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Americans Are Mad as Hell and Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore!



Coming out of the COVID years of isolation, the accepted decibel level of social discourse has been significantly raised. You hear the angry shouts, the name calling, the generalized attacks, the unreasonable and selfish demands, and even violent threats and attacks. The United States is far from united. It is fractured, and far too many of its citizens are angry and showing it in ways that strike at the very core of our freedoms and our cultural values and norms.

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” That immortal refrain was yelled by anchorman Howard Beale in the 1976 film Network. It seems that the statement is just as relevant forty-seven years after its release. The only difference is that more people are yelling, and those you may be yelling at are just as likely to be yelling back.

Some are angry and offended by how they are treated while those supposedly offending them are just at livid at their overreaction. Some shout demands for reparations while others swear at anyone even considering giving in to such demands as a new “racism.” If your religion won’t stop calling my behavior a sin, then it’s your faith that is racist and must be rejected or changed. One group demands more police officers; another wants to defund them. Tolerance is no longer enough! You are expected to approve of their lifestyle and their pronouns. Yes, both sides are angry, and you don’t have to look far for explosive examples.

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Before being killed by responding officers, Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female self-identified as a transgender male, fatally shot three students and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville, TN. More will become known about her motivation in coming weeks, but her mass shooting came after far-left extremists in the area had threatened to injure or kill lawmakers in Tennessee as revenge for the state banning the medical transitioning of minors.

Several now-deleted tweets had suggested that Tennessee legislators should have their addresses released. One tweet claimed, “This is what genocide looks like.” Another warned, “These people forcing youth to detransition have names and addresses.” Sadly, another threatened the use of a deadly toxin, “You let me know where I can get my hands on ricin then we’re in business.” Certainly, such angry statements do not always result in deadly actions. But there is no question that in the wrong mental state and with the right weapons, such statements can feed the justification for deadly attacks.

Thankfully, as a result of widespread criticism, the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) has agreed to cancel their April 1st “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally in Washington, D.C. They attempted to play victim by claiming that the cancelation was due to “astronomical amounts of hate from the world.” After the Nashville school shooting, such a rally and the counter-response would most certainly have racheted up the emotions and anger of all involved.

Those angry at the increase in violence directed at our schools must be rejoicing at Senator Rick Scott’s demand for legislation: “We need to consider an automatic death penalty for school shooters. Life in prison is not enough for the deranged monsters who go into our schools to kill innocent kids & educators.” After the growing number of shootings, parents aren’t just fearful. They are angry and ready to hire armed school security guards and support prompt justice for those who commit such crimes.

On far too many of our campuses, some student groups have shouted down professors and guest speakers they do not agree with. Steven Shaviro, a Wayne State University professor, was suspended with pay after posting on Facebook that it is “ far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic speaker than it is to shout them down.” He did add that he was not “advocating violating federal and state criminal codes,” but such comments ferment anger and the potential of attacks. Thankfully, the incident was reported to law enforcement agencies for review. Many invited conservative speakers are canceling their speeches rather than risk facing an angry mob.

And now, the coup de gras is added to the fireworks! Former President Donald Trump and leading Republican candidate for 2024 has been indicted by a New York Grand Jury. The result is predictable and adds fuel to the fire. Some will say that it is about time, and others will feel it is a politically motivated travesty that makes them livid.

Stephen Kruiser in his op-ed column summed up the growing anger of many on the right, “After the antics of Bragg’s pet grand jury, I would hope that Trump is in a flamethrower mood and ready to go after the corrupt system with more verve than ever before.” And of course, the aggressive attacks in support of Trump being convicted and sent to jail are leveled from the left. Keith Olbermann considred Trump’s indictment worthy of celebration, “Merry Trumpmas!”

In America today, demonstrating is not enough; we need riots in the street. Dialogue is dismissed. Why talk to people you are learning to hate? Is it no wonder why people are buying guns. People are afraid to go into their crime-ridden cities. They’re angry about what is happening to their country, their states, their local communities! They are mad as hell, and they don’t want to take it anymore. They want change.

Pamela Paul’s column in the New York Times is titled, “The Most Profound Loss on Campus Isn’t Free Speech. It’s Listening.” Pamela is not a conservatives but fears that we may have lost the ability to listen and learn from our “enemies.” She suggests a new perspective in our angry world, “What happens if you assume your political opponent isn’t evil — if you even know that he’s not?” What happens is that you may just learn something, both about your opponent and about yourself.

Pamela provides a worthy challenge. It’s time to tone down the anger and shame aggressive and destructive actions on both sides of our divide. It’s time we learn how to disagree without being quite so angry or disagreeable. We need a little more loving one’s enemies and a lot less flamethrowing!

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Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and author of The Optimism Advantage, They Shoot Managers Don't They, Speak Like a Pro, Meditations for the Trail, and The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have. Since founding Paulson and Associates, Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, Dr. Paulson has presented to such companies as IBM, 3M, Kaiser, Nationwide, SONY, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and associations. Dr. Paulson is a past president of both the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association. He’s been inducted into NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor given to less than 230 speakers worldwide. Dr. Paulson is a long-time conservative Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups. He currently is a regular op-ed columnist for and Terry brings knowledge, tasteful humor, and a passion for conservative principles to every presentation. Dr. Paulson graduated with honors from UCLA and received his PhD in psychology and an MA in theology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.


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Treachery Plagues Our Nation: Democrat Election Tampering is Rampant

Top Democrats believe that they alone must control who governs and that the American electorate cannot be trusted



On this Memorial Day it would be comforting to believe that the 1.3 million U.S. combat deaths sustained in all wars, and the 1.4 million wounded, some severely, occurred in the preservation of our representative republic, and in the safeguarding 0f free and fair elections. We must confront the reality, however, that our election process has been tainted by treachery.

The Grandest Illusion

During the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton and her backers conspired to frame Donald Trump and portray him as a Russian colluder. Then, EVERY DAY, for the rest of his administration they relentlessly hounded him and unforgivably pursued everyone connected to him.

After her presidential election loss, Hillary Clinton went on dozens of major media interviews claiming that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president. She, above all, knew that he was not. She knew that every time Adam Schiff and others opened their mouths about Trump, they told lies.

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If only the ruse went that far. For at least six years now, top Democrats have enjoyed the perpetuation of this treasonous hoax and, sadly, nearly half of Democrats still believe that Trump colluded with Russia.

Obama, the Corrupt

Barack Obama was aware of the scheme from the outset, in 2016, while he was still in the White House. Joe Biden knew about it as did James Clapper. CIA Director John Brennan briefed Obama, Biden, FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and other senior administration officials.

These top Democrat office holders went completely silent as the FBI initiated Crossfire Hurricane on the wild and unsubstantiated claim that Donald Trump was somehow a Russian agent.

The Mueller Commission knew about the scheme and proceeded anyway. After two months of searching they knew they had nothing on Trump, but shamefully continued for two years, daily badgering and intimidating his key staff people and his family. They interrogated Trump’s advisors and hit some of them with totally unrelated process crimes.

Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s chief degenerate bulldog, knew as well that he had nothing on Trump and yet he continued to harass the Trump White House, forcing hundreds of hours of testimony, wasting millions of tax dollars.

The Lapdog Press

The New York Times, under the sordid and twisted leadership of Dean Baquet, made Trump-Russia collusion a daily topic. Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, and Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo on CNN, along with so many other talk show hosts, interviewed legions of ‘expert’ guests, who all repeated the claim that Trump was a Russian colluder.

Adam Schiff, on every single Sunday morning political talk show, repeatedly and emphatically said that he had evidence, had seen evidence, or knew of forthcoming evidence. Yet, he had nothing.

Let us be clear: These elected officials are traitors, and these media darlings are no better. And they are much wiser than you. They believe the American electorate cannot be trusted. They’ve decided that they alone must control who governs; the essence of treachery.

The Unending News Cycle

Today, it’s easy to overlook how vigorously the Left maintained this treachery. In the era of the 24-hour news cycle, we all glom on to what’s next and what’s next after that. Even Covid, vaccines, and mandated masks now seem like distant events.

Long after Robert Mueller appeared before Congress, and without offering a shred of evidence thoroughly embarrassed himself on national TV, the Democrats continued on. Hillary didn’t apologize. Obama never spoke up. Biden and his crime family kept enriching themselves by selling out America.

Brennan and Clapper haven’t come clean to this day. Adam Schiff is still playing the same tune and wants to run for the senate. Biden’s henchman are still badgering and persecuting Donald Trump with groundless lawsuits that no other president has had to endure for the same ‘offenses.’

These scoundrels, collectively, do not have an ounce of integrity within them. They could care less that their treachery has been exposed by the Durham Report, because the mainstream press, always providing cover for them, won’t touch the topic, and Attorney General Merrick Garland is their bag boy.

Neither Rachel Maddow nor anyone on MSNBC or CNN has recanted. Anderson Cooper is as self-righteous and bamboozled as ever. Surveys show that most rank and file Democrats remain in the dark.

Saul Alinsky’s Disciples

How can a free nation continue to thrive when half of its citizens are led by such abject liars? How can a representative republic remain intact when so many of its leaders are thoroughly corrupt and willing to stay corrupt?

A Chinese proverb says may you live in interesting times. They are infuriating times. Talk to liberals and they say, “There must have been something between Trump and Russia, otherwise why so much coverage?”

Like the Nazi axiom, repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it. Top Democrats are all Saul Alinsky advocates now, in league with the devil. None are worth saving. Many of them belong in prison for treason and most of them should be barred from public office.

Fraudulent Elections, 101

Make no mistake, if this array of top Democrats was willing to go as far as they did to stop Trump, and mask their treachery for seven years now, 2016 is not the only election in which they’ve conspired to interfere in our elections. Not by a long stretch.

– – – – –



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Democrats Once Made Sense Occasionally

By today’s standards JFK would be considered a conservative



With RFK, Jr. already favored by a sizable percentage of Democrats for the 2024 nomination, I recall a visit I made to his mother’s home. In 1988, I was invited by a friend to attend a Democratic fund raising reception for a congressional candidate, running in Northern Virginia. The reception was to be held at the home of Ethel Kennedy in McLean, VA.

I was eager to attend, although skeptical that the reception would actually be held in Mrs. Kennedy’s home. I felt certain it would be held in the back yard, or in a special tent on grounds that were meticulously groomed for the event.

To my surprise, the event was held in her home and the hundreds of people who attended apparently were free to roam about the first floor without restriction. I found this to be totally amazing. Here was a home, that by any measure, contained artifacts which future generations would clamor to see.

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A Panoply of Pop Culture and History

Every room contained personal photos of Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and the entire clan, as well as awards, citations, and personal mementos. Guests could have pocketed their choice of mementos at any time. Apparently none did – at any time. More astounding, Mrs. Kennedy seemed completely unconcerned about the possibility.

As I meandered about the grounds, I made my way to the pool house. Between a couch and a chair, on a phone stand, along with the phone, was a roster of phone numbers typed and inserted in a plastic sleeve. I looked at the list. Ted Kennedy’s congressional phone number and his private number in Hyannis were listed. Jackie Kennedy’s personal phone number in New York was listed. Other family members, celebrities’ and luminaries’ personal phone numbers were listed.

Any reporter or paparazzi could have cashed in simply by copying the numbers on the list and selling them to the tabloids. This backyard, this yard, this house, on a typical street in McLean, VA had no fences, no guard dogs, none of what I would have expected the widow of a historical figure – a millionairess – to have.

People-oriented to the Max

I thought about all the time and energy that I, and most of the people I know, spend to safeguard our privacy, to ensure no one is looking over our shoulder when we’re doing something as simple as reading a newspaper on an airplane. Ethel Kennedy, however, was a public person, circa 1988.

It seemed inconceivable that an Ethel Kennedy could be so open and people-oriented, and not need the barriers and protectors that most of us believe we need.

As that night’s affair ended, I marveled when Ethel Kennedy stood at the door and bade all guests a fond farewell. She shook my hand and thanked me for coming as if I had been one of the Democratic Party’s most staunch supporters and honored guests in her home.

Accessible and Not-off-the-Wall

I was not a Democrat and never seek to be one, but this I know: by today’s standards JFK would be considered a conservative, or certainly  someone ‘unworthy’ of the Democrat nomination. RFK senior likely would be in the same category.

Sure, many of their views and policies would be appear to be be left of center or at the center, but perhaps no more so than John McCain or George W. Bush. In any case, any Kennedy would be preferable to the tyrannical Leftist monsters currently in power, seeking to destroy America.

– – – – –



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