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American Freedom Tour

Dan Bongino exclusive: This place is worth saving

There’s never been anything like this and there never will be anything like this again.



Dan Bongino (please visit his website if you’re not sure who he is) was a featured speaker at the American Freedom Tour event that took place in Jacksonville on Oct. 8-9.

Over the course of his speech, which I personally found absolutely hilarious, Bongino expressed dismay about the Left, and challenged the Right.

He began, “Leftists have this crazy, bizarre idea that a hundred people around a boardroom table in Washington D.C. somehow know more about your life than you do. And us in the room are like: How the hell is that? Like my own kids don’t know everything about me, like how does some idiot in D.C. know?

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“Like we complain about government all the time, right? We go to the DMV. We’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in line all day.’ You go to quasi-government entities like the post office and you’re like, ‘Man, I could run this thing better,’ right? And then Leftists are like, ‘Yeah, the DMV, the post office, they kind of suck. But I definitely want you to be in charge of my health care and crack open my chest when I’m about to die.’ You’re like … what are … like, what is in that pipe you’re smoking, man?

Copyright © 2021 Nathan Waters • nwphotovideo.com

Copyright © 2021 Nathan Waters • nwphotovideo.com

“So I said on FOX this morning, so I said, you know, their ethos—right—their credo, what they live by, is that government can do everything you can do better, right? Run the economy. Manage your healthcare. Run national security at the border. Run a court system.

“Everything they can do, they can do better.

“And I said, you know, it’s odd having that worldview considering that these guys suck at everything. Like they can’t … right? They can’t get anything right. I said, don’t you find it weird that the level of incompetence for these people is stunning?

“I mean, if … if Joe Biden has given everyone in this room one gift—you’re like what? No, seriously, if he’s given us one gift, it’s he’s fully exposed the fact that the federal government cannot do a damn thing right. There is nothing. Nothing. Zero. Nothing.”

Bongino continued, “Everyone in this room knows that Joe Biden … I think Joe Biden is definitely a dumb person. But the people around him are not. He is. He’s just — I’m sorry — he’s dumb. You know, he’s just not a smart guy. But the people around him are not stupid. This is all intentional.

“How is it not? Explain to me with a straight face how what I just told you about the economy, inflation, and the border, how a sane person would say, yes, this is good for a prosperous county. You can’t. There’s not a single soul in this room who can explain to me why that would make sense that this was not deliberate and intentional.

“Listen, I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s my Savior. I surrendered a long time ago. He has changed my life and what I did.

“But I’m not kidding when I say this: I thank Him in the morning, and I thank Him for not making me a liberal. Like, I—right? Living in this vacuous vortex of stupid, I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine waking up really believing that this guy in charge in the White House is gonna fix problems I can’t fix myself.

“So your whole worldview is that I’m so dumb, I can’t fix my own business and my kids’ education. But definitely Joe Biden is gonna handle it. A hundred percent. Joe Biden and Hunter, when he’s not doing sex things, like they’ll figure it out. Hunter Biden, when he’s not blowing art out of his nose or whatever he’s doing now. He blows his art out of his skull. I’m like, I’ve never heard of this in my life.

Copyright © 2021 Nathan Waters • nwphotovideo.com

Copyright © 2021 Nathan Waters • nwphotovideo.com

“It’s not a sob story. You know, God gives us our obstacles for a reason. We should actually relish them because they can change your life if you look at them the right way. And a lot of bad stuff kind of happened to us, you know, health-wise and everything like that. And I don’t tell you that as some kind of a boo-boo, sob story. I mean it. It was a gift because it enabled me to see the world a different way.

“You know, we all have an expiration date, right? But none of you, thankfully, probably know what that is. You don’t want to know what that is. But when you realize it exists, we all think we’re immortal. We do. I mean, who in the room is thinking about dying? Thankfully, probably no one. You never live your life thinking about dying.

“But when something like that happens to you, it really opens your eyes and you start to see things different. You do. It changes everything. And I’m telling you, this place is worth saving. I know we’re in a really dark time right now. I know it. I get it. We are. I know we’re in a dark time.

“There are people in this room — I’m looking at these faces right now — and I can guarantee you, there are probably hundreds of people in this room who were police officers, military, who, I mean literally not figuratively, put their asses on the line to hand their kids and grandkids the country that was given them, but even better. We got an upgrade.

“Nothing upgrades. Entropy and disorder. You leave a bush to grow, it grows chaotically. It never grows in order. Nothing in nature, nothing grows in an orderly fashion except the United States, which despite all of the idiots in the White House and all of the morons in Washington, D.C., it still gets better. How is that?

“Nothing in nature gets better. You read the book The Road Less Traveled, he makes the whole point—a whole chapter on that—how everything in the world is characterized by growing disorder except this place. You’re telling me — you can’t tell me now that that’s not evidence that the hand of God has touched this place.

“So I leave you with this last thought. We all have our own personal obstacles, but the greatest country in the history of Planet Earth, touched by the hand of God, has its obstacles too.

“God has a way of putting a price on things. Nothing’s gonna be easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. If it was easy, every country would be the United States. But it’s not. There’s only one. There’s only us. There’s only ever been us. There’s never been anything like this and there never will be anything like this again.

“It’s worth saving. Don’t be depressed. Leave tonight knowing you got elections in the country ahead of you, you have to hand to your kids. And that you’ll walk up to the pearly gates with a resume in front of the Almighty and say, ‘I did my best to save what You gave us.’

“Thank you so much. Save this place.”

The American Freedom Tour is a celebration of faith, family, unalienable rights and God-given American freedoms. In a time when so many in the media and government are tearing down America and its people, the American Freedom Tour celebrates America and what makes us great.

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Ted Slater is part webgeek and part wordsmith; he feels equally comfortable massaging code and editing prose. He gets plenty of opportunity to explore both interests as a freelance website developer. Ted is a follower of Christ, husband to Ashleigh, and papa to Olivia and Ava and Savannah and Noah and Dorothy.


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