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Abbott and Costello’s 2023 Holiday Party

It could happen…



One night, in December 2023, Bud Abbott threw a holiday party. This was his conversation with his friend Lou Costello…

Abbott: Hey Lou, welcome to the party! I invited a bunch of new friends so you will meet a wide variety of great people tonight.

Costello: Glad to be here! Looking around the room I can see plenty of new faces I have never met. Hey, who is that guy, the big guy that looks like a WWE wrestler?

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Abbott: Oh, that’s Meagan.

Costello: Meagan? That’s a guy.

Abbott: No, Meagan is a she.

Costello: No way, impossible. (At that moment Meagan turned around facing the two and Costello saw a full beard) See! A full beard.

Abbott: Yes, she has a full beard. (Costello felt like he had entered the twilight zone but gave up on understanding Meagan)

Costello: Okay, what about that young woman over there? The tiny one. Looks like a ballerina.

Abbott: Oh, that’s Maria. They are new to town.

Costello: They? Who? Who is they?

Abbott: Maria.

Costello: And who? (He looked around the room and spotted another young woman) I bet it is her. The other young woman in the red sweater. Her?

Abbott: No, Maria is they. Them’s name is Maria but they are a they. That’s Lucy in the red sweater. Lucy is non-binary.

Costello: I’m still stuck on they. But okay, what did you say? Non-whatinary?

Abbott: Non-binary.

Costello: I’m confused.

Abbott: It’s simple. Meagan? She invited they to the party but they is not with dem (pointing at Lucy).

Costello: Dem? Lucy’s a Democrat?

Abbott: No, dem is not a democrat. I think dey is a libertarian, actually.

Costello: Oh boy… So let me get this straight.

Abbott: Yes, please do.

Costello: Meagan, the six-foot five person with a beard and muscles like an ox is a girl. Maria, they is just one, not two. Lucy, dey’s not with Maria and not a Democrat, but libertarian.

Abbott: Now you’re getting it!

Costello: Okay, how about the old man over there?

Abbott: Ghost’s name is Mike.

Costello: Ghost? Is that real?

Abbott: It is, look it up.

Costello: I need a drink. Happy holidays.

With that, Lou headed to the bar.

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Holding Public Office

It can still be a noble calling, despite the constant mudslinging.



Running for, or holding public office these days is no light task. It seems as if every square inch of philosophical and political turf is in constant turmoil. If you’re on the right you are hounded relentlessly by the lamestream media. If you’re on the left, the lamestream media will shield you for as long as it can, but eventually will let you swing in the wind. Still, holding public office can be a noble calling.

If you’re thinking of ever running for office, the affirmations below impact your subconscious mind and help to ensure that you follow the directions you give it, or at lease point you in the right direction.

* I choose to be a public servant.
* I choose to engage in public service I enjoy.
* I choose to volunteer on a regular basis.

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* I choose to spend my free time devoted to worthy causes.
* I choose to keep time available to honor requests for public service.
* I choose to recognize that the more I give, the more I get.

* I choose to speak for my constituents.
* I choose to champion the causes of people in need.
* I choose to participate in government at the local, state, or national level.

* I choose to be an innovative yet compassionate public servant.
* I choose to seek the highest office of which I am capable of rendering service.
* I choose to draw energy from my time devoted to public service.

* I choose to look forward to greater opportunities in public service.
* I choose to engage in work that helps others.
* I choose to engage in work that helps society.

By stating out loud or quietly to yourself each of these affirmations, you’ll be better able to serve your constituents and execute your handle tasks and responsibilities.

– – – – –


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Mini-Movie Reviews, 6

Two out of three ain’t bad



Here are three movies, each having received at least one Oscar nomination:

All Quiet on the Western Front — here is a remake of the 1930s classic, and I was prepared to have this be the same old trench warfare, with all the accompanying platitudes. Instead, I was surprised. This was well done, with decent acting, and a few hand-to-hand combat sequences unlike anything I have previously seen, some truly touching. It is a German production, but all in English. Although it’s on the long side, I think it is worthwhile.

Everything Everywhere All at Once — starring Michelle Yeoh, and receiving 11 Oscar nominations is alternatively amusing, excessively noisy, clever, confusing, and lacking boundaries. It is without a raison d’être, as with other movies during this awards season, notably The Banshees of Isherin and Tár. Everything Everywhere is getting rave reviews, but I say “skip it.” As one reviewer put it, the plot seems to suggest “that what makes life meaningful is the recognition that because there is no inherent meaning, all things and moments are equally meaningful.” Oh, sure thing….

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Aftersun — a subtle but touching recollection of a 30-year old woman, when she was on a long vacation with her divorced father, 20 years earlier, before the new school year starts. Not much happens, yet we are drawn to this twosome, and the screenplay and the director skillfully lead us to an articulated but implied conclusion. Newcomer Paul Mescal, as the father, received an Oscar nomination and (Miss) Frankie Corio, as the 10-year old daughter, is equally good. Aftersun is not for the masses, but I found it to be worthwhile.

– – – – – –



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