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A Wild and Crazy Road to the Election



Yes, after the most recent debate, Republicans are kicking dirt on Biden’s grave and already coronating Trump on the basis of Joe Biden’s confused and unimpressive debate performance. President Trump did an adequate job stressing key differences even though he still fell into the trap of attacking his opponent. Biden’s performance just confirmed the lingering doubts about mental competency.

Some Democrats are already calling for President Biden to decline to run for a second term. But the Democrats most panicked have no clear path forward unless Biden is convinced to step down. With the August Democratic Convention just over a month away, because of primary victories, Biden is all but assured of a mandated first ballot victory. He controls his impressive campaign war chest. But with a deer in a headlight President and a Vice President no one wants, their weak ticket could mean that many Democrats will stay home resulting in a new President and lost seats in the House and Senate.

Republicans in full spin mode praised Trump’s “strong” performance. Did they see the same debate? Yes, Trump may have won, but it is because Biden clearly underperformed. With most of America watching, Trump clearly focused on how bad a President Biden has been, but Trump failed to consistently communicate a clear and repeated focus on how voters will benefit if he is elected to his second term.

Sure, there were hints. He would likely work to reinstate his stay-in-Mexico plan in attempts to end the open border, keep taxes low by sustaining his tax cuts, let states handle abortion, and work to reinstate energy independence by again embracing fossil fuels. But he failed to repeat over and over again the three to four changes he would make if elected. In short, he failed to ask for their vote.

If you already hate Trump, you were given additional fuel to hate him more. He was often demeaning; his disrespectful looks and targeted attacks often made him look mean. His faithful followers most likely loved it, but if independents and undecided voters were looking for a new Trump, he was not easy to find. Sure, Biden supporters were understandably discouraged, but did Trump convince others to support him? That is yet to be determined. He may have won the debate but not the hearts and minds of many who still dislike him.

Ronald Reagan knew the importance of simple, optimistic promises designed to ensure the future of America. His message was easy to repeat and generated enthusiasm for his campaign. Former President Trump has priorities he can drive that voters want. Finish the wall and end open borders. Reestablish energy independence and an all-of-the-above energy plan. Keep taxes low, limit regulations, and control government spending. Stress these changes and inflation will fall and bring relief to those living paycheck to paycheck.

Even the New York Times Editorial Board is calling for Joe Biden to decline to run. So far, Biden has refused to do so. It may require key Democrats and donors to do a private intervention. The message will be like the one given to Nixon. Step down while you can leave with your dignity because we will not be able to support you. Biden said he would serve one term; they can call him to honor that initial promise.

There may be reasons that Biden has so far refused. First, Jill Biden seems to be pushing him to run. With Hunter Biden’s conviction and the possibility of further legal problems for the “Big Guy,” the Bidens may be seeing the writing on the wall. With Biden out of power, many in the family, including himself, may be subject to future prosecution.

No matter what happens with the decisions the Democrats face, former President Trump should start focusing more on what he will do rather than why Biden should be defeated, After all, Biden seems to be taking care of his own demise. If Biden steps down or is removed, will Trump do as well against a younger candidate with minimal baggage and no need to defend Biden’s record? President Trump can still win, but he must give them good reasons to do so.

Yes, it has been a wild and crazy year, but what is most upsetting is how family members, fellow Democrats, and the media must have known that Biden was increasingly incapable of leading our country. Yet, they still claimed he was still ready to lead. As a result, Democrats were not given a true choice. They supported a man they were told was still able to do the job. Would they have voted for him knowing what they know now? That’s hard to believe.

Even more unsettling is the media’s obvious political bias. Whether it was the Russia hoax, the claims that the Biden laptop was not real, the failure to cover alleged Biden family international extortion, or the health of Joe Biden, the media failed and continues to fail in giving voters the accurate information they need to determine their vote.
If Biden does remain in the race, the media can’t let him hide in his basement. They should demand more open press conferences to determine whether his debate performance was just a bad day, or he is unable to handle tough unscripted interviews. Media do your job. Voters deserve to know enough to make an informed choice.

Former President Trump, give America a clear reason to vote for you that they can’t refuse to support. The voters are there for what you can do in a second term. Let Biden take care of his own demise. America’s future depends on a change in Washington!

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Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and author of The Optimism Advantage, They Shoot Managers Don't They, Speak Like a Pro, Meditations for the Trail, and The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have. Since founding Paulson and Associates, Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, Dr. Paulson has presented to such companies as IBM, 3M, Kaiser, Nationwide, SONY, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and associations. Dr. Paulson is a past president of both the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association. He’s been inducted into NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor given to less than 230 speakers worldwide. Dr. Paulson is a long-time conservative Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups. He currently is a regular op-ed columnist for townhall.com and politicrossing.com. Terry brings knowledge, tasteful humor, and a passion for conservative principles to every presentation. Dr. Paulson graduated with honors from UCLA and received his PhD in psychology and an MA in theology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.


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A Call to Our Better Angels



When the Secret Service agents shielded former President Donald Trump off the stage to a waiting limo, he raised his fist to show that he was all right. As he repeated “fight, fight, fight,” you knew that it would be easy to define his response as a call to take it to his political enemies. Thankfully, his comments since then have focused that word on his desire for America to know that he “fights on” in pursuit of his second term. Commentators are pointing to the iconic pictures of his fist as an indication of how strong and courageous he is as a man; you can’t keep Trump down! The next few days will determine whether he can be “man” enough to tone down the anger and rhetoric that would be so easy to release against his political adversaries. Early indications are that he is asking Americans to give control to the better angels of their nature.

The day after the attack, Melania Trump penned a letter that showed her grace and love for America. She acknowledged the support she had received from Americans across our political divide. She closed her letter with these words: “And let us remember that when the time comes to look beyond the left and the right, beyond the red and the blue, we all come from families with the passion to fight for a better life together, while we are here, in this earthly realm. Dawn is here again. Let us reunite. Now. This morning, ascend above the hate, the vitriol, and the simple-minded ideas that ignite violence. We all want a world where respect is paramount, family is first, and love transcends. We can realize this world again. Each of us must demand to get it back. We must insist that respect fills the cornerstone of our relationships again. I am thinking of you, my fellow Americans. The winds of change have arrived. For those of you who cry in support, I thank you. I commend those of you who have reached out beyond the political divide – thank you for remembering that every single politician is a man or a woman with a loving family.”

Former President Trump echoed that call for unity. In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday, as it was God alone who prevented the unthinkable from happening. Instead, we will FEAR NOT but remain resilient in our Faith and Defiant in the face of Wickedness. Our love goes out to the other victims and their families. We pray for the recovery of those who were wounded and hold in our hearts the memory of the citizens who were so horribly killed. In this moment, it is more important than ever that we stand United and show our True Character as Americans, remaining Strong and Determined and not allowing Evil to Win. I truly love our Country and you all, and look forward to speaking to our Great Nation this week from Wisconsin.”

President Joe Biden took a strong response after the attempted assassination, “There’s no place for this kind of violence in America. We must unite as one nation to condemn it… Everybody must condemn it.” He called and talked directly to the former President. Trump acknowledged and appreciated Biden’s call of concern and support. Biden’s campaign also decided to stop all campaign ads in the coming days to tone down the rhetoric. Biden also echoed Trump’s call for unity.

Former President Trump has also called for a change of theme for the Republican National Convention. There will be a call for unity in the Republican Party and in the country. Nicky Haley, the last campaign opponent to endorse Trump, has now been invited to speak at the convention on Tuesday night and has accepted. Unity does not mean an absence of focusing on party differences; it does mean lowering the heat of political discourse. Mike Huckabee, former Presidential candidate and Governor of Arkansas, asked all Americans to “fight ineffective but non-violent ways-debate, dissent, and ballots rather than censorship, retaliation, and bullets.” Yes, we need less hateful comments and personal attacks and a heartfelt desire to seek first to understand each other across our political divide.

In this brief period where both parties are calling for change, we must work to disagree without being quite so disagreeable. Understand that in the world of social media and political opinion, the more extreme the statements are, the more eyeballs are attracted. We feed partisan hatred and forget that all of us know people on the other side of our political divide who we love and respect. We may disagree about how to ensure the right course for America, but the vast majority of Americans love this country and reject any form of violence.

There is a human trait that is easy to give in to and hard to resist-“When in pain, find someone to blame!” Some on the left have already blamed Trump’s extreme statements on the campaign trail. Others on the right have blamed Biden for a campaign that called Trump a “threat to democracy.” There are those who both praise and blame the Secret Service’s response. There will certainly be time to review what can be learned from this tragic event. But rest assured, no matter what the motivation of Thomas Matthew Crooks to attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, he does not represent any responsible party or freedom-loving, law-abiding American from either party. Yes, political campaigning is a “fight” for our own side, but it should never condone violence of any kind.

How are we, the citizens, to respond? There indeed must be a call to our better angels, a rejection of hateful rhetoric and name-calling, a willingness to dialogue across our divide, and a spiritual commitment to live out God’s love for our neighbors, even our neighbors who vote for the “other guy.” America has survived past assassinations, successful and unsuccessful. It will survive this one. This is a wakeup call for our
country, may we each do our part to turn down the heat and increase the tolerance and respect for political differences.
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Will You Take Action to Assure GOP Victory on November 5?

Every single person voting Republican needs to decide now, how they will lend support to the cause



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In less than 17 weeks, the GOP will take back the White House, and hopefully the Senate and House, and begin to restore America. Or, we’ll face a gargantuan nightmare that will all but seal the fate of this nation. Do not be fooled by Joe Biden’s defiance of those calling for him to withdraw. Any Democrat challenger will be a danger to us because the DEMOCRATS WILL CHEAT IN UNPRECEDENTED WAYS.

Time is of the essence. While being informed is wonderful, taking action is paramount. What exactly will you do to ensure that we achieve victory? It is no longer sufficient to be a concerned bystander.

No End to the Left’s Destruction

Every day when you log on to news sites, you are flabbergasted by the degree to which the radical Left continues to impose its civilization destroying policies, programs, and activities on the rest of us. There is no end game for the Left, no bottom, and no limits to their mass insanity.

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Most recently, we have learned of a professional couple who was greeted at 6 a.m. by armed FBI agents banging on their door to arrest them for having the temerity of stepping into the Capitol on January 6, for 12 minutes, ushered in by Capitol guards. We have witnessed the unending persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump over non-crimes that have been concocted in unison and are part of an overall strategy emanating from the White House.

We have witnessed corrupt district attorneys, corrupt prosecutors, and a corrupt press. Donald Trump is merely the bellwether. All other Republican politicians will be fair game from here on out, and if we lose the election in November, with little or no recourse. One by one, the maniacal Left will quash dissent in ways that perhaps we currently cannot imagine.

The Left is Maniacal

The logical outcome to having the Left predominate in all areas of society is a totalitarian regime. Don’t discount this scenario. As Leftists ultimately do everywhere, they demand compliance. Thought control is their desired form of servitude. For those who do not comply, execution is not out of the question. Like radical Islam, we’re dealing with a malevolent genie that has escaped bottle, has no intention of ever subsiding, and wants everyone to either totally capitulate, or be imprisoned, deported, or terminated.

There will be no effective way to dismantle the maniacal leftist machine if Joe Biden is re-elected, he continues to be the puppet of Obama and far Leftists, and the border continues to be flooded with illegals — until Democrats have congressional representation that steadfastly insures a permanent majority. At that juncture, they will pack the Supreme Court. They will end the Electoral College. They will ramp up gender dysphoria opportunities wherever they might lie.

They will continue to show poor judgment and ridiculous weakness on the world stage. They will kowtow to China on a wide spectrum of issues. They will embolden our enemies to the point where such enemies are ready to pick apart America. This is not hyperbole and is all too likely.

Nothing here is beyond the bounds of possibility and with each passing week becomes more likely for the distant if not foreseeable future. In a sentence, we simply must win in November. No alternative will suffice.

All of Us

All of which leads to the point that every single person voting Republican needs to decide now, how they will lend support to the cause. In what ways will you participate? How will you volunteer, where, when and for what duration? Will you donate money? Who will you influence to vote GOP?

How will you support your candidates locally, regionally, and nationally? How are you going to impact others? It would not be sufficient to say, “I was busy,” or “I felt we had an overwhelming majority.” This approach is gambling with the future of our nation, the future of our communities, and the future of our families.

If we are to win by an overwhelming majority, let us each assure one another that we did everything we could to make sure that that is the result. To do less is to simply take a child-like approach to what is perhaps the most eventful year since 1776, 1812, 1861, 1941, 1968, and 2001. There will be no palatable tomorrow if we lose in November.

– – – – –

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