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Brer Rabbit Democrats Shout “Please Not Trump!”



The left seems to be doing everything it can to take down Trump on flimsy charges that seem to be guaranteed to be thrown aside one charge at a time. They try taking him off the ballot in Colorado, while 16 other blue states consider doing the same thing. They accuse him of fraud for overvaluing his Maro largo estate in applying for loans that he’s already paid off. They’re trying to use a Civil War statute not used in over a century to convict him of being an “insurrectionist.” And, of course, Trump must be guilty of election interference for questioning the 2020 election results that half of American voters question.

Such actions give the appearance that they’re fearful of facing Trump and will do everything they can to keep him out of the race. But to everyone following the news, the charges seem blatantly political and unlikely to be successful. Because he’s being wronged, Trump is soaring in the polls, and he is gleefully proclaiming himself as the presumptive Republican candidate before a single primary or caucus vote. To Trump, there is no need to debate the second team!

Of course, many Democrat pundits warn the faithful about how these charges just play into President Trump’s hand. David Axelrod comments are indicative of many others: “All the legal challenges that have been thrown at Trump have so far helped strengthen him in the Republican primary, as he depicts himself as a victim. CO will be the same. What seems like Kryptonite winds up being battery packs in the GOP primary.”

But what if the Democrats want President Trump to be the candidate? After all, they beat Trump in the 2020 election and frustrated the GOP expectations of victory in the 2022 midterms by labeling all candidates as those awful MAGA, Trump-loving Republicans. There is clear evidence that when Trump is running, it helps fuel Democrat fundraising. We also know that nothing gets Democrats to the polls better than keeping that “hated” Trump” out of office. They’ve beaten him before, and the “Hate Trump” voters can’t wait to do it again.

In a recent column, Ann Coulter pointed out the danger of coronating Trump early: “Defying all expectations, by me at least, Republicans have reacted to these garbage prosecutions by saying, Watch this, liberals! We’re going to punish you by handing Democrats the presidency, the House and the Senate. You disqualified Trump from the ballot, Colorado? We’re going to put Democrats in a position to pack the court! I can’t enstupid myself enough to understand why being the victim of legal persecution is supposed to make someone a great candidate for president. Please draw a diagram from ‘These Trump indictments are outrageous!’ to ‘Let’s make him our nominee!’”

Democrats certainly know that, even if he is convicted, these charges are weak, are ultimately indefensible, and won’t stop him from running. They know that the conservative U.S. Supreme Court will knock any convictions down before the election. Trump will be saved to run! But to the left, Trump running may very well be their best chance of pulling a victory out of a potential defeat. They don’t want to face the young and successful Governor Ron DeSantis. He could be in office for two terms!

Think back to the classic folklore stories of Brer Rabbit from Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris. Brer Fox laid a trap for Brer Rabbit by inducing him to get stuck in a Tar Baby and thus had finally captured his long-time tormentor. The fox had him right where he wanted him and began to debate with the trapped rabbit about how he was going to bring about his demise. The wily rabbit, however, tricked the fox by pleading with Brer Fox to punish or torture him in any way except one.

“Drown me just as deep as you please, Brer Fox,” said Brer Rabbit, “but for Lord’s sake don’t fling me in in that briar patch.” “There’s no water nearby,” said Brer Fox, “so I think I’d rather skin you.” “Skin me, Brer Fox, snatch out my eyeballs, tear out my ears by the roots, and cut off my legs,” said Brer Rabbit. “Just please don’t throw me in that briar patch.”

Of course, that was exactly what the rabbit wanted and eventually what he was able to get. Since the briar thickets were his normal stomping grounds, he had successfully tricked his enemy and once more scampered out of harm’s way. What is the truth revealed? What you claim to fear is sometimes what you most want to win the day.

Trapped into defending an almost indefensible Biden track record, Democrats may be playing the only card that even gives them a chance of winning. They beg Republicans who think they can’t lose, “Please, I know you have me where you want me, but please, please, don’t make Trump your nominee. Give me Haley or DeSantis, but please spare me having to run against that terrible President Trump. Brer Rabbit may be laughing and applauding on the sidelines of this election soap opera.

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Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and author of The Optimism Advantage, They Shoot Managers Don't They, Speak Like a Pro, Meditations for the Trail, and The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have. Since founding Paulson and Associates, Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, Dr. Paulson has presented to such companies as IBM, 3M, Kaiser, Nationwide, SONY, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and associations. Dr. Paulson is a past president of both the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association. He’s been inducted into NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor given to less than 230 speakers worldwide. Dr. Paulson is a long-time conservative Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups. He currently is a regular op-ed columnist for and Terry brings knowledge, tasteful humor, and a passion for conservative principles to every presentation. Dr. Paulson graduated with honors from UCLA and received his PhD in psychology and an MA in theology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.


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Will Democrats Do What They Must?



On a warm August evening in 1974, President Richard M. Nixon said from the Oval Office that he was resigning, becoming the first president to do so. He confessed that he no longer had “a strong enough political base in the Congress” to finish his term.

Sen. Barry Goldwater, Ariz., the 1964 GOP presidential nominee, was a respected conservative leader in a Senate whose Republican ranks were less conservative than now. In a May 1973 interview with Time magazine, Goldwater had given an early warning, “If it can be proved that he (Nixon) lied, resignation would have to be considered. It would be quick. Everything would be over, ended. It wouldn’t drag out like impeachment.”

At a regular Senate Republican Conference lunch on august 6 of 1974, Goldwater had fumed: “There are only so many lies you can take, and now there has been one too many. Nixon should get his ass out of the White House today!” When he went to see President Nixon, Goldwater confided, “There’s not more than 15 senators for you.” After that showdown, the curtain on President Nixon’s presidency came down three days later.

In this challenging time in our history when President Biden’s competency is under serious question, will Democrat leaders have the courage to do the same? With this report, more Democrats and Independents will be less inclined to vote for Biden. That may very well impact the future of many Democrat politicians whose own election could be impacted if their voting base stays home. After his Wednesday night address, the evidence that Biden is in trouble is plainly obvious.

President Biden’s poll numbers are now at an all time low. The shocking Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur report suggests that Biden should not be indicted because Biden is “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” that a jury would be unlikely to convict. The Special Counsel also noted that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen;” he noted that such actions “present serious risks to national security.” It is clearly a risk for Biden to remain in office.

When President Biden addressed the country after the report was disclosed, he asserted that his memory was fine, and the report confirms that he was not indicted and did nothing wrong. His comments to the press questions were combative and defensive. He took no personal responsibility, blaming his staff for the faulty storage of classified documents. His message was strident and clear-Trump is guilty, and I did nothing wrong.

If he is not competent to stand trial for his actions, how can he be confident enough to remain president? It’s time for a private confrontation by Democrat leadership. If Biden does not listen, it is time to exercise the 25th amendment option to remove him from office.

It is not easy to use that 25th Amendment option. It is even more difficult with only 9 months before a critical national election. Waiting until the Democrat Convention in August leaves little time to right the ship and promote a replacement candidate.

Democrats, do your job to clean out your own house. President Biden is not competent to meet the challenges of our time. Do it now or pay the price in November. As Republicans, we hope you let Biden remain your candidate, but that is selfish. President Biden is our current leader and his decisions impact all of us and a world in turmoil. This isn’t about politics. We can’t afford even eleven more months of a mentally incompetent President.

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Getting Beyond our Convenient Political Narratives



There is only one movie up for Oscars that I have any interest in seeing win, “American Fiction.” This movie has the guts to call out all liberal media, book publishers, and Hollywood producers who have made it clear that the only narratives they will allow to be seen support their woke worldview.

In “American Fiction,” an author snubbed by publishers because his novels are not “black” enough decides to play a joke on the publishing industry by changing his identity to a fugitive who writes in graphic terms about what it’s “supposed to be” like to be a “black” in America. The book fits the liberal narrative and earns the author an offer of $750,000, a new movie contract, and award consideration. He’s disgusted by the liberal bias but plays along only to see a disturbing reality play out. The truth is that it pays to support liberal narratives.

Most of the Oscar nominations and comments at the ceremony prove a left-wing bias every year. That’s why fewer and fewer conservatives even watch. Where is the consideration for popular movies like “Sound of Freedom” or “Boys in the Boat?” They don’t fit the Left narratives that “nothing bad comes across an open border” or “nothing good comes out of America.”

It’s true that we all tend to fall victim to “selective scanning.” It’s tempting to search for information sources that reinforce what we want to believe. Both sides of the divide tend to say the same thing—“If you knew the ‘facts,’ you would know the ‘truth,’ ‘OK, my truth!’” Both sides of any divide have a narrative with “facts” and “expert opinion” to back their position.

There are numerous examples of well-defended narratives that keep America divided:

The COVID Vaccines are good for you vs. The COVID Vaccines have the potential to do more harm than good (You can find some research and anecdotal evidence that vaccines work and similar evidence that some people have died or developed serious illnesses).

Climate Change will result in man’s destructive vs. Climate Change has multiple causes, and we can do little to change (Clearly, there is evidence of man doing damage to the environment, and there is evidence that there have been extended warm and cold periods throughout earth’s existence with or without man).

Entitlement Programs are essential to help those who can’t help themselves. Entitlement Programs foster government dependency and prevent self-sufficiency (It’s true that people need help, but it is best provided by a distant government bureaucracy or by family, friends, and local charities who can access needs and provide focused assistance and support).

Undocumented Aliens should receive government assistance and have a path to citizenship; Illegal Aliens have committed crimes and should be deported (There is evidence that some who have crossed the open border have committed terrible crimes, but it’s also true that some have been good workers with strong family values).

Both leading candidates for the 2024 Presidential election are loved and hated. They have counter-narratives depending on your side of the divide.

The left’s Trump narrative is predictable. Once elected, President Trump will be a “dictator,” “seek revenge,” “be fatal to the American experiment,” “a felon,” and “a threat to democracy.” In Short, the left’s message is simple, “Trump is dangerous for America and should be in jail.”

The right’s narrative couldn’t be more different. President Trump will “restore America,” “ensure our freedoms,” “destroy the deep state,” and “defend the Constitution.” In short, “Trump’s been victimized by politicized accusations and will save the America we love if he can just be elected.” Both can find statements from Trump’s speeches and past actions to attempt to justify their claims.

To the right, President Biden is “senile,” a “bumbling idiot,” “too old,” “an un-American traitor,” “a ‘big guy” crook,” and “dangerous to the future of America and should be impeached and in jail.” To the left, Biden has “helped keep America open to immigrants,” “helped prevent a climate calamity,” “provides necessary benefits for minorities,” “makes the rich pay their fair share,” and “is the only person in the way of a rightwing dictatorship.” Both views can find ammunition to support their claims.

Notice that neither side likes you to watch a whole speech. They want you to see just the clips and evidence that reinforce their own narratives about the candidate. Welcome to soundbite politics!

The 2024 election is too important for our future to be left with biased narratives about two candidates. It is not just the President that you elect; it is the people and the policies they bring with them that will determine the course for America’s future.

Instead of limiting yourself to biased narratives, there is much to consider in making an informed decision on who to elect. Both candidates have a record to look at. What are their major accomplishments? Do you support what they did as President? Now, look to the future. Join those who are demanding that both parties lay out their Contract with America. What are the top five promises and priorities for each party?

Let’s get beyond the name-calling and demand that they come before the people to debate the issues that matter most. Both these candidates are more than the narratives we have created. Let’s hear from them directly and then vote. To do less is not responsible citizenship and is detrimental to the future of our amazing country.

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