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Tucker Carlson

Case Closed: Rittenhouse Clearly Acted in Self-Defense

It’s not Kyle Rittenhouse’s fault. It’s our fault, the adults.



Tucker looks at the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and the prosecution’s apparent strategy, threatening the jury. Highlights include:

“That’s kind of it right there, that’s pretty much the end of the trial because when someone runs up and points a loaded gun in your face, you are allowed to shoot that person. That’s called self-defense, that’s the rule. That has been the rule throughout human history in every society on earth since people lived in caves.”

“At one point, a detective a witness called by the prosecution, implicated the prosecution in a cover-up.”

Trending on Tucker: America won’t forgive Joe Biden for this

“The prosecution ordered the police not to look at the phone and that had never happened before, and you can see why. It’s baffling, really.”

“Why would a government lawyer want less evidence in a case?”

“Once again, we have the textbook definition of self-defense. Not much of a prosecution. In fact at no point did the prosecution make its own case, they make Kyle Rittenhouse’s case, open and shut.”

“But you’d never know any of this from watching the coverage of the trial.”

“For the record, the men Rittenhouse shot were all white. Kind of a funny kind of white supremacy there. It turns out that like so much of the hyperventilating moral outrage we suffer through every single day, the tale of Kyle Rittenhouse is a myth. It was concocted by the industrial media lie machine purely for political effect.”

“It’s not Kyle Rittenhouse’s fault. It’s our fault, the adults. We’re not leading this country in a proper way. We’ve allowed chaos and anarchy to take over. We’ve allowed the thugs to run our society, and then all the elected people, the politicians that are making money, the millionaires sitting on tv tsk-tsking, they’re all sitting back and 18 jurors have a grenade in their lap.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: America won’t forgive Joe Biden for this

Do you want to live in a functional country, or don’t you?



Tucker compares Biden’s approval ratings to those of Gerald Ford and John F Kennedy after their biggest embarrassments. Their numbers went up — why haven’t his? Certainly not because of the massive spending and inflation or illegally forcing vaccine mandates?

Highlights include:

“Joe Biden’s polls are in the toilet right now, everyone knows that, and the question is, ‘Why?’ You’ll hear a lot of people say, ‘Well, it was Afghanistan,’ the true debacle that Biden oversaw in Afghanistan. Is that really it, however? Is a foreign policy disaster enough to knock a president off his game his first year in office?”

“When presidents are just starting out, Americans give them a pass, even on big things, especially in foreign policy. So, with that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at how Joe Biden’s approval numbers have changed during his first year in office. And of course it’s an unequivocal disaster.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, only 36% of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing in office. The Real Clear Politics polling average has Joe Biden doing only marginally better at about 41%. Gallup has Biden at 42%, down 15 points from just a couple of months ago.”

“What we’re witnessing under the Biden administration is something Americans will absolutely not forgive: the decline in our standard of living.”

“Biden hasn’t simply embarrassed the United States internationally, though he’s certainly done that. Americans can overlook that as they did under Ford and JFK and hope for something better next time. Biden has made living in this country much more difficult for millions of people. He’s made it a lot harder for Americans to afford basic amenities.”

“And then he showed almost no interest in fixing this, in fact it’s clear it’s being done on purpose … cuz ‘global warming.’”

“Inflation is not an act of God, it is the result of government policy. The Federal Reserve has devalued the US dollar by printing too many US dollars. Why are they printing them? To pay for government spending, spending that under the Biden administration is now literally out of control.”

“The people who are printing this money, the US Congress, the feds specifically, know that they are making the problem worse, but they don’t care. In fact, they’re mocking you for noticing that your standard of living has declined.”

“In the Biden administration, a host of bureaucratic agencies are suddenly in charge of your body, the minute details of your body, what you had for Thanksgiving dinner. The White House believes that OSHA, for example, can tell you what to inject into your body — get the injection or you’re fired. Now, you remember that just a few months ago, the White House was saying the opposite of this: ‘Vaccine mandates are illegal.’”

“These people are reckless and crazy and dishonest and the rest of us have to put up with it. After all of that, of course they mandated the injections. They knew that was illegal … they did it anyway.”

“It’s not a partisan question. Do you want to live in a functional country, or don’t you?”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Horror in Waukesha

These killings were absolutely intentional. Why did Darryl Brooks commit mass murder in Waukesha?



Tucker compares eyewitness testimony from the recent vehicular murders at a Christmas parade, compared to the national media who tell a different story. Highlights include:

“As of tonight, Brooks has not publicly explained why he committed mass murder. Instead, the media and local authorities have decided to speak for him, and the main thing they want you to know is that these killings had absolutely nothing to do with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict just two days before, nothing whatsoever. The timing is just one of those amazing coincidences.”

“Many eyewitnesses describe Brooks zig-zagging down the street trying to murder as many innocent people as he could. These killings were absolutely intentional. And no, Brooks was not being chased by the police, that’s a lie. So much for that theory.”

Trending on Tucker: America won’t forgive Joe Biden for this

“So, the question remains, why did Darryl Brooks commit mass murder in Waukesa?”

“This has to do with the verdict, that’s the obvious conclusion.”

“Is it true? Again, we have not confirmed it, but we can be absolutely certain that the national media will spend zero time trying to find out. Why? Because they’re implicated.”

“News organizations spent more than a year telling us that a case that had precisely nothing to do with race was somehow a referendum on the civil rights of black people and the rise of white supremacy. So if it turns out those lies got six people murdered, they’ll probably be the last to tell us that.”

“In other words, the deaths of innocents, old ladies, small children, are a small price to pay because the principle of equity is so beautiful and so important.”

“That is a diseased way of thinking. It’s how cult leaders and dictators think. It is not a western worldview, but suddenly it’s a mainstream position within the democratic party.”

“What would happen if we did this, if we actually emptied the prisons, as democrats are demanding? We’re getting a taste of the consequences right now by watching what’s happening in the San Francisco Bay area.”

“There’s nothing equitable about that. It’s theft. Big picture, it’s anarchy, It’s violent chaos in which the weak will always suffer the most.”

“So you’ve gotta wonder why they’re encouraging it.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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