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Biden proposes Gun Control Biden proposes Gun Control


Bonehead Ideas from Biden and Company



If you wake up and find that your kids can’t attend school because they are “too white”, or criminals ransack your home with impunity, or you can’t afford gas or food and the stores are empty anyway, then the people you elected Might Be Boneheads! Senator Joe Biden is famous for once saying that packing the Supreme Court is “a bonehead idea!”

Well, let’s revisit Joe’s trove of “Bonehead Ideas.”

It appears that he is quite a collector of them.

If you, like Biden, believe that any of the following are workable ideas then You Might Be A Bonehead!

  • Packing the Supreme Court with extra Justices (to increase Liberal rulings)
  • Raising the minimum wage (so untrained and inexperienced people will cost a lot more)
  • Making Washington DC and Puerto Rico states (to increase Democrat voters)
  • Defunding the Police (to increase safety and fairness)
  • Bail fund for Rioters and Protestors (to keep criminals on the street)
  • Shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline (to disable American energy independence)
  • Stopping the construction of the Border Wall (to make illegal access to the USA easier)
  • Enabling and condoning Critical Race Theory racism education (to teach children racism early in life)
  • “Coming after your guns” (to disarm peaceful citizens so only outlaws have guns)
  • Sending money and privileges to Iran (feeding the beast that wants to kill us)
  • Abandoning Israel and encouraging their attackers (spitting in the face of God)
  • Making Climate change more important than American Freedom (assuring that we go down in disgrace)
  • Citing White Supremacy as the primary domestic threat (why tell the truth when you can manufacture a villain?)
  • Claiming that January 6 Capitol riot was more severe than the burning cities and murders (make vandalism and trespassing a worse crime than murder and arson if you’re a Conservative)
  • Blaming guns for the out of control murders in Chicago and other major cities (don’t blame the people, blame their weapons instead)
  • Allowing invaders to cross our border without resistance, in fact, with welcomes and free benefits (more Democrat voters, albeit non-citizens)
  • Claiming that voter ID is racist (we are the only country in the G7 to not require ID to vote)
  • Claiming credit for the Covid vaccine success championed by Trump (if you ignore or insult Trump long enough, people will believe you are the hero)
  • Accusing Trump of treason and ignoring the treasonous Democrats: Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. (only Conservatives can do bad things. Liberals are exempt.)
  • Sucking up to China and Russia (let them show us how good Communism can be)
  • Claiming that “America is Back” when all you can prove is that we are back down where you and Obama left us. (Getting back to what we escaped is not freedom, it is re-imprisonment)
  • Shutting down the executive office early each day for your senior moments (do not try to do important things when you won’t look good while doing them)
  • Implementing wealth taxes and more taxes of all types (if you take away the wealth of self-made citizens then you can control more of the country.)
  • Spending more than we can ever make in three lifetimes (we can’t fully become a communist country until we have a disastrous bankruptcy and desperation among the people. Then government can rescue them into Communism.)

That makes 24 bonehead ideas. I’d list more but I’m getting tired and I think I’ll call a “lid” on my writing today. (If it works for the President, it could work for you and me.)

If you agree with ANY of these sinister tactics, then You Might Be A Bonehead!

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(A tip of the hat to Jeff Foxworthy for the idea from “You Might Be A Redneck.”)

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Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is an Executive MBA Professor, Author of 21 books, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Top 1% TEDx video (2.4 million views), US Army veteran, Singer/Songwriter, and Lifelong Motorcyclist. He is known as "Your Virtual VP" for his Advisory/Mentor work with organizations worldwide. Based in Texas...and proud of it!

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The Age of Rage



Many Republicans are seething in response to Biden’s destructive agenda that has contributed to high inflation, ad exploding deficit, urban lawlessness, and an out-of-control Southern border. More and more Americans are eager to turn their anger into a November landslide against Democrats. They’re tired of the rampant lawlessness, the irresponsible DAs unwilling to prosecute criminals, and the deficit spending that has unleashed inflation impacting the lives of every American.

The recent leak about the reversal of Roe v. Wade has given woke extremists all they need to justify angry, even violent, demonstrations. The decision is not even final, but liberals are marching on the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices. Some justices have moved from their homes to ensure the safety of their families.

The lockdowns and restrictions tied to the COVID pandemic have certainly added to the anger of many citizens. People watch shows that reinforce their own views. Such one-sided journalism helps justify violent actions. But let’s be clear. Viewers respond with high ratings from the steady stream of extremists. Rage is the “eye candy” that now attracts viewers. Yes, there are extreme views expressed on either side of our political divide, but the vast majority of rage and violence is coming from the left.

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki has complained about threats and personal attacks, but Republicans point out that the party has not publicly shared the addresses of any Biden administration official’s home address.

After the leak of a potential Supreme Court reversal on Roe v. Wade, a pro-abortion protest in downtown Los Angeles turned into a violent clash with law enforcement after officers were called to disperse the increasingly disruptive crowds, resulting in the injury of at least one officer. What started as a small protest outside the city’s federal courthouse building, grew increasingly rowdy and disruptive. The protest grew despite promises from state officials and liberal lawmakers to codify the ability to access abortion in California.

A group called “Jane’s Revenge” claimed to be behind the attack on the offices of Wisconsin Family Action. The “warning” demanded that pro-life organizations disband in 30 days. They claimed, “We have run thin on patience for those who seek to strip us of what little autonomy we have left.” The group claimed that it had groups “all over the U.S.”

Columnist and pundit Victor Davis Hanson wrote, “Politics are resembling the violent last days of the Roman Republic. An illegal leak of a possible impending Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade that would allow state voters to set their own abortion laws has created a national hysteria. Never has a White House tacitly approved mobs of protesters showing up at Supreme Court justices’ homes to rant and bully them into altering their votes.”

Commenting on the angry demonstrations, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel said it well, “It is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs.” It’s the mobs that get the coverage, and that coverage encourages more attacks.

The rage hasn’t been limited to the abortion issue. In January, the leftist ShutDownDC group picketed outside Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) home in Virginia. Hawley said at the time, “Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family, and I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence.”

Since that threat, there have been seemingly a stream of violent attacks and murders. From the mowing down of innocent black citizens in Buffalo New York, to the ongoing carnage in inner-city Chicago, and to the attack on worshipers at the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, the violence is just expanding.

We may have ushered in the age of rage, but the vast majority of Americans do not want it to continue. It’s time we all demand an end to violence and stop legitimizing destructive demonstrations. The answer to hate speech is not violence or forced silence. The answer is more speech, more respectful, thoughtful, even passionate dialogue across our divide. Freedom and rights are only real when you extend and ensure those rights to those who openly disagree with you. Let freedom ring. Let’s return to disagreeing without being quite so disagreeable. Rage may get you on the news, but it doesn’t ensure the future of our republic. Demand more. Start being part of the answer by being responsible for your own actions.

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Ignore Much of What Pundits Have to Say

Can we be confident in advice we receive from people who have not mastered what they teach?



When the opportunity arose, I attended a lecture by one of the most well-known authors and speakers in America. I had previewed his CD and read two of his books prior to his lecture; in person, he lived up to my expectations. So, I was intrigued when a friend, involved with bringing this speaker to our area relayed a personal incident to me. 

Directly following the speaker’s presentation, my friend was responsible for driving him to the airport, and accompanying him until his flight departed. That summer afternoon, it was rainy and the skies were dark.

As it turned out, the author was a nervous flyer and took several drinks in the airport lounge prior to boarding the plane.  I found this incident to be amazing because I had so often heard him say things such as, “Everything in this universe is perfect.” It struck me that, in many ways, the speaker wasn’t practicing his philosophy. Nevertheless, all human beings have their faults and foibles and, as time passed, I forgot about the incident.

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High-Priced Gurus

One morning, I had the occasion to pick up USA Today. In the lifestyle section, there was a feature on a relationship guru and author of international best-sellers on relationships. She had won the “Oscar” of infomercials, earning $24 million in a single year.  

In this published interview, the reporter asked her why we should listen to a relationship guru who had been married five times. Five times? I couldn’t believe it! She had wedded her fifth husband, some 11 years her junior, only a short time before producing her award-winning infomercial on having a successful relationship. 

In the infomercial, she is featured as having a loving relationship with her husband. Okay, but in no way does the infomercial tell us that he is her fifth husband and that she had married him three weeks ago.

Not Walking their Talk

I had a flash from the past: I recalled the story about the nervous flyer author. Yet, nothing prepared me for the revelations about the relationship guru, a self-proclaimed expert, using the slickest 21st-century marketing available to sell her information and products.  

She was well-versed in her subject matter. Upon hearing her advice, I recognized that it did seem sound. However, the larger issue is, “Can we be confident in the advice we receive from those who have not mastered what they teach, or who do not even remotely walk their talk?”

– – – – –


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