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Tucker Carlson

Biden’s FBI is conducting political raids – and it’s going too far

An 11-year sentence for hymn singing is ‘a little punitive’?



Tucker looks at the arrest by FBI agents of several pro-life Christians, now alleged domestic terrorists, for singing hymns, while doing nothing at best about actual domestic terrorism. Highlights include:

“Remember Columbus Day? That’s the day that we celebrate the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus and all that happened after, which was the creation of the freest and most humane society in the history of man, we’re still celebrating it, but we’re also assessing what happened to that society, because it is changing.”

“So, we want to tell you the story of a man called Paul Vaughn. Paul Vaughn does not fit the profile of a terrorist, you’d never guess. He’s 55 years old, he’s a former pastor who now runs a small internet service business in middle Tennessee. He and his wife are gentle people, they’re faithful Christians, they spend most of their time raising their 11 children.”

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“So, last Wednesday morning about 7:15 … suddenly, out of nowhere, their world falls around them. A team of FBI agents armed with automatic rifles swoops in in SUVs and begins pounding on the front door of the family home.”

“So, Paul Vaughn, we now learn is a ‘terrorist,’ but what did he do?”

“Well, as the ‘Department of Justice’ explained later in a statement, Paul Vaughn opposes abortion, and not just in a quiet, personal way, that would be bad enough. But Paul Vaughn is outspoken about his views on abortion. He still believes, being 55, that this is a free country with a Bill of Rights that allows you the freedom to say what you want and even have protests on behalf of your ideas.”

“So, you live in the United States and you watch nightly the chaos in your city. Buildings burning, people being pushed in front of subway trains, people getting knocked in the face on the street for no reason, carjackings, murders, up in every city in America. So, you look at that and you think, ‘Is that really it? That’s why armed FBI agents with automatic rifles arrived at Paul Vaughn’s home last Wednesday, because of that? Because more than a year ago a group of Christians, many of them elderly, sang hymns? Yeah. That’s it.”

“So, you have to ask, since the parallels are very clear, this is effectively the modern version of Bull Connor’s fire hoses and German shepherds, has a single democrat pointed out that this is insane? That an 11-year sentence for hymn singing is ‘a little punitive’?”

“No, the only clip we could find was Nancy Pelosi, where she endorses violence against her political enemies.”

“See how this works? So, a group aligned with Joe Biden firebombs a building and the FBI does nothing. Instead, they send agents with automatic rifles to the home of a 55-year-old man with 11 children because he sung hymns in an abortion clinic.”

“This is intentional, it’s right in our face, and it’s completely unacceptable.”

Watch the video below if it works and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Where’s the Christian concern?

I’m only suggesting that one factor that Christians use to assess the behavior of their government and other governments ought to be the treatment of Christians. It ought to be, why is it not?



Tucker questions why American churches seem to have little concern for or knowledge of what’s happening to their fellow Christians around the world. Highlights include:

“Christians can absolutely get it wrong, and do. They can follow the wrong path, they can be mistaken, they can be silly and profane, they can commit the worst sins imaginable, but the one thing they cannot do is be afraid, period. And so, boldness… is not just this added extra, it’s a baseline requirement for following the gospel, and if you’re not doing that, you’re not doing it right. So, that’s the first thing, don’t be afraid. The second thing I notice in reading Paul’s letters is his deep concern for his fellow Christians.”

“I’m only suggesting that one factor that Christians use to assess the behavior of their government and other governments ought to be the treatment of Christians. It ought to be, why is it not?”

“We’re funding the Islamists who are killing the Christians – did anyone know that? No, of course not, churches never talk about it, that’s true. Are we for that? I’m not for that… Why doesn’t somebody stand up and say, ‘Wait a second, we’re funding the killing of Christians? No, I’m a Christian, I’m against that.”

“The conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Super complicated. I don’t think there’s an easy answer, I don’t think there’s a ‘good guy’ and a ‘bad guy’… and the more I learn about it, the more I’m confused. I’m certainly not endorsing Russia… But, one of the guides that we as Christians should use to assess that situation is, how do Christians fare in those countries? It’s totally legitimate to ask that question. Is it easier to be a Christian in Russia or Ukraine?”

“One of those countries just arrested a bunch of priests and shut down churches with political police and the army. It wasn’t Russia. I raised that question at a Christian gathering, people scowled at me. Really? They’re arresting priests? I don’t need to know more.”

You can find the link to the video below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Viktor Orbán on Ukraine, Russia and Hungary

If any western country would send any boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the west and Russia.



Tucker and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talk about the war in Ukraine, how Americans are being lied to about it, and about Hungary’s success as a nation. Highlights include:

“As the war in Ukraine completely reshuffles the world order and threatens to destroy human civilization, it’s striking just how little information Americans are receiving about what happens there. The nation of Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. Its leader, Viktor Orbán, the nation’s longest serving Prime Minister, has been dealing with the Russians all of his life. He grew up under Russian occupation. As a young man, he was arrested and thrown in to jail by Russian-backed police for his efforts to liberate the country. In his Prime Ministry, he’s dealt regularly with Vladimir Putin, whose nation supplies Hungary with most of its energy. Viktor Orbán understands Russian and Ukraine. So, two years after we last spoke to him, we returned to Hungry to sit down with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and ask him, what exactly is happening in Ukraine right now?

“When you speak on politics in Russian … the number one issue, how to keep together the country… Freedom is just another issue, second, third, whatever. First, keep the country together, and that’s generated a different kind of culture and understanding of politics. That’s creating a kind of military approach, like they have.”

Trending on Tucker: Where’s the Christian concern?

“They will not kill their leader, they will never give it up, they will keep together the country [sic] and they will defend it. We finance more, they will invest more. If we send more technical equipment, they will produce more. So, don’t misunderstand the Russians.

“Now, Putin is in power for long, long years [sic]. We forgot about how dangerous when there is no strong leadership or interregnum in Russian. The interregnum is the worst case possible… If this is the goal, it’s a mistake. It’s more than dangerous.

“If any western country would send any boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the west and Russia, and we are in a third world war immediately, so it’s a very dangerous moment now.

“Ideology is a very difficult thing, because it has an exclusivity. So, when the liberal says that this is the interpretation of society, it means that this is the only way to interpret a society. If you do differently, you cannot be a good man. So, we have another interpretation, we have a Christian and national, more traditional interpretation of human being and society, but they can’t accept it because it’s different.

“If you ask anybody on the street that any Hungarian leader who is elected freely can be a puppet of Putin or the Russians, they say it’s a joke, it’s impossible, because we are a sovereign country, and even to the Russians we deliver many times that we are sovereign.”

You can find the video link below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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