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Elite Democrats Want to Curb Your Freedom



Rep. Jerry Nadler is a perfect spokesman for the contemporary Democrat Party. As he oversaw what can only be described as Stalinist impeachment hearings against President Trump, Nadler told us the following: “We cannot rely on an election to solve our problems.” In plain language, Nadler does not believe in the election process or the US Constitution.

This sudden moment of candor should be a wake-up call. Nadler and his Democrat colleagues, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi, would prefer that important decisions be made by the Washington elite and the voters be damned. Their position was endorsed by a recent op/ed piece in the ultra-liberal New York Times(Aug. 21, 2023): “If we want public office to have integrity,” said Dr. Adam Grant, “we might be better off eliminating elections altogether.”

We are at a dangerous moment in American history in which political freedom is under attack. Our country is based on the notion that individual rights take precedence over unlimited governmental power. The American Left and its senior partners, the Democrat Party and the mainstream media, want to destroy that notion, replacing our government with a totalitarian socialist state run by unaccountable bureaucrats. Don’t laugh. It could happen faster than you think.

For many years, Democrats have been allowing the federal government to insinuate itself into every facet of our lives. “Every single one of [Obama’s] initiatives,” says American Thinker, was “directed at increasing government control in every area, with a corresponding decrease in individual liberty.”

An inverse relationship exists between size/scope of government and respect for individual rights. Where there is more of one, there will be less of the other. As we allow the government to be responsible for more and more of our needs, we surrender our independence. The American Left’s ultimate alternative to democracy is socialism, where the government takes care of everything. Socialism is a form of big government that despises the individual and has been accompanied in every case by totalitarianism.

Today’s Democrat is notable for advocating socialist policies, from redistribution of income and government control over healthcare to the “Green New Deal.” As part of its campaign to impose socialism on America, the Democrat Party wants to eviscerate the First Amendment. Any speech that contradicts Democrat Party talking points is considered “hate speech.” With their endorsement of identity politics—where you take sides based on your race, religion, sex, ethnicity, and social background—Democrats are hoping to divide and conquer. “Emphasis on group identities and group rights and progressives clamoring for social justice will lead inexorably to a collectivist tyranny,” wrote David Horowitz in Big Agenda.

Another Democrat mouthpiece, in his moment of transparency, has shown us what we can expect from the Democrats if they succeed in creating a one-party state. Entrepreneur and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said that he thinks “there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” As with Nadler’s comment regarding elections, Bloomberg is giving us an important clue about Democrat Party political philosophy. “Bloomberg is the archetype of the ‘Nanny knows best’ authoritarian who will happily deprive you of your rights and your freedoms in the name of protecting you,” wrote Scott Shackford in Reason Magazine.

As mayor of New York City, said Jeff Dunetz in The Jewish Press, “Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant who tried to control almost every aspect of people’s lives.” He supported secret surveillance of US citizens. He was against Second Amendment rights. He attempted to control what people eat and drink. It is only one short step from there to controlling what people say and think, how they behave, and where and when they can travel. “Bloomberg has decided that his destiny is to lead our nation out of the burden of individual liberty and personal responsibility,” said Jeff Knox at lewrockwell.com, “and into the peace of conformity, subjugation, and dependency.”

“Bloomberg’s attitude is dangerous,” said Investor’s Business Daily. “If the state can infringe on freedom at ‘certain times,’ then it can do it at any time. Once that wall has been breached, it’s only a matter of how far government goes.” Investor’s Business Daily reminds us that the infringements have occurred at a startling pace: the massive welfare state, weaponization of the Justice Department and IRS, Obamacare, subsidies for politically favored groups, First Amendment violations, unequal protection under the law, FBI surveillance of American citizens.

The Democrats want to take away your right of free expression, redistribute your income, and reduce you to a member of an alienated special interest group. They want power to reside in the Deep State, the cadre of unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC. If they succeed in supplanting capitalism with socialism, the middle class will be taxed out of existence. The incentive to achieve will disappear, as it has in parts of Europe. When the productive segment of our population has had enough, they will pack up and leave and America will turn into Venezuela.

Ward Clark reports in Red State (Aug. 21, 2023) that 14 American cities— Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle—are part of a globalist organization known as the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group that advocates banning meat and dairy consumption and the use of private automobiles, limiting each person to three new clothing items per year, and one “short-haul” round-trip flight every three years per person. “It is, of course, the grossest of understatements,” said Clark, “to say that all of these proposals are anathema to the concept of personal liberty.”

The left-leaning elite who are pushing for limitations on personal freedom include the mega-wealthy entrepreneurs at the head of Big Tech. These people have so much money they feel they can tell the rest of us what is best for us, says historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson. “They have nothing but disdain and hatred for the middle class. They hate us,” Hanson says. “They are very dangerous people,” he adds. “The mindset is, I’m doing it all for you. I’m using all my money for you. That’s Orwell’s Animal Farm or 1984.”

The antidote: electing a Republican in 2024.

Ed Brodow (www.edbrodowpolitics.com) is a conservative political commentator and author of ten books, including his latest, THE WAR ON WHITES: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport.

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Ed Brodow (www.edbrodowpolitics.com) is a conservative political commentator and author of ten books. His new book is THE WAR ON WHITES: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport, available at Amazon.com.


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With Representatives Like Kelly Daughtry, We Can Take Back America

Daughtry is a soft-spoken woman who gets things done



When President Trump takes office next January 20th, he’s going to need a cadre of strong-willed Congressional representatives. It’s not enough to simply retake the White House, we need the foot soldiers with the unshakeable resolve to restore America.

In North Carolina’s 13th district, one candidate is firmly rooted in the values that made this country great, and will make it great again. Her name is Kelly Daughtry and, quite frankly, the nation needs many others like her.

Raised in rural North Carolina and the daughter of a U.S. veteran, farmer, lawyer, and entrepreneur, Daughtry has been a practicing lawyer for the past 25 years in Johnston County, where she makes her home. She’s been in the trenches and is not skittish about the slings and arrows that come with taking bold, conservative positions for what is right.

Clear Positions on Vital Issues

Daughtry is exceedingly clear on where she stands and on what will improve the lives of American citizens. She is a vigorous supporter of law enforcement and decries ‘de-fund the police’ movements wherever they arise. She understands that, by and large, the men and women in law enforcement are dedicated, hardworking individuals who, in many instances, put their lives on the line.

Similarly, Daughtry supports the U.S. military and our veterans. She knows that nations around the world with rogue leadership wish to do us great harm, and that we must maintain a strong military at all times. Not coincidentally, a strong military is the best prescription for peace.

On the border issue, Daughtry recognizes that the Biden Administration is firmly committed to swamping our country with illegal aliens. Why? Because the U.S. Census count doesn’t focus on U.S. citizenship, only the number of residents per county and state.

Hence, Democrats can gain a 20-seat advantage in the U.S. House of Representatives by continuing to flood our nation. This ploy is precisely why Biden and company have brought lawsuits against border states seeking to protect themselves.

The drugs, the crime — the murders — and the bursting budgets of towns and states trying to cope with the onslaught of illegals should never have happened in the first place. Daughtry knows what needs to be done, and done immediately.

Reversing Biden’s Reckless Agenda

Daughtry will go to work on restoring our nation, dismantling Joe Biden’s reckless agenda for America. She understands that Biden’s policies towards China in particular, and the bribes he has taken, have been nothing less than devastating for hard-working Americans and for our national security.

Most notably, she is firmly opposed to the Chinese Communist Party and their representatives who are seeking to buy farmland throughout North Carolina as well as every other place in the United States.

Biden’s out-of-control spending has particularly hurt North Carolinians. Farmers have taken the brunt of the punishment. The unending inflation that we’ve faced for 38 months also has dealt a crushing blow to North Carolina small business owners and families in general. One of Daughtry’s first agenda items will be to help steer our country back towards fiscal sanity, which in turn will have a direct impact on the cost of groceries and gasoline.

Americans First

Like President Trump, Daughtry understands the importance of putting Americans first and of safeguarding or voting procedures, elections, and indeed what it means to be an American citizen. Of note, she has no misconceptions about the differences between men and women and will work to stop the malarkey that the Left imposes on us every day, with their “56” types of genders.

Daughtry is a soft-spoken woman and in her quiet way, gets things done. If Donald Trump had an army of Kelly Daughtrys, the country would be on firm footing in relatively short order. She knows what hard-working Americans want and need, and is exactly the type of politician that North Carolina must send to Washington D.C.

It is not an exaggeration to say that in Wake, Harnett, Johnson, and Wayne counties in North Carolina, as well as the entire state and entire country, the 2024 election will be the most important in our lifetimes. This has been said about other elections at other times, but considering the damage that the Democrats have wrought on America, the time is now to reclaim our great nation and, with the likes of Kelly Daughtry, we can.

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America is in decline because voters asked for it



American voters have placed in office many people whose allegiance is to woke ideology instead of the public good. In many cases, these elected officials support policies that clearly are harmful to their constituents and to the nation.

Why would anyone knowingly vote for politicians who embrace policies that cause great harm? New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg is a case in point. DA Bragg doesn’t like to prosecute felons. Instead, bad actors are released immediately without bail. Bragg is not an accident. New Yorkers elected him.

President Joe Biden has allowed millions of unvetted immigrants to enter the country causing untold disruption in our cities and the threat of terrorism. Instead of deporting people who violate federal law by coming into the US illegally, we give them free rent, free food, free cell phones, free credit cards, free medical care, free child care. The same president has destroyed our energy independence, caused runaway inflation, and undermined our military readiness. Despite these misdeeds, millions of voters claim he is doing a good job and want him to run again in 2024.

Biden is using the legal system against his Republican adversary, Donald Trump, to deny him the right of due process, to confiscate his wealth, and to impose a lengthy jail sentence. “The law is being used to punish people you don’t like politically,” said Sean Hannity. Yet millions of voters continue to support Joe Biden.

These outrageous situations can be chalked up to an unconscious electorate. They voted for all these problems. The people of New York City are fed up with mounting crime. Yet they voted for Alvin Bragg, who is contributing to the crime problem by refusing to put offenders behind bars.

I am not describing a stupid electorate. Many of the voters who elect unfit politicians are highly educated. Mark Levin explains this phenomenon in American Marxism. He addresses the question that has stumped me for years: Why is it that so many intelligent, well-educated, affluent people in urban centers like New York and San Francisco have been seduced by the Left? Levin’s answer: “They are lured by the false hopes and promises of urban transformation and the criticisms of the existing society.”

When it comes to politics, many of our citizens have a myopic, under-informed viewpoint. They see themselves as compassionate people who want to help the disadvantaged. If they are white, they have been told that the white patriarchy oppresses blacks and other minorities. As a result, they may feel guilty about their own success. When it comes to immigration, they want to open our doors to anyone who wants to enter the country. Why? Because people in other parts of the world are suffering and liberals believe that we have a moral duty to help them.

What they are missing is that leftist policies have consequences. Bringing in millions of Stone Age people from the Middle East, for example, makes the US vulnerable to the disruption and violence that are tearing Europe apart.

An excellent analogy can be found in the game of chess. Amateur players look at the chessboard and only perceive the board as it exists right in front of them. They neither understand nor take responsibility for the consequences of their moves. Experienced chess players can see the board three to four moves ahead. They are aware that whatever move they make will entail consequences.

We have millions of American voters who resemble amateur chess players. They are completely oblivious to the consequences of their political choices. That is why California has turned from a garden in to a hellhole. The liberals who run the legislature in Sacramento are falling all over each other in the rush to provide free healthcare, free education, and welfare payments to illegal immigrants. But what about the consequences? Who will pay for all the freebies? What will happen to civil order and public safety when the government is no longer able to maintain the rule of law? No one wants to take responsibility for the unpleasant consequences of the leftist agenda.

Voting is no longer looked upon as a responsibility. “Elections are not held just for social participation,” said economist Thomas Sowell. “They’re not held just to vet our emotions. They’re held to elect people who will hold our lives and the lives of our loved ones in their hands, as well as the fate of the entire nation. To go out as if we’re voting for homecoming queen is madness!”

Sowell has suggested that for people who refuse to take the time to study the issues and candidates, “their most patriotic act would be to stay home on election day, rather than vote on the basis of their whims or their emotions, which is really playing Russian roulette with the history of the country.”

More than anything, we need informed voters who can opt for responsible candidates.

Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator and author of two No. 1 Amazon Best Sellers, AMERICA ON ITS KNEES: The Cost of Replacing Trump with Biden, and THE WAR ON WHITES: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport.

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