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Biden proposes Gun Control Biden proposes Gun Control


Bonehead Ideas from Biden and Company



If you wake up and find that your kids can’t attend school because they are “too white”, or criminals ransack your home with impunity, or you can’t afford gas or food and the stores are empty anyway, then the people you elected Might Be Boneheads! Senator Joe Biden is famous for once saying that packing the Supreme Court is “a bonehead idea!”

Well, let’s revisit Joe’s trove of “Bonehead Ideas.”

It appears that he is quite a collector of them.

If you, like Biden, believe that any of the following are workable ideas then You Might Be A Bonehead!

  • Packing the Supreme Court with extra Justices (to increase Liberal rulings)
  • Raising the minimum wage (so untrained and inexperienced people will cost a lot more)
  • Making Washington DC and Puerto Rico states (to increase Democrat voters)
  • Defunding the Police (to increase safety and fairness)
  • Bail fund for Rioters and Protestors (to keep criminals on the street)
  • Shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline (to disable American energy independence)
  • Stopping the construction of the Border Wall (to make illegal access to the USA easier)
  • Enabling and condoning Critical Race Theory racism education (to teach children racism early in life)
  • “Coming after your guns” (to disarm peaceful citizens so only outlaws have guns)
  • Sending money and privileges to Iran (feeding the beast that wants to kill us)
  • Abandoning Israel and encouraging their attackers (spitting in the face of God)
  • Making Climate change more important than American Freedom (assuring that we go down in disgrace)
  • Citing White Supremacy as the primary domestic threat (why tell the truth when you can manufacture a villain?)
  • Claiming that January 6 Capitol riot was more severe than the burning cities and murders (make vandalism and trespassing a worse crime than murder and arson if you’re a Conservative)
  • Blaming guns for the out of control murders in Chicago and other major cities (don’t blame the people, blame their weapons instead)
  • Allowing invaders to cross our border without resistance, in fact, with welcomes and free benefits (more Democrat voters, albeit non-citizens)
  • Claiming that voter ID is racist (we are the only country in the G7 to not require ID to vote)
  • Claiming credit for the Covid vaccine success championed by Trump (if you ignore or insult Trump long enough, people will believe you are the hero)
  • Accusing Trump of treason and ignoring the treasonous Democrats: Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. (only Conservatives can do bad things. Liberals are exempt.)
  • Sucking up to China and Russia (let them show us how good Communism can be)
  • Claiming that “America is Back” when all you can prove is that we are back down where you and Obama left us. (Getting back to what we escaped is not freedom, it is re-imprisonment)
  • Shutting down the executive office early each day for your senior moments (do not try to do important things when you won’t look good while doing them)
  • Implementing wealth taxes and more taxes of all types (if you take away the wealth of self-made citizens then you can control more of the country.)
  • Spending more than we can ever make in three lifetimes (we can’t fully become a communist country until we have a disastrous bankruptcy and desperation among the people. Then government can rescue them into Communism.)

That makes 24 bonehead ideas. I’d list more but I’m getting tired and I think I’ll call a “lid” on my writing today. (If it works for the President, it could work for you and me.)

If you agree with ANY of these sinister tactics, then You Might Be A Bonehead!

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(A tip of the hat to Jeff Foxworthy for the idea from “You Might Be A Redneck.”)

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Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is an Executive MBA Professor, Author of 21 books, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Top 1% TEDx video (2.4 million views), US Army veteran, Singer/Songwriter, and Lifelong Motorcyclist. He is known as "Your Virtual VP" for his Advisory/Mentor work with organizations worldwide. Based in Texas...and proud of it!


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Here are three movies, each having received at least one Oscar nomination:

All Quiet on the Western Front — here is a remake of the 1930s classic, and I was prepared to have this be the same old trench warfare, with all the accompanying platitudes. Instead, I was surprised. This was well done, with decent acting, and a few hand-to-hand combat sequences unlike anything I have previously seen, some truly touching. It is a German production, but all in English. Although it’s on the long side, I think it is worthwhile.

Everything Everywhere All at Once — starring Michelle Yeoh, and receiving 11 Oscar nominations is alternatively amusing, excessively noisy, clever, confusing, and lacking boundaries. It is without a raison d’être, as with other movies during this awards season, notably The Banshees of Isherin and Tár. Everything Everywhere is getting rave reviews, but I say “skip it.” As one reviewer put it, the plot seems to suggest “that what makes life meaningful is the recognition that because there is no inherent meaning, all things and moments are equally meaningful.” Oh, sure thing….

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The Left Is Fueling a New Racism



It’s my firm belief that the number of Americans holding racist views is small, whether white, black, or Hispanic. At this point in our history, the vast majority of Americans try to live up to the challenge delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We keep moving toward the hard-fought dream he envisioned of an America where a citizen’s character would mean more than the color of their skin.

We are a different country today. I’ve presented leadership programs to hundreds of companies over the last 40 years. I’ve seen the work they’ve done to embrace diversity and advance capable employees and leaders from all races. Many minority members have advanced and earned their rightful place in making this great American economy work. At a time we should be celebrating and furthering our progress, our American culture is under attack from the left. Angry race-baiters are doing everything they can to increase our racial divide through pushing the 1619 Project, CRT, and BLM. They make extreme racist claims with a clear goal—to expand the government gravy train that only racial “victims” can justify.

I lived in pre-civil rights Atlanta where there were separate schools, separate bathrooms, and the baseball team was the Atlanta Crackers! Today, it’s more likely that leftist blacks are the ones who want separate schools, separate rights, and special reparations for their race.

As one anonymous post asserted, “Only in America can an ethnic group of black awareness month, black holiday, black only colleges, black only dating sites, and black only bars and clubs…and turn around and call everyone else racists!” You don’t have to look far to find evidence of extreme black racist demands.

In California, the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee released a report calling on the city to pay every qualifying black California resident $5 million and absolve them of their outstanding personal debt. This is madness. California was a free state and did not condone slavery, but the committee is doing all it can to justify reparations: “While neither San Francisco, nor California, formally adopted the institution of chattel slavery, the tenets of segregation, white supremacy and systematic repression and exclusion of Black people were codified through legal and extralegal actions, social codes, and judicial enforcement.” To the left, this “failure” warrants millions of innocent California citizens being forced to pay higher taxes to fund exorbitant benefits to one race they haven’t abused in any way.

In Washington, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is proposing a law that could codify black racism in America. There is a common mantra in her political speeches: White America is defined by institutional racism, systemic racism, white supremacy, and white nationalism. She attacks “white” America and seems to see the clan in the face of every white citizen. Such general attacks are evidence of a new racism—black racism.

Read for yourself Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s proposed law, the Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023. The legislation promises to criminalize criticism of any minority that is subsequently used to incite anybody else to commit a hate crime. The law reads: “A conspiracy to engage in white supremacy inspired hate crimes shall be determined to exist between two or more persons, at least one of whom published material advancing white supremacy, white supremacist ideology, antagonism based on ‘replacement theory,’ or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group could, as determined by a reasonable person, motivate actions by a person predisposed to engaging in a white supremacy inspired crime.”

This is a chilling attack on freedom of speech against one race—caucasians. In short, if you criticize a minority and another person states that your statement was all the motivation needed to do a hate crime, you may be jailed because your criticism “motivated” a hate crime you did not commit. Get the message—be silent and conform or we will put you away.

Black racism is real and just as evil as white racism. Both must be soundly rejected by responsible citizens. As a Christian, I affirm my Savior’s claim that all God’s children matter! No responsible citizen should be shamed into silence by the irresponsible racist attacks of the left. Be proud of yourself and of America. Whether black, brown or white, success as a small business person or advancement as a good employee had to be earned by hard work, long hours, and diligent sacrifice. As with Americans for generations, it was not handed to you. You didn’t depend on government handouts to get ahead, you had to find a way to earn your own American Dream.

Reparations will never happen! Politicians can’t even afford to fund the entitlements they’ve already promised. Special black racist demands are unethical, divisive, and risk fueling a new racism backlash. Politicians from the left keep making the promises to fuel racist anger and secure special interest donations and votes.

Don’t fall for their racist rants and demands. Depending on government entitlements is never the answer. Instead, get busy following the models and learning from citizens of all races who have made America work for themselves and their families.

Let’s reclaim the American Dream Martin Luther King, Jr. affirmed. Do not judge a fellow citizen by the color of their skin. Celebrate the character of the vast majority of good American citizens you meet. Keep rejecting racism of any kind. It’s time to stand proud and applaud hard work and success wherever we find it, no matter what the race. May it always be so in this great republic we treasure…America!

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