poor to refuse it. And over the past several years, that’s exactly what they’ve done. So, the ‘Green New Deal’ has actually taken effect around the world, so we don’t have to guess about what would happen if it took effect here. We can know. That’s science.”

“Everything that’s happened in Sri Lanka and Ghana and the Netherlands is happening at the behest, not simply of ideologues, but of some of the largest financial institutions in the world. They want more of this.”

“It’s why Ghana has achieved a near perfect ESG Environmental Impact Score of 97.7. According to World Economic Research, Sri Lanka has an ESG score of 98.1, The Netherlands 98.7. So, the poorer you get, the more human suffering there is, the higher your ESG score. And that’s important because companies will not invest unless you have a high ESG score. Interesting. So, these countries have no choice.”

“How did that work? Well, like everything in South Africa, no one in America really wants to know. It’s their favorite country, it’s a huge success, what’s like like in South Africa for people of all colors?”

“Well, The Guardian, of all places, reported at the time, ‘Solar biomass and wind energy systems are popping up all over the country and feeding clean energy into the strained electrical grid’. So, their grid’s been falling apart since 1994, but no problem, the green energy ‘geniuses’ are going to save South Africa. How’d that work? Well, seven years later the Washington Post reports that South Africa regularly experiences ‘rolling blackouts … last eight hours or more, crippling economic activity and disrupting life in this nation of 60 million people.’ And that’s true, ask anyone who lives there. It’s falling apart.”

“This past June, the heads of three French energy companies called on the public to ‘Immediately reduce consumption of fuel, oil, electricity and gas amid shortages and soaring prices.’ Oh. Stop civilization. It doesn’t work. That same month, France’s president publicly begged Joe Biden to start producing more oil because the Saudi’s cannot make enough to supply Europe. So, only the Europeans have been dumb enough to embrace this. Unlike Ghana they can afford not to, but they are anyway out of some weird sense of collective guilt.”

“In the United States, our ESG score on environmental issues currently stands at 58. But Joe Biden, who buys into every stupid trend, wants to change that. It’s very important to get our ESG score up because we wanna’ be more like Ghana. So, at the very moment that Biden is sending our strategic petroleum reserve, which we own, he doesn’t, to his son’s business partners in China, he is vowing to end fossil fuels in this country and boost our ESG score.”

“So, let’s just be really clear. Fossil fuels aren’t just not bad. Fossil fuels aren’t just a net good. Fossil fuels are the only thing that stands between the United States becoming Ghana. Fossil Fuels are the only thing that make the United States a rich country and not a poor country.”

“We have the largest recoverable oil reserves in the world. If we can’t tap those, we will be Ghana, we will be poor. But Joe Biden doesn’t care, and so he is clamping down on our ability to extract them. And like the leaders of every other country driven into the ground by green energy schemes thought up by morons like Sandy Cortez, he’s taking no responsibility for the damage he has caused.”

“The problem is, he doesn’t know anything about refining or extracting or how the grid works, or anything about anything because he’s never had a real job, he’s worked for the federal government since he was in his 20s. None of these people have any experience doing anything. So, to get a lecture on the power grid or energy from people who have no idea what it is is a bit much and the topic is too important to continue to listen to their nonsense as we become poorer.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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What the Trump raid was really about

Indicting Donald Trump is a very big step, not simply because a lot of people like him and he’s the former President, but because indicting him at this point would be to reveal that this entire thing, and by ‘thing’ we mean our justice system, is just transparently political.



Tucker looks at what didn’t make sense about the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

Highlights include:

“No honest person could believe that the raid on Donald Trump’s home last week was a legitimate act of law enforcement — it was not. Even the Biden administration didn’t really bother to pretend otherwise. The official explanations that we have heard for the raid make no sense at all. It doesn’t matter how forcefully they are repeated by the media, they’re nonsensical.”

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“For the sake of argument on our show, we’re gonna say that it is, in fact, true, and that Donald Trump did, in fact, have boxes of classified documents sitting in his cellar. Let’s say that’s true. What would it mean? Well, what it means depends in part on what the documents were. Did those documents contain meaningful information? Should they have been classified in the first place? Is there a good reason the rest of us should not have been allowed to see those documents? Now, you never hear those questions asked in public, but anyone who lives in Washington knows perfectly well they should be asked in public, a lot, because in Washington virtually anything can qualify as an official state secret, and often does.”

“If that is true, would it justify what happened? Would it justify sending a large team of federal agents to shut down the entire southern tip of Palm Beach to raid Mar-A-Lago on a weekday? No, it wouldn’t. So, one of the laws they’re telling you that Trump broke doesn’t even have criminal penalties attached to it because it’s not serious enough. Federal paramilitaries don’t show up at your house when you violate the Presidential Records Act.”

“There was endless huffing on television about something called the ‘rule of law’ and how absolutely no one is above that, no one, not even a former President. We’re informed of this by the same people who paid rioters to burn down our cities, the ones who eliminated bail, the ones who encouraged tens of millions of foreign nationals to ignore our federal immigration statutes and move to our country permanently at public expense as a reward for breaking our laws. But, keep in mind, no one is above the law.”

“It’s exactly what it looks like: a show of force against the opposition leader by the head of state and his personal bodyguards. If this happened in any other country, it immediately would be denounced as the act of a dictator.”

“Now, superficially all of this is about Donald Trump, and on some level it is. Permanent Washington does not want Trump to run again. Of course, it’s their greatest fear, and they’re doing all he [sic] can to prevent it. It turns out democracy was too important to let voters choose their own president. But if you take three steps back and consider what’s actually going on, you’ll see that none of this is really about Donald Trump the man. It’s about power, and that means it’s about crushing and humiliating anyone who gets in the way of people who want to retain power.”

“Indicting Donald Trump is a very big step, not simply because a lot of people like him and he’s the former President, but because indicting him at this point would be to reveal that this entire thing, and by ‘thing’ we mean our justice system, is just transparently political. It’s just a means to an end, a means to power, and people know that at this point. They’ve watched it. They understand what’s happening, even people who don’t like Donald Trump, even people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and don’t want to vote for him in 2024. They know, and they can’t un-know, and that means that we are at this point on the edge of something unprecedented, and something awful.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: They don’t care about you at all

Democrats don’t care about inflation because they’re rich and it doesn’t affect them.



Tucker gives his analysis of the Democratic primary in New York City, where it’s incumbent vs incumbent because of a new redistricting. Remember that Futurama episode in which two identical politicians were running against each other? It’s kinda’ like that, except not funny.
“Highlights” include:

“If you’re an incumbent member of Congress, pretty much the last thing you ever want to do is to debate a primary opponent in public. As a sitting member, you already have every possible advantage, unless you drop dead during a speech or get drunk and take your clothes off on a commercial airplane, you are very likely to be reelected to Congress.”

“So, a televised debate cannot help you. It is all risk and no upside.”

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“But occasionally there is no avoiding it. Democrats held a primary debate in New York City last night, they had no choice. Both the candidates in this race are incumbent. Thanks to a court decision that redrew congressional boundaries, the two most powerful members of the New York delegation are now running against each other for the same seat.”

“What was very interesting and what tells you a lot about the Democratic party is how these two candidates talked about their personal accomplishments and their goals for the country.”

“Now, we should tell you, having watched it, that figuring out exactly what Maloney and Nadler were trying to say was not easy. These are not spry, articulate people. They’re not magicians with the English language.”

“But at one point, Nadler gathered the strength to boast about his greatest accomplishment in the Congress: That would be impeaching George W. Bush, twice. Obviously, Nadler meant to say Donald Trump, not that he can remember what decade it is. But what he meant to say is not really a consolation for Democrats watching at home. The problem here is that Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney … neither of these candidates have anything to say.”

“What’s interesting is what Carolyn Maloney didn’t mention as a top priority, and that would be the economy, inflation. And it’s interesting because every poll taken shows that inflation is the number one issue that actual Americans care about. So, why wouldn’t Carolyn Maloney, who is a politician after all, can probably read a poll, why would she not include inflation? Well, it’s possible she’s not aware it’s happening.”

“So, these are the issues that the leaders of the Democratic party and the party’s donors, many of them in San Francisco and New York, care about. They don’t care about inflation because they’re rich and it doesn’t affect them. In other words, they don’t care about you at all. And by the way, this isn’t just true of longstanding establishment figures in the Democratic party like Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, it’s everywhere. It’s endemic, it’s in the fabric of the party itself. Even people who want to join the club repeat the same lines.”

“So, no wonder Democrats are unpopular. They have nothing to offer. They haven’t updated their files. They believe it’s 2005. You see this in foreign policy particularly. They are living in their heads in a world in which the US wields the world’s most powerful military backed by the world’s strongest economy and can do whatever it wants just by telling other people to obey. So, like Joe Biden, you just tell Russia ‘don’t invade Ukraine!’, and of course it won’t, we’re America. You just let China know that we back Taiwan and the entire 75-year-old dispute over that island will be settles forever. They really believe that. They have no idea of this country’s relative place in the world order because they don’t know anything about reality as it stands right now.”

“How out of touch are they? Well, the Democratic party’s main ‘radical’ right now is Sandy Cortez of Westchester. How radical is Sandy Cortez? Well, she spends her days defending the ‘intel’ agencies and neocon foreign policy, and the big banks. So, if you’re ‘revolutionaries’ are reading scripts written by the World Economic Forum, maybe they’re not actually very revolutionary. Maybe they’re defending the status quo, and that’s exactly what they’re doing, and they’re doing it because they have no other plan. The sad truth is the people who run the Democratic party have just given up. They’ve given up on the country and given up on the people who live here.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments:

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