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Abbott and Costello’s 2023 Holiday Party

It could happen…



One night, in December 2023, Bud Abbott threw a holiday party. This was his conversation with his friend Lou Costello…

Abbott: Hey Lou, welcome to the party! I invited a bunch of new friends so you will meet a wide variety of great people tonight.

Costello: Glad to be here! Looking around the room I can see plenty of new faces I have never met. Hey, who is that guy, the big guy that looks like a WWE wrestler?

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Abbott: Oh, that’s Meagan.

Costello: Meagan? That’s a guy.

Abbott: No, Meagan is a she.

Costello: No way, impossible. (At that moment Meagan turned around facing the two and Costello saw a full beard) See! A full beard.

Abbott: Yes, she has a full beard. (Costello felt like he had entered the twilight zone but gave up on understanding Meagan)

Costello: Okay, what about that young woman over there? The tiny one. Looks like a ballerina.

Abbott: Oh, that’s Maria. They are new to town.

Costello: They? Who? Who is they?

Abbott: Maria.

Costello: And who? (He looked around the room and spotted another young woman) I bet it is her. The other young woman in the red sweater. Her?

Abbott: No, Maria is they. Them’s name is Maria but they are a they. That’s Lucy in the red sweater. Lucy is non-binary.

Costello: I’m still stuck on they. But okay, what did you say? Non-whatinary?

Abbott: Non-binary.

Costello: I’m confused.

Abbott: It’s simple. Meagan? She invited they to the party but they is not with dem (pointing at Lucy).

Costello: Dem? Lucy’s a Democrat?

Abbott: No, dem is not a democrat. I think dey is a libertarian, actually.

Costello: Oh boy… So let me get this straight.

Abbott: Yes, please do.

Costello: Meagan, the six-foot five person with a beard and muscles like an ox is a girl. Maria, they is just one, not two. Lucy, dey’s not with Maria and not a Democrat, but libertarian.

Abbott: Now you’re getting it!

Costello: Okay, how about the old man over there?

Abbott: Ghost’s name is Mike.

Costello: Ghost? Is that real?

Abbott: It is, look it up.

Costello: I need a drink. Happy holidays.

With that, Lou headed to the bar.

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Are you a conservative business person? Then check out the Red Referral Network and partner with Dinesh D’Souza by clicking the banner below:

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Guinness World Record for U.S. Presidential Lies

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In its non-stop attempt to portray Donald Trump as the most despicable person ever, the Left slanders him daily in ways unprecedented in American history. If Trump makes an exaggeration, which he is prone to do, he’s called a liar. In office, when Trump achieved anything of note, the Left cherry-picked minor aspects that could be criticized and elevated beyond their stature.

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Those on the Right recognize the deeper, universal truths that Trump espouses. Hence, they attend his rallies by the tens of thousands. Hardly anyone is eager to attend a Joe Biden rally. Why?

All Built on Lies

Joe Biden, beyond his word salad bumbling, is an incredible liar, covering for Barack Obama, his master. Virtually everything that Biden and his press secretary say is a lie. Unsurprisingly, public confidence in the presidency and today’s sycophant journalism is at an all-time low.

His agency heads consistently lie: Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Christopher Wray, Pete Buttigieg, and Antony Blinken, among many others. Take your pick.

The precedent for the Biden Administration’s lies is the administration of Barack Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president. Obama taught Biden the best of lying techniques.

To Lie and To Swerve

Lies are sometimes necessary, but some are gross manipulations of reality. A brief look at presidential lies since 1968 puts Obama’s lies in context.

LBJ said that none of our boys would die in foreign soil, and 54,000 Americans died in Vietnam. Nixon made many statements, most memorably, “I’m not a crook,” yet he sought to steal the private records of enemies and was exposed by the Watergate scandal.

George Bush senior said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Then in office, he raised taxes which, rolling over in his grave, he likely regrets. Bill Clinton told so many lies, you’d need a book to catalog them all. Among his most famous is “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

George W. Bush, faultily advised, made concerning statements about Iraq. Barack Obama, Joe Biden’s handler, said he’d have the most transparent administration in history. Alas, his was the most secretive: spying on enemies, journalists, political opponents, and everyday American citizens.

The Grand Wizard of Big Lies

Obama touted that he’d restore trust in government. Instead, he opened the doors to the opposite. Obama said the stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. It did not. He said, “I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.” The jobs he created were low-wage and low-level. Obama told hardworking entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that,” which offended business owners everywhere.

Obama weaponized federal agencies to persecute and prosecute Conservatives, so it was hardly a transparent administration. He insisted the IRS was not targeting anyone, but under his henchwoman, Lois Learner, the IRS targeted the Tea Party and Conservatives in general. Lerner’s department harassed, intimidated, and fined them, and diminished their impact on voters in the 2012 election.

Obama proclaimed that a spontaneous riot based on a movie sparked the attack on the Benghazi consulate, which he knew was completely untrue. The attack was well coordinated and planned in advance.

No Stopping Him

Obama announced that the public will have five days to review every bill which lands on his desk. Then, he hustled through some of the most expensive boondoggles in U.S. history. With the introduction of Obamacare, Obama said that you can keep your family doctor and that premiums will be lowered by $2,500. This was utterly false.

Obama stated that whistleblowers would be protected in his administration. Then, he offered no protection. Obama said we’ll get back every dime we use to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest. This did not happen.

He emphasized that, if elected, he would end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan within nine months. He did not. He claimed he would close Guantanamo within six months. It did not happen. He claimed ignorance about the “fast and furious” gun-running scheme to arm Mexican drug cartels. He knew. Obama proclaimed that he would bridge the gap between black and white Americans. Actually, he increased it in ways that set racial relations back 50 years.

The Biggest Lie of All

The biggest lie that Obama ever uttered occurred on January 20th, 2009, when he said, “I, Barack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” Twelve years later, Biden did the same.

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