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Bruce Lee, John Wayne, Muhammad Ali, Pele, and MLK

Bruce Lee, John Wayne, Muhammad Ali, Pelé and MLK defined excellence and love



I am an immigrant from Iran. I’m olive-brown skinned.

Growing up, my heroes were Bruce Lee, John Wayne, Muhammad Ali, Pelé, and Martin Luther King.

What I admired about these men was that they were the best in the world at what they did.

And they were magnificent.

A Chinese man from Hong Kong was the world’s greatest material artist.

A white American man from Iowa was its biggest movie star.

A black American man from Kentucky was the world’s greatest boxer.

A black man from Brazil was the world’s greatest soccer player.

A black American man from Georgia was the conscience of the world.

I had posters of Bruce Lee on my wall.

I dreamed of playing soccer like Pelé. Saving the day like John Wayne. Beating up bad guys like Ali. And being a man that did good things like MLK.

In my house, my mom and dad grew up as Christians in a majority Muslim country. They faced institutional racism, and racism from individuals day-to-day.

But they never complained. And they taught us to hate racism. They taught us tolerance and acceptance of others.

And they told us of a country called America, that though not perfect, strove to become better. And they wanted us to live in a land like America.

A land where we would not be judged by the color of our skin, but that we could be judged by the content of our character.

A land where we could be friends with people who were a different religion than we were.

A land where we could disagree with someone about politics and not be cancelled — or jailed — or killed.

We didn’t come to America, we came to Canada.

Canada was a lot like America.

And we fell in love with it.

The past 39 years have been incredible.

I am so grateful to be living in one of the greatest, freest countries on earth.

Which is why I am standing up for freedom, free expression, and free enterprise.

Wokism is a disease. It’s LBJ’s nasty vision brought to life. The Democrats post 1965 stopped being overt racists, and became covert ones.

They have morphed into a Maoist party that lies and bullies its way to power.

And the forces of wokism are running rampant.

MLK would stand tall against wokism.

He belongs on Mount Rushmore.

Muhammad Ali would fight against the racism of the wokists.

So would Bruce Lee.

If you believe in freedom, fight hard for it.

Otherwise, it will be gone.

I stand with Bruce Lee, The Duke, Ali, Pelé, and MLK.

Excellence and love over mediocrity and hate.







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Nicky Billou is a Christian immigrant entrepreneur from Iran, whose family left after the Islamic Revolution. A passionate supporter of President Trump, he is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Georgetown University’s Masters Of Foreign Service Program, and political commentator for the conservative website Nicky is a committed champion for freedom and an implacable foe of tyranny and the cult of cancel culture. He is a best-selling author of 9 books, including two with co-author Wayne Allyn Root. He hosts two top-rated podcasts and has been a guest on over 300 radio and TV shows and podcasts. He is known by the moniker “THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST GUEST”, for his passion, knowledge and ability to deliver an incisive message in a very compelling way. He is also the host of the #1 podcast in the world on Thought Leadership, The Thought Leader Revolution (, featuring guests such as Wayne Allyn Root, Roger Simon, Kurt Schlichter, Chris Widener, Scott Adams, John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Victor Hansen. He is an in-demand and highly inspirational speaker to corporate audiences such as RBC, Lululemon, Royal LePage, and TorStar Media. He is an advisor and confidante to some of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs in North America. He is the co-founder of eCircle Academy ( where he runs a yearlong Mastermind & Educational program working with successful Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Clinic Owners, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and other service-based Entrepreneurs, positioning them as authorities in their niche. He is the creator of the Thought Leader/Heart Leader™ Designation.


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by Jay DeLancey and Jeff Davidson

The grandest mistake the American populace committed in the last half-century was assuming that our media was even somewhat fair and balanced. Likewise proceeding in the last two decades as if the Internet giants had no dog in the political arena proved to be a mistake of historical proportions.

Today because so many people, still, are conditioned as such, the mere fact that say, a CNN, has a website prompts some people to believe that the network have something of value to offer. Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, whose focus is classics and military history, says that the New York Times is “a shell of what it used to be.”

Nothing Objective to Offer

The paper always leaned to the left, since it’s founding, but it did an intermittently semi-decent job in reporting the facts. The Times sent their reporters out to the streets to do hard-core reporting. The mission was to gather relevant data, identify sources, talk to people, find eye witnesses, speak to bonafide experts, attain corroboration, and then when they were sure of what they had written, submit the story or feature.

Their articles probably never represented a 50-50 balance – perhaps 55-45 or 60-40 in favor of the left. Today, no rational media observer would contend that the balance is 70-30, or even 80-20. Study after study reveals, say, in the case of covering Donald Trump, that 92% of all features are negative, and that is not to say the remaining 8% are positive. Mostly, they’re neutral.

If you are a Trump or DeSantis supporter, or a Republican running for Senate or the House of Representatives, for governor in your state, or for any other position of prominence, you simply cannot expect a fair shake from the press, nationally, and in most cases locally. Indeed, you’re likely to be demonized, endlessly, over issues for which Democrats receive a free pass.

Compromised to the Breaking Point

The New York Times and The Washington Post of old, as biased as they might’ve been, at least offered some semblance of up-to-date information, with facts and figures when they had them, and timely reporting as situations unfolded. Hansen remarked that today the people who run these newspapers are trading on the decades of hard work and the reputations built up over more than 100 years.

Those who put in the seed work are dead and gone and thus, obviously, have no say about what’s going on today. The Times and the Post, in less than a generation, are destroying their own reputations. The people who currently run these ‘news’ organizations are dragging them down at warp speed and don’t even recognize the damage that they are doing.

By 2030, what is now a shell of an organization will be less so, and it wouldn’t be too wild to predict that the Times could totally morph into something else. The Post is not far behind in devising its own demise.

The Pretense is Gone

Each of the countless newspapers that feed off of these two publishing giants suffer as well. All such pretense that the mainstream media strives for objectivity is gone. The good news, if you could call it that, is everyone on the right is now vitally all aware that this has happened.

Those who strive for integrity in elections, those who are on the right, and those who are routinely demonized by the left, understand what’s occurring to the nth degree. It’s not fair, but to know what you face is a benefit of sorts.


– – – – –


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