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ChatGPT AI Writes a Defense of Conservatism!

Political conservatism is a worldview that values tradition, limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.



We asked the AI engine, ChatGPT to write a 1000 word defense of Conservatism and here is what it generated. How do you think it did? Do you agree? Disagree? What did it leave out. Let us know!

Here it is:

Political conservatism is a worldview that values tradition, limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. It is an approach that emphasizes the importance of preserving existing institutions, cultural norms, and social values, while at the same time promoting policies that encourage individual initiative, self-reliance, and economic growth. In this essay, I will present a defense of political conservatism by examining some of its core principles and their role in shaping modern politics.

First and foremost, political conservatism is rooted in a belief in the value of tradition. Conservatives recognize the importance of preserving long-standing institutions and cultural practices, as they provide stability, continuity, and a sense of community. This is not to say that conservatives are opposed to change, but rather that they believe that change should be undertaken carefully and with an eye towards preserving what is valuable and worthwhile in society. Conservatives view tradition as a repository of wisdom and experience that can inform our decisions and actions in the present, and they believe that it is essential to preserve this heritage for future generations.

Another core principle of political conservatism is limited government. Conservatives believe that government should have a limited role in the lives of individuals, and that it should not interfere unnecessarily in the workings of society. This is based on a belief that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices and pursue their own interests, without undue interference from the state. Conservatives recognize that government can play an important role in providing essential services and protecting individual rights, but they are skeptical of expansive government programs that can be inefficient, costly, and bureaucratic.

In addition to limited government, political conservatism emphasizes individual liberty. Conservatives believe that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices, pursue their own goals, and express themselves without fear of interference or censorship. This includes the freedom to engage in economic activity, to express their political and religious beliefs, and to associate with others who share their values and interests. Conservatives believe that individual liberty is essential for a vibrant and dynamic society, and that it should be protected at all costs.

Finally, political conservatism places a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. Conservatives believe that individuals should take responsibility for their own lives, and that they should not rely excessively on government or other institutions to solve their problems. This includes taking responsibility for one’s own economic well-being, personal health, and relationships. Conservatives recognize that personal responsibility is essential for a healthy and prosperous society, and that it promotes self-reliance, resilience, and a sense of accountability.

In recent years, political conservatism has come under attack from critics who accuse it of being regressive, intolerant, and insensitive to the needs of marginalized groups. These criticisms are often based on a misunderstanding of what political conservatism actually stands for. For example, critics might argue that conservatives are opposed to civil rights or equality, when in fact conservatives believe that these values are essential for a just and fair society. Similarly, critics might argue that conservatives are opposed to environmental protection, when in fact conservatives believe that it is possible to protect the environment while also promoting economic growth and individual freedom.

It is important to recognize that political conservatism is not a monolithic ideology, and that there are many different strands of conservative thought. Some conservatives may place more emphasis on traditional values and social order, while others may focus more on economic freedom and individual rights. However, all conservatives share a commitment to preserving what is valuable in society, promoting individual liberty and personal responsibility, and limiting the role of government in people’s lives.

In conclusion, political conservatism is a worldview that emphasizes the importance of tradition, limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. It is an approach that values what is good and worthwhile in society, while also recognizing the need for change and adaptation. While political conservatism has come under attack in recent years, it remains a vital and important force in modern politics.

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America No More…



After watching with over a hundred others the newly released movie, Civil War, I left the theater stunned, and I was not alone. Was it a good movie? Just a deeply unsettling one! Could it really happen? You don’t even want to imagine it! But with Biden’s assault on America continuing and Trump reemerging as the favored GOP candidate, the American division is growing. More and more citizens are getting angrier as their standard of living is in jeopardy and illegals are getting benefits citizens can only dream of.

Spoiling the movie’s plot is never appropriate, but when Western forces from Texas, Florida, and even California take on the elected President, the country is left in a civil war. We watch as desensitized media professionals cover the death of hundreds of American citizens. To the film’s media, the war is just a once-in-a-lifetime story that deserves to be captured one picture at a time. After all, it’s the media’s job. They are just feeding citizens what they want—blood, gore, winners, and victims. What would happen if America descends into such chaos? This movie provides one disturbing view, one that, God help us, must never happen.

One thing is clear, when a country loses trust in its leader’s ability to preserve their cherished freedoms and ensure equal treatment under the law, even insurrection seems somehow possible. That is a nightmare no American should have to entertain, but more and more Americans seem to be losing hope in the future of our country. They don’t trust elections. Many don’t even like the Presidential choices presented to them.

The Founding Fathers valued freedom enough to unleash a revolution against the greatest power at the time. Enough citizens joined them in securing what most at the time believed impossible, independence. Yes, insurrection hatched our beloved America. Belief in equal rights and freedom are powerful forces that have always driven patriotic Americans to action.

Even with our differences, most Americans believe in property rights, voting rights, law enforcement to keep us safe, freedom of speech, and personal responsibility. Unfortunately, more and more Americans feel these values are in question, and they are not sure America can be saved!

Many Americans no longer even believe that elections will produce a lawful winner. They don’t trust the voting machines. They want paper ballots that can be counted. They don’t believe multiple days are needed. Hasn’t one day of voting always been enough? They want required IDs and signed mail-in ballots. They fear ballot harvesting is just another name for ‘manufacturing” all the votes you need to ensure a fraudulent victory. Are American fair elections no more!

Many no longer believe that the enforcement of law is fair and sure. While former President Donald Trump has been charged with multiple “crimes,” President Joe Biden’s similar actions aren’t even charged. Hunter Biden’s influence peddling with money set aside for the “Big Guy” are not even covered in the mainstream media. The Dept. of Justice is quick to charge Trump, but with the Bidens, we hear nothing but crickets. People who commit crimes are being let go instead of being held accountable. Is American law and order no more!

Under President Trump, our border was finally more under control. Under Biden, his open border has been continually flooding our country with illegals from around the world. They come expecting benefits at the expense of taxpaying citizens. Illegals overwhelm services in our urban areas. Legal immigrants had to wait years to enter and are fuming at this invasion of illegals rushing to the front of the line and expecting to be accepted, supported, and allowed to become citizens. Is America’s secure border no more!

We thought in America, your home was your castle. If you work to buy the home of your dreams, you were sure that your property rights were secure in a community that you loved. But today, squatters are taking over vacant homes and fending off owners who want them to leave their property. Illegals are being told to come to America, find an empty home, and move in. In the name of equity, governments are rezoning the suburbs and requiring the building of low-income housing where it is not wanted. Are America’s property rights no more!

Do you believe America is lost? Do you believe nothing can reverse this march to chaos? Do you believe that it is time to buy your own guns to protect your family when the government won’t? Is a civil war coming? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are in danger of losing the optimistic attitude that has characterized Americans for two centuries. This is our country. This is not the time for surrender. It’s time to fight to preserve America the best way you can—vote for candidates who promise to preserve the rights you value most.

Your vote does matter. There are no perfect candidates, but the party positions make a difference in this critical election. If you want law and order, secure borders, fair elections, property rights, and a return to personal responsibility, there is only one party to support. Vote for every GOP candidate you are given the opportunity to support, or it may very well be America no more!

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Prepare for the Worst: Domestic Sabotage and Violence on the Horizon

The wheels of extremism are already in motion



Leading up to this November, and beyond, it now seems inevitable that America will experience extreme turmoil, if not outright hostilities and even urban warfare. Nothing that I write here will have any impact in terms of what is likely to occur. For one, Leftists don’t tend to read articles by conservative and, two, the wheels of extremism are already in motion.

Tactics Without End

I devote at least 500 hours annually to reading about political, historical, and cultural matters, adding up to more than 5,000 hours in the last 10 years. I’ve reached the same conclusion which legions of others have: Domestically the U.S. is headed for huge trouble. We already know many of the Left’s tactics to hinder Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, which include devious hoaxes, endless lies and slander, bogus lawsuits and selective prosecution, unconstitutional fines, and much more.

As spring leads to summer, Trump’s lead over Biden could grow. As such, expect the Left to act even more desperately with reprehensible tactics. Consider that of late RINO Congressional Representatives are suspiciously retiring early on dates with no chance for a special election to occur in their districts. Hence, Democrats can retake the House. Do you smell payola? Thereafter if Trump is elected, the House could attempt to deny certification.

By June or July, invariably, the Left will seek to foment another “George Floyd” incident and blame it all on Trump. With the power of The New York Times and major networks embellishing the narrative and offering World War II level coverage, the masses will be snowed. Think about Donald Trump observing that if he’s not elected there will be a bloodbath in the auto industry, and how the mainstream media, in unison, immediately claimed that Trump was calling for nationwide violence.

The Left is Violent and Everyone Knows It

The most violent segment of our society happens to be on the Left, as even many casual observers know. If Trump is ahead in the polls in September or October, expect dissension wherever the Left can prevail. When Trump wins the election in November, expect riots in 200 cities or more, surreptitiously funded by George Soros and his kind.

The money will fuel Antifa and other groups of young men and women who do not have career level jobs but do have questionable futures. The riots will last for as long as the extremists can persist; days, weeks, even months. From there, open warfare, in the form of urban snipers, is entirely possible.

Leading up to inauguration on January 20, many key dates such as certification from Congress, approval of Electoral College votes, and so on, represent key opportunities for the Left’s planned disruptions.

Disruption and Sabotage

January 20 could be a day of extreme violence. Washington, DC will have to be put under martial law. National guards from every surrounding state will be employed. The violent Left will not allow Trump to peacefully take over the reins from the corrupt, demented Joe Biden.

Biden’s administration, ruled by Barack Obama, will not offer a smooth transition of power, unlike all other presidents since our nation was founded. This is except for Obama, who did all he could to sabotage first Trump’s administration from the get-go.

The rest of January leading into February will represent days of turmoil. The Left will attempt to disrupt Trump’s second administration 24/7. They will harass and threaten political appointees. They will form roadblocks. They will resort to antics in front of federal buildings, the Supreme Court building, and other targeted locations which they deem to be ‘in their way.’

Eventually, Trump can clean it all up but at enormous financial and social cost. Rioters and less-than-peaceful protestors can be taken off the streets and, this time, held for much more than 24 hours. They can be charged, fingerprinted, photographed, and processed by a now lawful Department of Justice . However, such major operations will result in a lot of pain and gnashing of teeth.

Sadly for our nation, the scenarios above are more likely to be true than not.

– – – – –








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